Black Panther: Wakanda Forever review

This review is dedicated to Chadwick Boseman

Spoiler warning: Wakanda Forever is the final phase 4 film in the MCU Spoilers: Wakanda Forever is about Wakanda trying to defend there country after the death of T’Challa from another country led by Namor. It also focuses on T’Challa’s sister Suri who’s still grieving after not being able to save him. I thought having her be the main protagonist and take up the mantle as the new Black Panther was the right choice. T’Challa’s funeral at the beginning was wonderfully handled and a great sendoff to Chadwick Boseman. The Marvel logo only shows footage of him which I thought was a nice touch. Much like the first movie Ludwig Göransson’s score here is really good. My favorite music in the movie was the introduction to Namor. The music was legit creepy which made the scene even more creepy.

Despite the loss of Chadwick, the first film already had a bunch of other characters that had wonderful performances and the sequel is no exception. The film is full of terrific acting pretty much everyone. Much like her role in Wendell and Wild Angela Bassett managed to nail it out of the park again this year. The newest addition that stood out was the villain Namor. His motivation is understandable and his design is really cool. I don’t think he was as strong as Killmonger but it was still neat that the MCU used one of the very first Marvel characters ever created. There were really only a few problems I had were that the runtime was really long and there are also way too many slow-motion moments that get annoying later in the movie.

While I don’t think this was as good as the first one, I still think this was a nice continuation and up there with Spider Man: No Way Home as one of the stronger film in phase 4. I’d also consider this the best Marvel movie 2022. T’Challa may be gone but his legacy will live on forever.


+Chadwick Boseman tribute

+Ludwig Göransson’s score


+Terrific acting


-Slow motion moments

Score: B+

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story review

Some people consider Citizen Kane, Star Wars, and the Emoji Movie as the greatest movies of all time and others say there’s no such thing as the perfect movie. That has all changed when Weird: The Al Yankovic Story released. Weird Al Yankovic is considered the greatest musician of all time and it was about time someone made a film about his amazing life. Everything about this movie is perfection!

Unlike other musician biographies such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, and Elvis which added forced story beats just to follow the typical story structure, this movie managed to do it without adding unnecessary cliches. Everything that happens in this movie is completely true from him traveling the Amazon to save Madonna from Pablo Escobar, his first original song “Eat It” being ripped off by Michael Jackson, and his tragic death at the hands of Madonna. The dialogue in this movie felt like it was written by Shakespeare himself.

Unlike those other biographies which miscasts their musicians, the casting in this movie is absolutely spot on. It’s like they actually got the real musicians to play themselves. Daniel Radcliffe infamous for his mediocre role as Harry Potter was destined to be Weird Al. Daniel Radcliffe also shares the spotlight with many amazing actors such as Evan Rachel Wood as the devious and manipulating Madonna and Rainn Wilson as Weird Al’s wise mentor Dr. Dimento.

This film is so great that the film has just won the Oscar for every category this year. The Academy Awards didn’t even bother selecting any other nominees because this film would’ve beaten them anyway. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story isn’t just my favorite movie of all time; it is also my favorite work of art of all time.


+Faithfully depict Al’s life

+Perfect screenplay

+Pitch perfect casting

+Weird Al’s engaging character arc


Score: A+++++++++++++++++++++