Ranking the Disney Canon Part 2

45. Frozen II: I think this should’ve been a grand epic Zelda style adventure that sadly ended up just being another Frozen movie. This had the potential of being better than the first. Some of the spirits were neat and Into The Unknown is probably my favorite Frozen song.

44. The Rescuers: Compared to the sequel this feels safe and a little boring at times. Medusa kind of feels like a discount Cruella and Penny is kind of a bland character. The organ scene though is one of the funniest scenes in any Disney movie.

43. Fantasia: Sorry Doug Walker but I never grew up with this movie. Though I do respect this film more than I do view it. The segments while memorable do go on for a while. My favorite segment is probably Night on Bald Mountain for how dark and grand it is.

42. The Aristocats: The first Disney movie without Walt’s involvement. Maybe it’s nostalgia since I loved this movie as a kid or because I’m a cat person why this is ranked higher than most people would. It’s cute but a lot more child friendly compared to the other movies.

41. Ralph Breaks the Internet: The world of the internet is interesting, and the Disney princess scene was great. However, the story does suffer due to Ralph and Vannelope making some really reckless choices that put a lot of characters in danger. Also Ralph is a bit clingy toward Vannelope.

40. Winnie the Pooh: Disney traditional animation’s swan song. As much as I love the character, I have to admit this kind of felt like a basic Pooh movie. It doesn’t really stand out compared to the first one. Still the animation is nice and the humor is surprisingly funny.

39. Fantasia 2000: Weird celebrity bits aside this was I enjoyed this more than the original. The segments are shorter but don’t overstay their welcome. Rhapsody in Blue is my favorite segment (of any Fantasia movie) which has great animation and a great song to go along with it.   

38. Dumbo: While it is a bit short and kind of mean spirited the movie is still cute. The pink elephant scene is bizarre and insane. It’s ironic how people see the crows as racist and yet there the ones who help support and encourage Dumbo.

37. Cinderella: I watched this a lot at my Grandma’s house. Lady Tremaine is such a #itch and the way she treats Cinderella makes you want to punch her in the face. I did find the mice and Lucifer enjoyable though at the cost of focus on Cinderella herself.

36. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Sure, it’s dated and Snow White and the Queen are your basic Disney princess and villain, but this was still a great first impression with both cute and scary moments. The animation was impressive at the time and the dwarfs are very likable and fun.

35. Brother Bear: The first half when Kenai is a human is done well and I like that Denahi is a sympathetic villain. The middle half however is filled with a lot of childish humor and I find it odd that Koda is friends with his mother’s killer.

34. Bambi: Has anyone ever realized that Bambi’s mom was the first non-Disney villain to die? Her death scene is handled very well with great build up. Making Man a force of nature is great touch. The music is beautiful and it gives the forest so much life.

33. The Lion King: The most overrated movie Disney movie in my opinion, sorry. The whole confronting your past lesson is pointless since Simba didn’t kill Mufasa and there’s a fart joke that feels out of place. Still there are good stuff like Han Zimmer’s score, the giant scope and Mufasa’s death is handle very well.

32. Frozen: A lot of the movie has a bit too much melodrama. The lessons of this movie are cleverly represented by the two sisters. Anna learns not to open up to strangers and Elsa learns to not shut herself in. The songs are really good and help move to plot along.

31. The Rescuers Down Under: Disney’s best (non Pixar) sequel. Everything about this movie is an improvement from the original. The opening music is awesome, Australia is a more fun setting, Mccleach is a more threatening and entertaining villain, and John Candy is entertaining as Orville’s brother Wilbur (clever little touch).

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