A Regular Show Epic Final Battle review



Regular Show has officially ended. Regular Show was one of the most popular Cartoon Network shows not just in the 2010’s but of all time. Me personally I liked this show more then Adventure Time. I really liked Regular Show because of the characters, the comedy, and the episodes but I was not a fan of the whole love triangle thing. Who the hell interrupts a wedding to break up with somebody?! Regular Show was one of those shows where anything could happen and being sent up into the space pretty much completes the shark jumping.

Warning this review has Spoilers so don’t on from this point.

I loved that all these supporting characters such as the baby ducks, death, party pony, and blue ray return and help in the final battle. It’s just like the battle of Hogwarts, the invasion from Avatar, or the fight against Bill Cipher. I love when shows and movie series bring back characters from the past to help in the climax.

When part 3 started it starts with the first episode The Power. I was so shocked and almost mad that Cartoon Network either goofed up and showed the wrong episode or that idea was that the show repeated after Pops and Anti Pops punched. I literally had to check the schedule on my DVR to see what’s going on until I heard Rigby in slow motion say “wait a minute I think we’ve done this before”. Such a clever and hilarious way to start the last part.

The episode ends with Pops sacrificing himself to defeat Anti Pops. It’s really sad that such an innocent character like Pops gets killed off and DOES NOT come back. The dome ends up returning to Earth and everyone goes there separate ways. Mordecai becomes an artist and Rigby marries Eileen. The last scene is Mordecai and Rigby at a park reunion 25 years later talking about Pops and there lives. The ending is both happy and sad and gives a bittersweet feeling to it.

If I had one problem with the ending is that Mordecai ends up meeting this bat girl, marries and has children. It just seemed odd that this random character who had never appeared until the very end becomes Mordecai’s wife. Still it’s probably best then choosing between Margaret or CJ and bringing up the whole love triangle thing which was main problem with the show.

I don’t think it was as spectacular as Gravity Fall’s Take Back the Falls or Avatar’s Sozin’s Comet but it ended on a way that fans of the show can be satisfied with.

+Characters return
+Shocking start to part 3
+Bittersweet ending
-Mordecai’s new girlfriend

Score: A-

Nothing else to say but Jolly Good Show.

My Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2016

The year 2016 is over and now it’s time to do my top 10 favorite movies of 2016.

Honorable Mention: LA LA LAND
Didn’t see it until a few days ago. Great songs and music. I could listen to Another Day of Sun all day. Also congratulations of the Golden Globes wins and good luck at the Oscars.

10. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them: A good return to the wizarding world of one of my favorite franchises of all time. It’s not the best due to unmemorable characters and weird story structure but it still has the magic of Harry Potter. Seeing Johnny Depp was pretty cool even if he does look a little odd.


9. Kung Fu Panda 3: I love all the Kung Fu Panda movies especially number two. The third was also great too though not as good as Kung Fu Panda 2. I like that it continues Po’s arc about finding his family while still being a fun movie. Does anyone notice there’s a lot of green through out the movie?


8. Doctor Strange: In terms of special effects this has some of the best in any Marvel movie. Though the story does feel similar to a lot of other Marvel movies. The visual effects help make the action scenes epic, fun, and strange at the same time. I can see why his name is Doctor Strange. LOL


7. Deadpool: The opening credits pretty much seal the fact that this is the funniest movie on this list. Ryan Reynolds redeems his character from that other movie. The movie doesn’t take itself serious though it does have that love story that slows down the movie. Still Deadpool is incredibly hilarious and fun.

deadpool poster

6. Moana: It was hard to choose this of Zootopia because there both good movies. Songs like How Far I’ll Go or You’re Welcome are great and the main protagonists Moana and Maui are a lot of fun. Even the ocean and Maui’s tattoo feel like characters and there fun too.


5. Zootopia: Zootopia is better then Moana because it deals with adult themes like racism or prejudice. The story is one of Disney’s most complex and it has a really good mystery that kind of shocks you in the end. The city of Zootopia is also a great setting because it takes every opportunity with ideas, jokes and design in each district.


4. Captain America Civil War: They should have just called this how to a better Batman vs Superman movie. This manage to make sure every Marvel hero got a fair share of screen time. Each side has there reasons for why they fighting and there reasons that make them both right and wrong. The airport scene is amazing and probably the best action scene of 2016. Also Spiderman is the best.


3. Rogue One a Star Wars Story: Didn’t expect to have this movie high on this list. While I think this a better written movie then Force Awakens I still find that movie more enjoyable. The climax is the highlight and took a lot of risks with it’s characters. Who could forget Darth Vader? This movie managed to make him the badass and threatening villain we knew and love back in the original trilogy.


2. Kubo and the Two Strings: My most anticipated movie of 2016 and it managed to not disappoint me. A great animated movie from the studio located in my home state. This has some of the best visuals in any stop motion movie I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to believe that the giant skeleton is incredibly huge. Trust me I’ve seen the puppet at Universal Hollywood. I like how this movie deals with the troubles and lost in family yet still being a heartwarming movie.


1. Finding Dory: I expected to like it but I didn’t expect to love it even more then the first one. This has my favorite movie score of this year. It’s just so beautiful to listen to and gives the emotional moments a lot of atmosphere. Finding Dory can be very emotional like Dory’s panic attack scene or hilarious like the truck scene at the end. Interesting trivia: I saw this while on a trip to Hawaii and now whenever I think of that trip I think of this movie and that’s why it’s my favorite movie of 2016.

finding dory

Now here are my top 10 most anticipated movies of 2017.
10.Justice League
9.Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie (it counts)
8.Beauty and the Beast
6.My Little Pony: The Movie
5.Thor: Ragnarok
4.Kingsman: The Golden Circle
3.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
2.Spider-Man: Homecoming
1. Star Wars: Episode VIII

So those were my favorite movies of the year. Please leave and comment below on what your favorite movies of 2016 were and I’ll see you in 2017. Take care