Ranking the Disney Canon Part 3

30. Hercules: Despite the many inaccuracies with the Greek Mythology (I took a class in Middle school so I know) this is still a fun movie. James Woods is enjoyable as Hades and the songs are catchy. I do admit the animation doesn’t hold up as much especially the CGI hydra.

29. Mulan: Take a shot every time the word honor is said. Mulan is a good protagonist and I like that her reason for joining the army has layers not just saving her father but also proving herself. The song Make a Man Out of You is an awesome training song.

28. Oliver & Company: Again, maybe it’s because I’m a cat person. Some of the songs are fun like Why Should I Worry and Once Upon a Time in New York City (saddest Disney opening). This movie really captures the look and feel of New York City flawlessly since I’ve been there twice already.

27. Treasure Planet: This has the best version of John Silver and his dynamic with Jim is great. It’s kind of cool that this Disney villain is more sympathetic. The map being a sphere is also very unique. Though nothing will ever top Muppet Treasure Island aka the greatest adaption of Treasure Island ever.

26. Lilo & Stitch: It is a family tradition to bring this movie on our trips to Hawaii. Having this movie take place in Hawaii gives the movie a very unique identity. The situation with Lilo and Nani is very realistic and tragic and combining that with aliens makes this movie so unique.

25. Tangled: Mother Gothel might be the vilest Disney villain ever due to how realistic she is. Flynn Rider is a great character and his sacrifice at the end is one of the most selfless things I ever seen. I See the Light is one of my favorite romantic Disney songs.

24. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: It’s funny how both protagonists here are assholes. Mr. Toad is mania obsessed maniac who causes damage and doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions and Ichabod Crane likes a girl only for her money! Still two great stories for the price of one.

23. Alice in Wonderland: Whenever I hear that mad tea party music I think of Disneyland. Alice is perfectly normal and the way she plays off of the other characters is great. I also think the black backgrounds really help allow the other colors stand out and give Wonderland a unique look.

22. The Jungle Book: The last film Walt Disney worked on before he died and it was a great swan song. George Brun’s score gives the jungle setting a lot of great atmosphere. The structure of this movie is kind of like a road trip movie but set in a jungle.

21. Raya and the Last Dragon: Great worldbuilding and action even with the mixed theme about trust.

20. Peter Pan: I wouldn’t be surprised if Steven Spielberg took some inspiration from this for Hook. There’s such a whimsical charm to this movie. It really makes you feel like a child again. Neverland is a great setting and the music is cute. Captain Hook and Smee are an enjoyable villain duo. 

19. Big Hero 6: It is cool that Disney did a superhero animated movie. Hiro and Baymax have a great dynamic though I admit the other four members don’t contribute much. The whole theme of revenge is very well handled.

18. One Hundred and One Dalmatians: I really like the how unique and modern this is compared to the other Disney movies at the time. The animation and character designs are akin to the animation and designs of UPA Studios and George Brun’s score is very catchy. And who could forget how awesome Cruella de Vil is?

17. Encanto: Weak songs but makes up for a strong protagonist and story.

16. The Princess & the Frog: This feels like a love letter to the Disney renaissance because it follows a lot of the story beats from those movies. Tiana is a great protagonist, the songs are amazing, the animation is beautiful and Dr. Facilier is a great villain. This movie had the balls to kill off the comic relief.

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