MLP FIM Season 8 School Daze review

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic returns once again for it’s 8th season. It’s been like two years since we had a two-parter premiere. After the events of the movie Twilight notices that there are many kingdoms in Equestria that don’t know much about friendship. So she decides to open a school of friendship (I know it sounds corny) and invites not just ponies but also dragons, griffins, yaks, changlings, and hippogriffs to apply. The E.E.A. tells her to follow the rules which the other five don’t take well to. Chaos happens and the school is closed down that is until six new students help open the school again.

This premiere is a lot different from the other two-parters since they usually have a major villain or a dangerous force of nature. There are some stakes between the kingdoms but there’s no villain except for Chancellor Neighsay played by Maurice LaMarche. That’s right Maurice LaMarche as in Pinky and the Brain Maurice LaMarche and it is awesome! Apparently this character is coming back later so that’s cool. I also like the secondary 6 (I know it’s not there confirmed name but I just calling them that for now). There all fun and have there own personalities and it’ll be fun to see more of them later in the season.

Season 8 started out more tame than the other seasons but still shows promise. Some may thing the whole school thing is a little shark jumpy but it’s a nice change of pace.

Game Night review

This may not be a long review but it is a review of a movie that surprised me. Seeing the trailer Game Night seemed like a regular R-rated comedy with violence and standard jokes. But it turns out to actually smart and funny. Best way to start a comedy review movie is to talk about well, the comedy. The comedy is really good, not just because the jokes are cleverly written but also because the characters help make the jokes work. The cast is very enjoyable and likable. They all have their own personalities and quirks and everyone has a chance to make jokes.

This paragraph contains spoilers because I will be talking about the story. I will admit that the story does have the main character’s sibling is better than him but it turns out that the sibling looks up to him cliché. It’s like Rigby and Don from Regular Show or Helga and Olga from Hey Arnold. It’s not bad but I’ve seen in many times and know how it goes down. It also has a last minute villain which movies really shouldn’t do unless there building them up for a sequel. That being said, the rest of the story is unpredictable. In the beginning Brooks stages kidnappers to kidnap him but it turns out that the actors he hired came after real kidnappers took him. The kidnappers turns out to be staged by the main character’s creepy police neighbor for not inviting him to game night. Then it turns out that the cop had nothing to do with Fabergé egg and that The Bulgarian was real. I had no idea what was going to happen and I was excited to see how it ends.

I also like little details like the music (I have a liking to synthwave music) and a cute detail where some wide shots of the city and neighborhood look like models. I think the idea is that they look like board games. One word that describes Game Night is fun, it’s a very fun movie with a fun cast and fun comedy. When Game Night releases on DVD or On Demand this will be the perfect movie for any game night.

+Enjoyable cast
-Cliche jealous brother plot
-Last minute villain

Score: B+