Hilda and the Mountain King review

Unless you’ve just started following my blog you should know how much I love Hilda. Hilda and the Mountain King is based on the 6th graphic novel in the Hilda series and the first full length animated movie in the series. It begins right where season 2 left off. Hilda wakes up as a troll and a baby troll named Baba has taken her place at home, and now she must find a way to turn back into a human and reunite with her mum.

As usual the animation is amazing and the color pallets and lightning really do make this world feel so cozy. I also liked the animation in the opening credits. This is also the most emotional outing in the series since season 2 episode 9 The Deerfox. There’s one scene that shocked me where Johanna yells at Baba for accidently knocking over a snow globe that Hilda got her for the Trolberg Winter Festival (clever call back) and makes her cry. You really want to see Hilda and Johanna reunite and when they do it’s well worth the struggles they’ve gone through. What also helps are the performances particularly Bella Ramsey as Hilda and Daisy Haggard as Johanna. They really are at their best here and it’s really hard to picture them being played by other people that shows how good they are.

Unlike most man vs nature stories where nature is good and humans are bad this movie shows that some humans are both good and bad and the same goes for trolls too. Something I found refreshing was when Frida and David stand up to Erik Ahlberg, the teacher (who you’d think would support Erik and in other stories would) is actually proud of the kid’s cause and supports them. Both sides do find common ground in the end but I think it’s done well here. There is kind of a twist villain involving a troll that tricks Hilda into helping him that felt kind of obvious especially if your read the graphic novel and like most twist villains doesn’t have much time to be a villain.

A third and final season has been confirmed for happen later but if it wasn’t Hilda and the Mountain King would still work for a great series finale for our favorite blue haired adventurer and a great way to end 2021. Everything from the worldbuilding, the animation, the characters and the music that made Hilda not just one of the best Netflix cartoons but one of the best cartoons ever is all right here.




+Humans vs trolls

+The performances

-Obvious twist villain

Score: A+

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