Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children review


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is Tim Burton’s newest movie. Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors. I enjoy the gothic atmosphere he puts in his movies such as Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and The Nightmare Before Christmas (though he didn’t direct it).

By seeing the trailers this seems like a victorian X-men (school for children with special abilities). That’s kind of the idea though there also this idea of the loop which allows them to rewind the last 24 hours. It’s mostly due to the building about to be struck by a bomb. While it’s an interesting idea it’s still confusing to get fully interested.

The abilities the children have are pretty interesting. One can float, one can create fire, one even has a mouth in the back of her head.  I do not want to be the guy who has bees in his stomach (I’m afraid of bees). There all unique and help give the kids some personality.

The visuals also are well done too even small ones. An example would be when Jacob is going through the tunnel to get into the loop a Ornithology that told Jacob’s father that he’d track down walks in. When he walks into the shadows his face turns dark and when he comes into the light his head is now Dr. Golan. It happens again and turns into Mr.Barron. It’s a nice little effect.

The film does have problems like Asa Butterfield’s wooden performance has Jacob. He’s not horrible but just sounds like he’s just doing a typical kid protagonist. Another problem was the climax of the movie. Considering that this is a movie about kids with special abilities you’d think there would be an awesome climax. Nope it ends with your cliche “find the impostor” scenario (an example of that cliche is Gravity Falls Into the Bunker). While it does subvert is a little it still feels underwhelming.

This was not one of Tim Burton’s best but isn’t something that you should avoid. Sometimes lacking but still peculiar.

+ Cool peculiar abilities
+ Nice visuals
– Underwhelming climax
– Loop is confusing
– Some wooden performances

Score: C+

I know things have been slow on this blog due to me moving to a new house, starting college again, and honestly there aren’t really that many movies this month. Since September and October don’t have a lot of movies this year I will be combining the month recaps.