Spider-Man: No Way Home review

Spider Man: No Way Home is the third Spider Man movie in the MCU. Far From Home used the Multiverse premise as red herring for Mysterio’s backstory. The sequel No Way Home however confirmed that the Multiverse is real. The film starts at the end of the previous film where everyone now knows Peter Parker is Spiderman and it really takes a toll on his friend’s lives. So, he goes to Doctor Strange to cast a spell to make everyone forget him which goes wrong and now villains from other dimensions show up. I will admit the first half isn’t as fun as the rest of the movie but that’s really a nitpick that’s cancelled out by every other amazing thing about this movie.

SPOILER WARNING for this paragraph: It’s was so fun seeing the old villains from the previous movies and their actors return. Each have their own personalities and moments where they really shine. They have such great chemistry not just with the villains themselves but also with the Peter Ned and MJ. I also like how Peter actually tries to help them instead of fighting. In the last half, the Raimi and Webb versions of Spider Man show up with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprising their roles and they pretty much steal the show. Both the old Spider-Men have funny but also emotional moments that tie into there arcs from there movies and all three Spider-Men of them have great chemistry and great banter.  

The action scenes are some of the best of any Spider Man movie. The fight between Peter and Dr. Strange in Mirror World is really imaginative and visually amazing. The fights with the other villains are great too and the climax involving all the Spider Men and villains on the Statue of Liberty is awesome. The movie is so brutal, unrelentless and harsh toward Peter. It reminds me a lot of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The ending also pulls no punches, not only does May Parker die but everyone ends up forgetting Peter Parker including his friends so now he’s all alone. I’ve never seen any hero in the MCU that has lost so much.

The MCU had always been an ambitious movie series but this movie might just be there most ambitious movie ever. Spider Man: No Way Home is not only the best MCU movie of 2021 it is also the best “live action” Spider-Man movie, no contest. While Spider Verse was a love letter to the Spider Man character, No Way Home was a love letter to the Spider Man movies. Its funny emotional and a great way to pay respect to all of the Spider Man movies.


+Action scenes


+The Spider Men

+The villains

-First half

Score: A

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