Ranking the Disney Canon Part 1

5 years ago, I made a top 10 favorite Disney movies list but my opinions have changed since then. Now that Disney canon has finally reached 60 movies and since Doug Walker does his Disneycember reviews in December I thought I do something similar. Every Saturday of this month I’ll be posting a four-part ranking of every Disney movie (in the canon so no Pixar, Nightmare Before Christmas, or Goofy Movie). This list is also based on my personal and honest opinion.

60. Chicken Little: Last place by default. The animation is not good. Everyone’s an asshole to the main character (especially the father) and Chicken Little should’ve just let the aliens kill everyone.

59. Dinosaur: I didn’t even know this counted as part of the canon. The opening is cool but the rest is just bland landscapes and boring characters. Why can’t Disney do a good dinosaur (pun unintended) movie?

58. Saludos Amigos: Feels more like a travel video with shorts than a movie especially since its only 42 minutes long. Heck the series finales of Gravity Falls and Ducktales (reboot) were longer than this.

57. Fun and Fancy Free: To put it in the politest way possible, this movie is “too schmaltzy” for my taste. Mickey and the Beanstalk is fine but Bongo doesn’t really do much for me. Also, a bear slap meaning love is kind of weird thing to teach kids.

56. Make Mine Music: I had to get this for my birthday because it’s the only one not on Disney+. It’s not that I love it, it’s the principal. Other than Peter and the Wolf and Willie the Singing Whale the other segments are either fine or forgettable.

55. The Black Cauldron: Disney doesn’t talk about this at all and I can see why. The characters are either bland, annoying or both and the animation is really rough. Gurgi is basically a precursor to Jar Jar Binks and the Horned King is a generic dark lord villain.

54. The Three Caballeros: I do like the shorts with the penguin and flying donkey but later it kind of drags in the third half. Also, Donald trying to “get it on” with women is weird especially if you know stuff about male ducks.

53. Home on the Range: It would be really cool if Disney did a wild west animated movie but were stuck with this for now. The story is generic, the humor is too child friendly and the characters are annoying. I did kind of like the villain’s yodel song though.

52. The Fox and the Hound: A film released in the 80s that feels more like a film from the 70s. It’s kind of slow most of the time. The friendship between Todd and Copper is fine and it does have a bittersweet ending which is kind of rare for Disney.

51. Melody Time: Compared to Make Mine Music I think the shorts here are much more memorable. I do like the film’s use of popular music from the 40s. Standouts were Johnny Appleseed and Pecos Bill.

50. Lady and the Tramp: This is a film I think is just fine. The relationship between the two dogs is nice though it takes a while to start. It’s also weird that they chose this to be filmed in Cinemascope even though this movie is a little too simple.

49. Pocahontas: I will admit the ending makes me cry, something about the music gets me every time. However, you still have to wait through a basic and predictable “war is bad” plot that we’ve seen already in other movies. Colors of the Wing was nice though.

48. The Little Mermaid: I have mixed feelings on this movie, for a while this was my least favorite Disney movie. Why? Because the grotto destruction scene scared me so bad that I avoided this movie for a while. Also, Ariel learns nothing and gets what she wants. Still, I like the songs and Ursula.

47. Meet the Robinsons: The animation is still rough on the sides and the family members feel undeveloped. I did like some of the twist involving the villain and the lesson while hammered in a little is touching especially that quote at the end by Walt Disney himself.

46. Bolt: I liked this back then but it kind of feels average now. The idea of a dog actor who thinks he’s a super dog was neat as a kid but that’s only because I didn’t know about The Truman Show which is very similar.

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