Hilda and the Mountain King review

Unless you’ve just started following my blog you should know how much I love Hilda. Hilda and the Mountain King is based on the 6th graphic novel in the Hilda series and the first full length animated movie in the series. It begins right where season 2 left off. Hilda wakes up as a troll and a baby troll named Baba has taken her place at home, and now she must find a way to turn back into a human and reunite with her mum.

As usual the animation is amazing and the color pallets and lightning really do make this world feel so cozy. I also liked the animation in the opening credits. This is also the most emotional outing in the series since season 2 episode 9 The Deerfox. There’s one scene that shocked me where Johanna yells at Baba for accidently knocking over a snow globe that Hilda got her for the Trolberg Winter Festival (clever call back) and makes her cry. You really want to see Hilda and Johanna reunite and when they do it’s well worth the struggles they’ve gone through. What also helps are the performances particularly Bella Ramsey as Hilda and Daisy Haggard as Johanna. They really are at their best here and it’s really hard to picture them being played by other people that shows how good they are.

Unlike most man vs nature stories where nature is good and humans are bad this movie shows that some humans are both good and bad and the same goes for trolls too. Something I found refreshing was when Frida and David stand up to Erik Ahlberg, the teacher (who you’d think would support Erik and in other stories would) is actually proud of the kid’s cause and supports them. Both sides do find common ground in the end but I think it’s done well here. There is kind of a twist villain involving a troll that tricks Hilda into helping him that felt kind of obvious especially if your read the graphic novel and like most twist villains doesn’t have much time to be a villain.

A third and final season has been confirmed for happen later but if it wasn’t Hilda and the Mountain King would still work for a great series finale for our favorite blue haired adventurer and a great way to end 2021. Everything from the worldbuilding, the animation, the characters and the music that made Hilda not just one of the best Netflix cartoons but one of the best cartoons ever is all right here.




+Humans vs trolls

+The performances

-Obvious twist villain

Score: A+

Ranking the Disney Canon part 4

Merry Christmas everyone, as a gift from me to you here are my top 15 favorite Disney movies.

15. The Sword in the Stone: I really like the laid-back yet whimsical atmosphere this movie has and the lesson on how important education is. Merlin is such a likable character and the whole seeing into the future thing is a clever way to do pop culture references. The magical duel between him and Madame Mim is really fun.

14. Moana: Shout out to Schafrillas Productions. The Polynesian setting is beautiful. Moana and Maui are both very likable and have a great dynamic. I love how this movie treats the ocean like its own character and I like how this subverted the twist villain cliché. The songs are really fun and who could forget Tamoa?

13. Zootopia: Judy and Nick have great chemistry and great story arcs that deal with racism. The film handles themes of racism very well. The different districts in Zootopia are really great and unique and makes you want to explore it. Sure it has a weak twist villain but to be fair this is a mystery movie.

12. Sleeping Beauty: Sure, Aurora and the prince are bland but those flaws are cancelled out by everything else. George Bruns’s score is beautiful to listen to. Maleficent is one of the best Disney villains and the climax with the dragon is epic. The animation is amazing and being in widescreen really gives the film a huge scope.

11. Robin Hood: This has always been and will forever be my Robin Hood. I find thieves that steal from bad people to help poor people very noble and it makes Robin Hood such a great protagonist. Prince John is also an entertaining villain. This is one of the most fun outings in the canon.

10. The Emperor’s New Groove: This might be the most quotable Disney movie ever. It’s rare for Disney to have a jerk hero but Kuzco is a well done one that’s still funny. Yzma and Kronk are an amazing and hilarious villain duo. There are so many moments that are still hilarious like wrong lever, spinach puffs, and the waterfall.

9. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: This might be the most adult and darkest Disney movie ever. Alan Menken’s score is epic thanks the chorus. Quasimodo is a very sympathetic and likable protagonist. Frollo who is the greatest and maybe the evilest Disney villain ever thanks to Tony Jay’s amazing and threatening performance, and Hellfire might be the best villain song ever.

8. Wreck-It Ralph: The Roger Rabbit of video games. I’m glad that Disney focused more on characters and story rather than on product placement that would’ve been cringy. The video game references are still clever and funny. Ralph is a very likable protagonist with a very well-done character arc and his friendship with Vannelope is great.

7. The Great Mouse Detective: This has one of the best hero/villain dynamics of any Disney movie. Basil is a smart and badass protagonist. Ratigan is probably the 2nd best Disney villain next to Frollo thanks to Vincent Price. He comes across as both funny and threatening especially in the climax and his villain song is also great.

6. Atlantis: The Lost Empire: One of the most underrated movies in the canon. Atlantis has such great worldbuilding and I like the subtle parallel between the heart of Atlantis and the atomic bomb. Milo is a very likable and relatable protagonist and the side characters are very enjoyable too. It also has one of my favorite movie climaxes ever.

5. Beauty and the Beast: Objectively I’d say this is Disney’s magnum opus considering it was nominated for Best Picture. Belle and Beast have a great relationship and I like seeing them slowly fall in love instead of immediately like most Disney romances. Gaston is a great villain subversion of the hero archetype. All the songs are memorable and wonderful thanks to Alan Menken and Harold Ashman.

4. Aladdin: I really love the color pallet in this movie and how each color represents good and evil. Aladdin and Jasmine are my favorite Disney couple and A Whole New World is my favorite romantic Disney song. Jafar is a fun mustache twirling villain. The Genie is of course hilarious thanks to the amazing Robin Williams and his song Friend Like Me is awesome.

3. Pinocchio: I used to think this movie took place in Germany LOL. When I think of old school Disney this is what pops into my mind first. I like that Pinocchio here is just a gullible kid rather than a troublemaker. I love how this movie while cute has some of the darkest moments in the form of Pleasure Island. The animation also holds up today.

2. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Pooh is one of the most likable characters ever in fiction. There’s such a whimsical laid-back charm to this movie. I love how unlike most movies which have a three-act structure this one has three stories that let you immerse yourself in this little setting with these likable characters. It makes the Hundred Acre Woods one of the most immersive worlds created in the Disney canon.

1.Tarzan: This was the first movie I saw in theaters. The movie is surprisingly hardcore with a lot of onscreen deaths. The scope of this movie feels huge thanks to both the animation and music and I love Phil Collin’s songs, especially the opening song Two Worlds. Your first movie in theaters always leaves such a huge impact on you like what Tarzan did for me and that’s why it will always be my favorite Disney movie.

What are your favorite Disney movies? Thanks for reading and happy holidays to everyone.

Spider-Man: No Way Home review

Spider Man: No Way Home is the third Spider Man movie in the MCU. Far From Home used the Multiverse premise as red herring for Mysterio’s backstory. The sequel No Way Home however confirmed that the Multiverse is real. The film starts at the end of the previous film where everyone now knows Peter Parker is Spiderman and it really takes a toll on his friend’s lives. So, he goes to Doctor Strange to cast a spell to make everyone forget him which goes wrong and now villains from other dimensions show up. I will admit the first half isn’t as fun as the rest of the movie but that’s really a nitpick that’s cancelled out by every other amazing thing about this movie.

SPOILER WARNING for this paragraph: It’s was so fun seeing the old villains from the previous movies and their actors return. Each have their own personalities and moments where they really shine. They have such great chemistry not just with the villains themselves but also with the Peter Ned and MJ. I also like how Peter actually tries to help them instead of fighting. In the last half, the Raimi and Webb versions of Spider Man show up with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprising their roles and they pretty much steal the show. Both the old Spider-Men have funny but also emotional moments that tie into there arcs from there movies and all three Spider-Men of them have great chemistry and great banter.  

The action scenes are some of the best of any Spider Man movie. The fight between Peter and Dr. Strange in Mirror World is really imaginative and visually amazing. The fights with the other villains are great too and the climax involving all the Spider Men and villains on the Statue of Liberty is awesome. The movie is so brutal, unrelentless and harsh toward Peter. It reminds me a lot of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The ending also pulls no punches, not only does May Parker die but everyone ends up forgetting Peter Parker including his friends so now he’s all alone. I’ve never seen any hero in the MCU that has lost so much.

The MCU had always been an ambitious movie series but this movie might just be there most ambitious movie ever. Spider Man: No Way Home is not only the best MCU movie of 2021 it is also the best “live action” Spider-Man movie, no contest. While Spider Verse was a love letter to the Spider Man character, No Way Home was a love letter to the Spider Man movies. Its funny emotional and a great way to pay respect to all of the Spider Man movies.


+Action scenes


+The Spider Men

+The villains

-First half

Score: A

Ranking the Disney Canon Part 3

30. Hercules: Despite the many inaccuracies with the Greek Mythology (I took a class in Middle school so I know) this is still a fun movie. James Woods is enjoyable as Hades and the songs are catchy. I do admit the animation doesn’t hold up as much especially the CGI hydra.

29. Mulan: Take a shot every time the word honor is said. Mulan is a good protagonist and I like that her reason for joining the army has layers not just saving her father but also proving herself. The song Make a Man Out of You is an awesome training song.

28. Oliver & Company: Again, maybe it’s because I’m a cat person. Some of the songs are fun like Why Should I Worry and Once Upon a Time in New York City (saddest Disney opening). This movie really captures the look and feel of New York City flawlessly since I’ve been there twice already.

27. Treasure Planet: This has the best version of John Silver and his dynamic with Jim is great. It’s kind of cool that this Disney villain is more sympathetic. The map being a sphere is also very unique. Though nothing will ever top Muppet Treasure Island aka the greatest adaption of Treasure Island ever.

26. Lilo & Stitch: It is a family tradition to bring this movie on our trips to Hawaii. Having this movie take place in Hawaii gives the movie a very unique identity. The situation with Lilo and Nani is very realistic and tragic and combining that with aliens makes this movie so unique.

25. Tangled: Mother Gothel might be the vilest Disney villain ever due to how realistic she is. Flynn Rider is a great character and his sacrifice at the end is one of the most selfless things I ever seen. I See the Light is one of my favorite romantic Disney songs.

24. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: It’s funny how both protagonists here are assholes. Mr. Toad is mania obsessed maniac who causes damage and doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions and Ichabod Crane likes a girl only for her money! Still two great stories for the price of one.

23. Alice in Wonderland: Whenever I hear that mad tea party music I think of Disneyland. Alice is perfectly normal and the way she plays off of the other characters is great. I also think the black backgrounds really help allow the other colors stand out and give Wonderland a unique look.

22. The Jungle Book: The last film Walt Disney worked on before he died and it was a great swan song. George Brun’s score gives the jungle setting a lot of great atmosphere. The structure of this movie is kind of like a road trip movie but set in a jungle.

21. Raya and the Last Dragon: Great worldbuilding and action even with the mixed theme about trust.

20. Peter Pan: I wouldn’t be surprised if Steven Spielberg took some inspiration from this for Hook. There’s such a whimsical charm to this movie. It really makes you feel like a child again. Neverland is a great setting and the music is cute. Captain Hook and Smee are an enjoyable villain duo. 

19. Big Hero 6: It is cool that Disney did a superhero animated movie. Hiro and Baymax have a great dynamic though I admit the other four members don’t contribute much. The whole theme of revenge is very well handled.

18. One Hundred and One Dalmatians: I really like the how unique and modern this is compared to the other Disney movies at the time. The animation and character designs are akin to the animation and designs of UPA Studios and George Brun’s score is very catchy. And who could forget how awesome Cruella de Vil is?

17. Encanto: Weak songs but makes up for a strong protagonist and story.

16. The Princess & the Frog: This feels like a love letter to the Disney renaissance because it follows a lot of the story beats from those movies. Tiana is a great protagonist, the songs are amazing, the animation is beautiful and Dr. Facilier is a great villain. This movie had the balls to kill off the comic relief.

Ranking the Disney Canon Part 2

45. Frozen II: I think this should’ve been a grand epic Zelda style adventure that sadly ended up just being another Frozen movie. This had the potential of being better than the first. Some of the spirits were neat and Into The Unknown is probably my favorite Frozen song.

44. The Rescuers: Compared to the sequel this feels safe and a little boring at times. Medusa kind of feels like a discount Cruella and Penny is kind of a bland character. The organ scene though is one of the funniest scenes in any Disney movie.

43. Fantasia: Sorry Doug Walker but I never grew up with this movie. Though I do respect this film more than I do view it. The segments while memorable do go on for a while. My favorite segment is probably Night on Bald Mountain for how dark and grand it is.

42. The Aristocats: The first Disney movie without Walt’s involvement. Maybe it’s nostalgia since I loved this movie as a kid or because I’m a cat person why this is ranked higher than most people would. It’s cute but a lot more child friendly compared to the other movies.

41. Ralph Breaks the Internet: The world of the internet is interesting, and the Disney princess scene was great. However, the story does suffer due to Ralph and Vannelope making some really reckless choices that put a lot of characters in danger. Also Ralph is a bit clingy toward Vannelope.

40. Winnie the Pooh: Disney traditional animation’s swan song. As much as I love the character, I have to admit this kind of felt like a basic Pooh movie. It doesn’t really stand out compared to the first one. Still the animation is nice and the humor is surprisingly funny.

39. Fantasia 2000: Weird celebrity bits aside this was I enjoyed this more than the original. The segments are shorter but don’t overstay their welcome. Rhapsody in Blue is my favorite segment (of any Fantasia movie) which has great animation and a great song to go along with it.   

38. Dumbo: While it is a bit short and kind of mean spirited the movie is still cute. The pink elephant scene is bizarre and insane. It’s ironic how people see the crows as racist and yet there the ones who help support and encourage Dumbo.

37. Cinderella: I watched this a lot at my Grandma’s house. Lady Tremaine is such a #itch and the way she treats Cinderella makes you want to punch her in the face. I did find the mice and Lucifer enjoyable though at the cost of focus on Cinderella herself.

36. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Sure, it’s dated and Snow White and the Queen are your basic Disney princess and villain, but this was still a great first impression with both cute and scary moments. The animation was impressive at the time and the dwarfs are very likable and fun.

35. Brother Bear: The first half when Kenai is a human is done well and I like that Denahi is a sympathetic villain. The middle half however is filled with a lot of childish humor and I find it odd that Koda is friends with his mother’s killer.

34. Bambi: Has anyone ever realized that Bambi’s mom was the first non-Disney villain to die? Her death scene is handled very well with great build up. Making Man a force of nature is great touch. The music is beautiful and it gives the forest so much life.

33. The Lion King: The most overrated movie Disney movie in my opinion, sorry. The whole confronting your past lesson is pointless since Simba didn’t kill Mufasa and there’s a fart joke that feels out of place. Still there are good stuff like Han Zimmer’s score, the giant scope and Mufasa’s death is handle very well.

32. Frozen: A lot of the movie has a bit too much melodrama. The lessons of this movie are cleverly represented by the two sisters. Anna learns not to open up to strangers and Elsa learns to not shut herself in. The songs are really good and help move to plot along.

31. The Rescuers Down Under: Disney’s best (non Pixar) sequel. Everything about this movie is an improvement from the original. The opening music is awesome, Australia is a more fun setting, Mccleach is a more threatening and entertaining villain, and John Candy is entertaining as Orville’s brother Wilbur (clever little touch).

Ranking the Disney Canon Part 1

5 years ago, I made a top 10 favorite Disney movies list but my opinions have changed since then. Now that Disney canon has finally reached 60 movies and since Doug Walker does his Disneycember reviews in December I thought I do something similar. Every Saturday of this month I’ll be posting a four-part ranking of every Disney movie (in the canon so no Pixar, Nightmare Before Christmas, or Goofy Movie). This list is also based on my personal and honest opinion.

60. Chicken Little: Last place by default. The animation is not good. Everyone’s an asshole to the main character (especially the father) and Chicken Little should’ve just let the aliens kill everyone.

59. Dinosaur: I didn’t even know this counted as part of the canon. The opening is cool but the rest is just bland landscapes and boring characters. Why can’t Disney do a good dinosaur (pun unintended) movie?

58. Saludos Amigos: Feels more like a travel video with shorts than a movie especially since its only 42 minutes long. Heck the series finales of Gravity Falls and Ducktales (reboot) were longer than this.

57. Fun and Fancy Free: To put it in the politest way possible, this movie is “too schmaltzy” for my taste. Mickey and the Beanstalk is fine but Bongo doesn’t really do much for me. Also, a bear slap meaning love is kind of weird thing to teach kids.

56. Make Mine Music: I had to get this for my birthday because it’s the only one not on Disney+. It’s not that I love it, it’s the principal. Other than Peter and the Wolf and Willie the Singing Whale the other segments are either fine or forgettable.

55. The Black Cauldron: Disney doesn’t talk about this at all and I can see why. The characters are either bland, annoying or both and the animation is really rough. Gurgi is basically a precursor to Jar Jar Binks and the Horned King is a generic dark lord villain.

54. The Three Caballeros: I do like the shorts with the penguin and flying donkey but later it kind of drags in the third half. Also, Donald trying to “get it on” with women is weird especially if you know stuff about male ducks.

53. Home on the Range: It would be really cool if Disney did a wild west animated movie but were stuck with this for now. The story is generic, the humor is too child friendly and the characters are annoying. I did kind of like the villain’s yodel song though.

52. The Fox and the Hound: A film released in the 80s that feels more like a film from the 70s. It’s kind of slow most of the time. The friendship between Todd and Copper is fine and it does have a bittersweet ending which is kind of rare for Disney.

51. Melody Time: Compared to Make Mine Music I think the shorts here are much more memorable. I do like the film’s use of popular music from the 40s. Standouts were Johnny Appleseed and Pecos Bill.

50. Lady and the Tramp: This is a film I think is just fine. The relationship between the two dogs is nice though it takes a while to start. It’s also weird that they chose this to be filmed in Cinemascope even though this movie is a little too simple.

49. Pocahontas: I will admit the ending makes me cry, something about the music gets me every time. However, you still have to wait through a basic and predictable “war is bad” plot that we’ve seen already in other movies. Colors of the Wing was nice though.

48. The Little Mermaid: I have mixed feelings on this movie, for a while this was my least favorite Disney movie. Why? Because the grotto destruction scene scared me so bad that I avoided this movie for a while. Also, Ariel learns nothing and gets what she wants. Still, I like the songs and Ursula.

47. Meet the Robinsons: The animation is still rough on the sides and the family members feel undeveloped. I did like some of the twist involving the villain and the lesson while hammered in a little is touching especially that quote at the end by Walt Disney himself.

46. Bolt: I liked this back then but it kind of feels average now. The idea of a dog actor who thinks he’s a super dog was neat as a kid but that’s only because I didn’t know about The Truman Show which is very similar.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife review

For Harold

It had been five years since the last Ghostbusters movie and now we have a proper sequel to the orignal. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is about the daughter and grandchildren of the late Ghostbusters member Egon moving into his house in Summerville. His grandchildren come across his Ghostbusting tech and warnings that Gozer is coming back so they prepare for her return. The best way to describe this movie is that it’s sort of a mix between Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Stranger Things (Finn Wolfhand has pretty much worn that Ghostbusters outfit twice now).

The cast in this movie is really good. Phoebe is kind of a like a younger female version of her grandfather Egon. Both Gary Grooberson played by Paul Rudd and Podcast were very funny and likable. I also enjoyed seeing Bill Murry, Dan Akloyd and Erin Hudson as the original ghostbusters again even though they only show up near the end. I also liked the score composed by Rob Simonsen. It has the same vibe as original Ghostbusters composer Elmer Bernstein with a little dash of John Williams (who coincidently composed Force Awakens). There’s one specific piece of music that almost made me cry but I’ll get to that soon.

I will admit much like Force Awakens this film suffers from rehashing some of the same story beats from the original. We have them capturing a fat eating ghost, face off against Zuul and Gozer again and even the scenes with the ghosts attacking the town are similar to the first one. However, it’s all worth it for what I think is the best thing about this movie, the ending. Spoiler warning: In the climax Egon’s ghost shows up to help Phoebe and the rest trap Gozer. Before he leaves, he reconciles with his team and family and gives his daughter one last hug. The music that plays here is so beautiful and while I almost cried, I am certain that any fan of the original definitely bawled their eyes out during this. It’s a bittersweet farewell and a wonderful tribute to the late Harold Ramis.

Honestly if this were the final film in the series, I think they really went out on a high note. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the best Ghostbusters movie since the original. It’s definitely better than the 2016 version. It is a perfect love letter to the original 1984 film and honestly works as a perfect sequel to the first one and conclusion to the series. When you want Nostalgia and frights, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!


+The cast

+The ending

+The score

-Rehashes the original

Score: A-