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Today we’ve lost one of the best actors of all time Ed Asner. His most famous role in my opinion was Carl Fredricksen from Pixar’s Up. For those who still don’t know me Pixar’s Up isn’t just my favorite Pixar or animated movie, it’s my favorite movie of all time. It’s a film that means so much to me and my family and friends. Ed gave so much life and heart to this grumpy old man and now Carl can finally reunite with his true love Ellie. Thank You so much Ed for giving us one of the great Disney characters of all time in one of the greatest movies of all time.

RIP Ed Asner

Ranking the DCEU

The Suicide Squad is the first movie in the DC Extended Universe since Birds of Prey more than a year ago. Although I’m not a huge fan of the series I have seen all of them (except Justice League Synder’s Cut) so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the series with a ranking.

10. Batman vs Superman:

What should’ve been cool ended up being another disappointing edgy film. Lex Luthor was badly casted and the Martha thing was dumb.

9. Suicide Squad:

This won an Oscar? The enchantress is a very unfitting villain and is was just too moody and not fun.

8. Justice League:

Being overshadowed by the Avengers wasn’t its only problem. There was also the generic doomsday villain and the tone problem.

7. Wonder Woman 1984: I didn’t really feel the 80s in this movie. Felt too long and too silly especially in the mall scene.  

6. Man of Steel: I do like Han Zimmer’s score An Ideal of Hope but this way too edgy and violent for a movie about the symbol of hope.

5.Wonder Woman:

It does its job fine. It could’ve had a nice lesson about the grey morality of humans but then Ares showed up and made it so black and white.

4. Aquaman: This one kind of grew on me. Rupert Gregson-Williams’s score is catchy and the costumes and underwater scenes are vibrantly colorful.

3. Birds of Prey:

While the other members were weak, Margot Robbie was great as Harley; the action was fun and I liked how enjoyably evil the villain was.

2. Shazam!:

There’s only two DCEU movies I would consider really good. After movies that were too dark and edgy this was a lighthearted breath of fresh air thanks to Zachary Levi’s performance as Shazam.

1. The Suicide Squad:

This is the perfect example of learning from your mistakes. James Gunn managed to give us a proper Suicide Squad movie full of wonderful characters, awesome action and the charm of the Guardians movies.

The Suicide Squad review

The Suicide Squad is the 10th movie in the DCEU and was directed by James Gunn who also directed the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. This is sort of a sequel to Suicide Squad from 2016 but it’s more stand alone and honestly you don’t have to watch the original film and you would miss nothing. The Suicide Squad is about a team of anti-heroes/villains being sent to stop Project Starfish and things get a lot crazy after that. This review does contain SPOILERS especially about the opening scene so big warning.

The members of Squad Team A you meet at the beginning are immediately killed off gruesomely and humorously. They don’t really have interesting abilities and we don’t get much time to care about them but that’s really my only gripe with the movie. It tunrs out they were decoys for the real stars of the movie, Squad Team B. These guys are the highlight of the movie. They all have unique abilities, great personalities, great dynamics and great performances from their actors. Peacekeeper is like a jerky Captain America, Ratcatcher 2 and King Shark have a sweet bond and Polka-Dot Man is both tragic and hilarious. I also liked Harley Quinn who I think always brings her A game whenever she’s in a rated R property such as the Harley Quinn show, Birds of Prey, and this. I even like Starro who is a much more silly but appropriate villain in a suicide squad movie than that stupid Enchantress.

There’s a reason this movie has a R rating and that because of the action. Every action scene is violent, bloody, hilarious, and fun. My favorite action scene is when Bloodshot and Peacemaker one up each other killing a bunch of soldiers. I like the 2d animated flowers during Harley Quinn’s escape scene and the climax with Starro is both epic and hilarious. It also ends with a great punchline which I won’t give away. What helps is James Gunn’s always amazing directing. It definitely has the same feel of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies while also being colorful and vibrant as his previous work at Marvel. I also like the title cards sprinkled throughout the movie and how there placed in the environments such as blood in the water, fire and even metal scraps.

The Suicide Squad is better than the 2016 version in every possible way and without a doubt the best DCEU movie now. It’s characters while villains are likable enough to make you care for them and even feel sad when they die. Its action scenes are a perfect mix of violent and fun. It’s pretty much what the original should have been and proof that the DCEU can make films just as good as the MCU.


+ Brutal and fun action

+ James Gunn’s directing

+ Squad Team B…and Harley

+ Starro

+ Title cards

-Squad Team A

Score: A

Jungle Cruise review

Welcome aboard the world-famous Jungle Cruise I am your skipper Bryce and I’m gonna be your guide on this review of Disney’s the Jungle Cruise. Please remain seated keeping your hands arms feet and legs inside the boat and watch your children.

The Jungle Cruise was one of the opening day attractions at Disneyland back in 1955 and is still one of Disney’s most famous attractions with its corny dad jokes and of course the 8th wonder of the world, the back side of water. Disney movies based one Disney rides range from good (Pirates 1-2) to bad (Haunted Mansion, Country Bears) and now Jungle Cruise has become the fourth movie to be based on a ride. This movie really captures that feeling of adventure that’s very reminisced of swash buckling/adventure films like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Mummy. I think what helps is that this movie is gorgeous to look at. The colors of the jungle are so vibrant and I like that this movie takes place in 1916. Something about a movie taking place in a past time period makes the movie look more visually interesting such as Tim Burton’s Dumbo or Captain America: the first Avenger.

The main trio of the movie have great a fun dynamic and work great off each other. Captain Frank Wolf played by Dwayne Johnson is sort of the Han Solo of the group with also the con artistry and tragic secrets of Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls. He’s a lot of fun. While I do like Emily Blunt as Lily, I’ll admit I’m not a fan of this running gag where throughout the movie Frank keeps calling Lily “Pants”. I know it’s odd to see woman where pants in that time period but it really overstays it’s welcome. I also like Jack Whitehall as Lily’s brother MacGregor who brings a lot comic relief to the movie. I really like the designs of the conquistadors. snakes, branches, mud, and even bees. However, the camera work during their action scenes makes it hard to tells who’s fighting.

Jungle Cruise is absolute popcorn fun. People who enjoyed movies in the adventure genre or the original Disney attraction will be in for a fun river tour. Now we have come the most dangerous part of the review, the return to civilization. Be sure the gather up all your personal belongings and exit to your right.  


+ Adventure feel

+ The Jungle trio

+ Visually pleasing setting

+/- Conquistadors

-Camera work

-Pants running gag

Score: B+