Steven Universe Can’t Go Back and A Single Pale Rose review

It’s ironic that Cartoon Network released giant spoilers of future episodes yet didn’t spoil these two. There are spoilers in this review.

Lets start with Can’t Go Back. It was nice to see what happened to Lapis Lazuli and her song was nice too. I will admit seeing Lapis leave again seemed a little predictable. I also think this episode was made just so we can see the shadow of Pearl with Rose’s sword. Can’t Go Back was small and mostly a bridge for the next episode but still good one though.

A Single Pale Rose was probably the biggest wham episode of the series since Jailbreak. We all knew Pearl knew something about Pink Diamond and the show has been building up to this.  I like how this episode just keeps building up to the big moment. Steven see’s Pearl shape shifted into Rose Quartz but then it turns out that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond and that Pearl was Pink Diamond’s pearl. Eat your heart out “I am your Father”. I used to think Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond but after finding out she was “shattered” I thought my theory was wrong. It was such an amazing twist.

A Single Pale Rose is probably the best episode of season 5 and one of the best episodes of the whole show. I can’t wait to see what happens next and thank god there not skipping summer like last year. I wonder how Greg and Connie are going to react to this?


MLP FIM Season 8 School Daze review

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic returns once again for it’s 8th season. It’s been like two years since we had a two-parter premiere. After the events of the movie Twilight notices that there are many kingdoms in Equestria that don’t know much about friendship. So she decides to open a school of friendship (I know it sounds corny) and invites not just ponies but also dragons, griffins, yaks, changlings, and hippogriffs to apply. The E.E.A. tells her to follow the rules which the other five don’t take well to. Chaos happens and the school is closed down that is until six new students help open the school again.

This premiere is a lot different from the other two-parters since they usually have a major villain or a dangerous force of nature. There are some stakes between the kingdoms but there’s no villain except for Chancellor Neighsay played by Maurice LaMarche. That’s right Maurice LaMarche as in Pinky and the Brain Maurice LaMarche and it is awesome! Apparently this character is coming back later so that’s cool. I also like the secondary 6 (I know it’s not there confirmed name but I just calling them that for now). There all fun and have there own personalities and it’ll be fun to see more of them later in the season.

Season 8 started out more tame than the other seasons but still shows promise. Some may thing the whole school thing is a little shark jumpy but it’s a nice change of pace.

Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie review

I bet an executive at Nickelodeon heard that Cartoon Network was bringing back Samurai Jack and he was wondering how they can top that, Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie was their answer.  In case you didn’t read my top 10 favorite Nicktoons list click here.

If you did you’ll know that Hey Arnold is my favorite Nicktoon show. I’ve been looking forward to this all year, heck anticipating this (and The Last Jedi) got me through Steven Universe’s longest hiatus. The movie is very faithful to the show because of its callbacks, the music, and animation.  The animation is wonderful and I’m glad Nickelodeon put effort into updating but not too much the animation and style. The character designs have updated but they still look like the characters we knew and love and the backgrounds still look like the same neighborhood that we love too.

Big Spoilers: The movie answers all the questions fans have wondered like what Arnold’s last name is, who the green eyes people are, or where his parents are. It turns out that Arnold’s last name is Shortman. His Grampa has called him Shortman a few times but we assumed it was just a nickname. This is smart and clever because it would have been cheap just to think of some random last name. Back then I always assumed Arnold’s parents were dead, but I was young and I didn’t know that the show would be back. It’s revealed that his parents fell under the sleeping sickness and have been asleep for years. The scene at the end where Arnold is running passing by awaking green eyed people is great due to its build up and when he finally reunites with this parents, it’s emotionally brilliant.

La Sombra is kind of the weak villain because he has no motive to what he’s doing unlike Scheck (though it was a stupid motive) but he’s still intimidating for this kind of the cartoon and is played very well by Alfred Molina. I was almost fooled to think that Eduardo was secretly La Sombra the whole time and was responsible for Arnold’s parents’ disappearance, but I’m glad they didn’t go in that direction. It’s also kind of cool that the villain gets killed off in the end (you know for kids).

Problems I have are mostly minor. One was when after Arnold’s grandparents and Helga’s parents come and save the students. After that they Arnold’s classmates except Gerald and Helga just disappear from the rest of the movie until the very end. Helga’s family gets it worst because they disappear completely and never show up again. Another problem is when Arnold wakes up at the end of the movie making it feel like the whole movie was just a dream. That’s would have been a complete dick move from Nickelodeon if they went in that direction.

Do I think there should be a season 6? Honestly no, I think it ended on a good note. Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie brought back the nostalgia and conclusion to a wonderful Nickel

+ Animation
+ Faithfulness
+ Questions answered
+/- La Sombra
– Dream fake-out
– Supporting cast dropped

Score: A

MLP FIM Season 7 Finale Shadow Play review

Today MLP FIM season 7 has just concluded. While I do think this season was a little underwhelming (they didn’t even do a two-parter premiere) it did managed to end on a high note.

We finally get to see Star Swirl the Bearded after 7 seasons of mentions. Star Swirl shows that just because he’s powerful doesn’t mean he doesn’t have flaws and I kind of like that. The pillars being characters that we saw earlier in the season was so clever because it would have more cheap and easier to make up new characters. Episodes like Campfire Tales, Daring Done?, and A Health of Information which seemed like regular episodes actually connect. It’s fun to look back and realize that a regular episode could actually have some significance later. It’s also cool that pillars are staying, which now gives new possibilities to use them in the future.

I mentioned in my MLP movie review that two-parters only focus on the mane 6, spike, Starlight, and the princesses? This one did bring in a few character like Garble, Daring Do and even the dazzlings that you wouldn’t expect to be in a two-parter.

I also like how this two-parter deconstructs banishing the villain. The Pony of Shadow’s story is much more interesting than his character. Stygian didn’t want to steal power from pillars but rather become powerful to be by there side but being kicked out made him turn into the Pony of Shadows. In the end Twilight and the others talk to Stygian and help him overcome his hate. MLP FIM has pretty good lessons showing that some villains can be good, while also showing that villains like Queen Chrysalis just won’t listen.

I noticing that just like season 6 an now 7, the season finales are the best episodes of their seasons. I still look forward to season 8 when it comes out next year.

Verdict: A

Bojack Horseman Season 4 review

Back in the ’90s, I was in a very famous TV show

This review does contain spoilers. Bojack Horseman is considered one of the best cartoons out right now. It makes you laugh, cry, and question life. I binged watched seasons 2 and 3 though out summer to get ready. I even binged watched season 4. While the first three seasons focused on him trying to fix his career, season 4 focuses more on Bojack’s family. We are introduced to Hollyhawk Bojack’s “daughter” and the rest of the season is about them trying to figure out who her mother is. They also have to take care of Bojack’s abusive mother who is suffering from dementia. These characters are important to Bojack’s arc this season and are very entertaining.

I surprisingly compare the first two episodes to the first two episodes of Legend of Korra Season 4. The first episode focuses on Mr. Peanutbutter’s election. Like Legend of Korra season 4 episode 1 it focuses only on the supporting cast while the main character either shows up only at the end or is absent. Episode 2 of both seasons focuses on the main character and flashbacks showing where they have been. Episode 2 is about Bojack fixing up his Grandparents summer house while flashing back to when his mother was young. There are scenes where the present and past are visually shown at the same time. An example is when Bojack tries to steal the windchime from a restaurant while also showing Beatice’s mother singing. It’s visually impressive and helps the story progress.

Bojack is known for their episode 11 which are known to be the darkest of each season and this one is no exception. Episode 11 focuses on Beatice’s life and why she is mental. Every character’s faces except her family are scribbled out making it more uncomfortable. The scene where her father and servants burn her things and her doll while cutting to Beatice’s maid giving birth to Hollyhawk and Beatice taking her away might be the darkest scene of the whole series so far. This episode is very psychotic and messed up, this and episode 2 are probably my favorite episodes of the season.

If I had one problem with this season though very minor is that each season BoJack ruins a relationship with a character and that character ends up saying the f word to him. What happens here, BoJack plans to put on a show for his mother and confess “Fuck You Mom!”. That’s it? That’s are f word of the season? It just seems kind of a letdown because expecting someone like Mr. Peanutbutter to say it. Still very minor flaw.

The season ends with Bojack finding out that he is not Hollyhawk’s father but actually his brother. He manages to find the address of her mother and gives it to Hollyhawk’s 8 dads (it makes sense in context). It’s a bittersweet ending which is normal for Bojack but surprisingly this is probably the happiest bittersweet ending Bojack had. Season 4 delivered comedy and drama and mixed them together perfectly.

+Balance of Comedy and Drama
+Bojack’s family
+Episodes 2 and 11
+Bittersweet ending
-The F word

Score: A

Steven Universe Wanted review

Steven Universe just had it’s season 5 premiere and boy did it start off with a bang. Here are my opinions of each episode.

Stuck Together: My least favorite mostly because I’ve already saw it online weeks ago. I like that they conclude that Lars was  still on the ship since we didn’t him escape in the last episode. Topaz’s almost redemption was cool though her voice does seem unfitting but I guess that’s the idea.

The Trial: My favorite episode of the special and one of my top 10 favorite episodes of the show now. Amy Sedaris as Zircons (lawyers of Homeworld) is great. Steven getting to meet the gems face to face is great. The whole last scene where Blue Zircon starts explaining the flaws in Rose shattering Pink Diamond and that it probably didn’t happened was great. It got me actually questioning who could have done it.

Off Colors: A Jurassic Park reference for the win. Rutile Twins are a really cool deisgn and work well with each other’s heads. Rhodonite might be my least favorite but shows promise. Padparadscha is my favorite of the off colors, the joke that she can predict what already happened is hilarious. Fluorite has my favorite design, she looks like a mix between a giant caterpiller and a Grandmother.

Lars’ Head: I like that the status quo has changed since Lars has to stay on homeworld until they find a way home. We now know that lion was probably just a regular lion that got injured and Rose healed. Some much for my Pink Diamond pearl being lion theory.

Can’t wait to see where this show goes.

Samurai Jack Season 5 review

Got to get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack

Just to get it out of the way, I was not the biggest fan of Samurai Jack when it was out back in 2001, I was too young back then and I wasn’t bothered by it’s cancellation. Then I heard that it was returning on Adult Swim and I decided to give it a try. I decided to wait to review it until the season ended.

The season takes place 50 years after the last season ended. Considering that it’s been 13 years since the show was cancelled, it makes sense to take place years later. Seven daughters of Aku are sent to kill Jack who has lost his sword and hope.  This season is a lot darker then the first four seasons. Airing the show on Adult Swim makes a lot more sense because it can take bigger risks and show more darker visuals and themes.

The first four seasons were mostly episodic and didn’t have an overarching story. Season 5 however has an overarching story which is really welcoming. Each episode doesn’t feel like filler or episodes that if you skipped nothing would change, each episode progresses to story. I also like that they showed cameos of previous characters from the past, therefore connecting those episodes to the whole story. The story is very well done and I got excited after each episode about what was gonna happen next. The animation is really good. Not only because the show had great animation to begin with but because the animation looks almost identical to the other seasons as if it was animated back in 2001. The animation also helps show great and fast paced action. Even the animation get’s dark in this season. The second episode actually shows Jack slicing the neck of one of the daughters of Aku.

The score I’m giving this season all depended on the finale. I heard people say it has flaws but honestly it didn’t disappoint me. It brought back so many characters from previous episodes like the Scotsman, the jumping monkeys, and Spartans. Ashi realizes that being Aku’s daughter gives her the same abilities as Aku and be able to make a time portal so that Jack can return to the past. Jack returns seconds after Aku send Jack into the future. Aku’s death is very satisfying considering we waited 13 years for it.  Someday somebody should upload the first episode and edit in the part where Jack and Ashi return LOL. Sadly Ashi erases from existence but Jack moves on with a better future. It’s bittersweet and a great way to end.

I can’t think of an episode that I would say is my favorite, there all great. The episodes are some of the best the show has ever done. I honestly have no problems with this season at all. Season 5 was an amazing final season to an amazing Cartoon Network show.

+ Great animation
+ Great action
+ Overarching story
+ The finale

Score: A+

StevenBomb 5: Out Of This World review

For a while I felt that Steven Universe season 4 was more filler then plot progression. That is until this Steven Bomb came out. This was an awesome StevenBomb even if it did leak a month ago. I will now show my opinions for each episode and then talk about the StevenBomb as a whole.

Steven’s Dream: This one is my favorite of the five. I liked seeing Garnet be afraid showing the seriousness of what’s going to happen. I also like how some episodes of season 4 that seemed like filler like Buddy’s Book or Gem Harvest actually served a purpose. For some reasons I always thought of Blue Diamond as quiet and soft sounding and seeing her actually proved my theory right.

Adventures in Light Distortion: A funny but also intense bridge episode (that means episode that connects the previous and next episode together). The ending is like something out of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Gem Heist: Introducing Holy Blue Agate is great and finding out more about Pink Diamond was great too.

The Zoo: I would say this one is my least favorite of the five. Seeing humans that never seen the earth is interesting and disturbing. Not really much to say about it though.

That Will Be All: After a whole year of waiting we finally get to see Yellow Diamond again. I like that they showed the diamonds in a much more sympathetic way then before. Yellow Diamond’s song was great.

In my opinion I think this is my favorite StevenBomb so far. It has everything I wanted in a Stevenbomb. You get to see new gems, new plot elements, and not just one but two diamonds. The only problem I had with these episodes were that they were leaked a month ago. All these episodes were great and I can’t wait to see what direction this show goes.

+Each episode connected
+World building
+The diamonds

Score: A+

A Regular Show Epic Final Battle review



Regular Show has officially ended. Regular Show was one of the most popular Cartoon Network shows not just in the 2010’s but of all time. Me personally I liked this show more then Adventure Time. I really liked Regular Show because of the characters, the comedy, and the episodes but I was not a fan of the whole love triangle thing. Who the hell interrupts a wedding to break up with somebody?! Regular Show was one of those shows where anything could happen and being sent up into the space pretty much completes the shark jumping.

Warning this review has Spoilers so don’t on from this point.

I loved that all these supporting characters such as the baby ducks, death, party pony, and blue ray return and help in the final battle. It’s just like the battle of Hogwarts, the invasion from Avatar, or the fight against Bill Cipher. I love when shows and movie series bring back characters from the past to help in the climax.

When part 3 started it starts with the first episode The Power. I was so shocked and almost mad that Cartoon Network either goofed up and showed the wrong episode or that idea was that the show repeated after Pops and Anti Pops punched. I literally had to check the schedule on my DVR to see what’s going on until I heard Rigby in slow motion say “wait a minute I think we’ve done this before”. Such a clever and hilarious way to start the last part.

The episode ends with Pops sacrificing himself to defeat Anti Pops. It’s really sad that such an innocent character like Pops gets killed off and DOES NOT come back. The dome ends up returning to Earth and everyone goes there separate ways. Mordecai becomes an artist and Rigby marries Eileen. The last scene is Mordecai and Rigby at a park reunion 25 years later talking about Pops and there lives. The ending is both happy and sad and gives a bittersweet feeling to it.

If I had one problem with the ending is that Mordecai ends up meeting this bat girl, marries and has children. It just seemed odd that this random character who had never appeared until the very end becomes Mordecai’s wife. Still it’s probably best then choosing between Margaret or CJ and bringing up the whole love triangle thing which was main problem with the show.

I don’t think it was as spectacular as Gravity Fall’s Take Back the Falls or Avatar’s Sozin’s Comet but it ended on a way that fans of the show can be satisfied with.

+Characters return
+Shocking start to part 3
+Bittersweet ending
-Mordecai’s new girlfriend

Score: A-

Nothing else to say but Jolly Good Show.

Star Vs the Forces of Evil: Bon Bon the Birthday Clown review


Sorry that I have not reviewed this show or any episodes yet. It’s mostly because some of the episode aren’t big enough for a review or I just haven’t had the time but this episode however, there is so much to talk about this one. This review does have spoilers so if you have not seen it don’t read this.

Star obviously is great and it’s great to see how she’s dealing with Marco dating Jackie. I’ve been very impressed that season 2 has used Janna for a lot of episode because she awesome and funny. “Smell his butt you’ll thank my later” (Actual Disney Dialogue). Having Star and Janna together is a lot of fun. I did predict that Ludo would show up but I didn’t expect him to dress up as a clown. The fight between Star and Ludo is great and intense. Though I will ask how did he know that Star would be at the seance? I still bet that Toffee is inside Ludo’s wand.

Now to the most interesting part of the episode. To quote Mr.Poopybutthole from Rick and Morty, “Hoo-wee! What a cliffhanger! Oh boy oh my! That’s a real… crazy ending, huh?” and boy was it. It ends with Star at probably her lowest point even worst then Storm the Castle. Star’s expression saying “I lost Glossaryck!” is so heartbreaking and shows how torn apart she is about losing the book and him. Geesh, first that dark Cars 3 teaser and now this, November 21 is a dark day for Disney.

I think this is my favorite episode of SVTFOE and one of the best episodes of 2016. It’s funny but very emotional. It was like watching an episode of Gravity Falls or Steven Universe.

+Star and her plot
+Ludo fight
+Intense cliffhanger

Score: A+

Can’t wait to see what happens to Star next year.