Black Widow review

Does it seem too coincidental that every female superhero movie (Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and this) are prequels?  Black Widow is the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to release since Spider Man Far from Home two years ago. Its former release date would’ve been in time for the 10th anniversary of Iron Man 2 and Natasha’s debut if it wasn’t for Covid. Unlike the others this isn’t an origin story (except the beginning). With the exception of the post credit scene, this movie feels like it should’ve released between Civil War and Infinity War. You can technically watch this between the two and nothing would really change.

The character of Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow honestly feels more like a superspy than a superhero but that said her solo outing managed to capture the tone of a spy thriller perfectly. This really feels like something you’d see in James Bond or Mission Impossible or even Kingsman. The opening dinner scene, the plane chase and the opening credits perfectly establishes the tone this movie has. Though with the exception of the plane chase, I will admit the action here seems a bit familiar and standard compared to other actions scenes in the MCU and they don’t really stand out.

Scarlett Johansson always brings her A-game as Natasha and I really enjoyed the “dysfunctional family” type of dynamic between the cast. I especially really liked the Red Guardian who brings a lot of comedy and heart to the film. The villains are sort of a mixed bag. Dreykovmight be the most unlikable (not bland) villain in the MCU yet he one of those villains you enjoy to hate and look forward to seeing him get comeuppance thanks to Ray Winstone’s performance. While I like the idea that Taskmaster uses weapons similar to the Avengers “she” just feels like another version of the Winter Soldier or Ghost from Ant Man and the Wasp.

Is Black Widow one of the strongest entries in the MCU? No. Was is worth the one-year delay? Sure. People waited so long for a movie about Black Widow and this movie gave us exactly what we wanted and it didn’t disappoint. It was a good start to phase four of the MCU and a well-done send off to our favorite female superspy/superhero.


+ Spy thriller tone

+ The opening

+ The performances

+/- The villains

-Misplaced entry

-Typical Marvel action

Score: B