Thor: Love and Thunder review

I’m Thor, Your Thor? Well it hurts.

Taika Waititi has started to become one of my favorite movie directors thanks to movies like JoJo Rabbit and Thor Ragnarök which is one of my favorite Marvel movies. Heck I’d even say he’s my favorite MCU director with James Gunn as a close 2nd. So, I was really pumped up when he announced he’d be directing the fourth Thor movie. Thor Love and Thunder is about Thor returning to New Asgard to protect them from Gorr the God killer who wants to kill every god. Thor also comes in contact with his former girlfriend Jane Foster who is now able to wield Mjölnir.

I really like the idea of Omnipotence City which acts as a sanctuary for different kinds of gods. Zeus perfectly embodies why Gorr hates the god. Speaking of which Gorr played by Christian Bale is the biggest standout in this already fun cast. He was both intimidating but also one of the most tragic villains in the MCU. His also which is all black and white is really cool and makes for a great setting for a great fight later in the movie. Much like Taika Waititi’s other films this one has the same charm, humor and heart that made his other films so entertaining. There’s a humorous love triangle between Thor, Mjölnir, and stormbreaker that’s pretty funny. Though I will admit the running gag with the screaming goats did get old. I will admit there were some problems with the movie. Also, the Guardians of the Galaxy. The problem isn’t that they were barely in the movie since this is Thor’s movie but mostly that the movie doesn’t really do anything cool with them.

While Thor Ragnarök is still my favorite Thor movie, Thor Love and Thunder is probably my 2nd favorite Thor movie and my favorite Marvel movie of the year so far. If this were the final Thor movie I’d say Love and Thunder was a great conclusion to our favorite Norse superhero.


+Christian Bale as Gorr

+New locations

+Taika Waititi’s charm

-Thor weapon love triangle

-Guardians of the Galaxy

-Screaming goats

Score: A-