Ranking the Disney Canon part 4

Merry Christmas everyone, as a gift from me to you here are my top 15 favorite Disney movies.

15. The Sword in the Stone: I really like the laid-back yet whimsical atmosphere this movie has and the lesson on how important education is. Merlin is such a likable character and the whole seeing into the future thing is a clever way to do pop culture references. The magical duel between him and Madame Mim is really fun.

14. Moana: Shout out to Schafrillas Productions. The Polynesian setting is beautiful. Moana and Maui are both very likable and have a great dynamic. I love how this movie treats the ocean like its own character and I like how this subverted the twist villain cliché. The songs are really fun and who could forget Tamoa?

13. Zootopia: Judy and Nick have great chemistry and great story arcs that deal with racism. The film handles themes of racism very well. The different districts in Zootopia are really great and unique and makes you want to explore it. Sure it has a weak twist villain but to be fair this is a mystery movie.

12. Sleeping Beauty: Sure, Aurora and the prince are bland but those flaws are cancelled out by everything else. George Bruns’s score is beautiful to listen to. Maleficent is one of the best Disney villains and the climax with the dragon is epic. The animation is amazing and being in widescreen really gives the film a huge scope.

11. Robin Hood: This has always been and will forever be my Robin Hood. I find thieves that steal from bad people to help poor people very noble and it makes Robin Hood such a great protagonist. Prince John is also an entertaining villain. This is one of the most fun outings in the canon.

10. The Emperor’s New Groove: This might be the most quotable Disney movie ever. It’s rare for Disney to have a jerk hero but Kuzco is a well done one that’s still funny. Yzma and Kronk are an amazing and hilarious villain duo. There are so many moments that are still hilarious like wrong lever, spinach puffs, and the waterfall.

9. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: This might be the most adult and darkest Disney movie ever. Alan Menken’s score is epic thanks the chorus. Quasimodo is a very sympathetic and likable protagonist. Frollo who is the greatest and maybe the evilest Disney villain ever thanks to Tony Jay’s amazing and threatening performance, and Hellfire might be the best villain song ever.

8. Wreck-It Ralph: The Roger Rabbit of video games. I’m glad that Disney focused more on characters and story rather than on product placement that would’ve been cringy. The video game references are still clever and funny. Ralph is a very likable protagonist with a very well-done character arc and his friendship with Vannelope is great.

7. The Great Mouse Detective: This has one of the best hero/villain dynamics of any Disney movie. Basil is a smart and badass protagonist. Ratigan is probably the 2nd best Disney villain next to Frollo thanks to Vincent Price. He comes across as both funny and threatening especially in the climax and his villain song is also great.

6. Atlantis: The Lost Empire: One of the most underrated movies in the canon. Atlantis has such great worldbuilding and I like the subtle parallel between the heart of Atlantis and the atomic bomb. Milo is a very likable and relatable protagonist and the side characters are very enjoyable too. It also has one of my favorite movie climaxes ever.

5. Beauty and the Beast: Objectively I’d say this is Disney’s magnum opus considering it was nominated for Best Picture. Belle and Beast have a great relationship and I like seeing them slowly fall in love instead of immediately like most Disney romances. Gaston is a great villain subversion of the hero archetype. All the songs are memorable and wonderful thanks to Alan Menken and Harold Ashman.

4. Aladdin: I really love the color pallet in this movie and how each color represents good and evil. Aladdin and Jasmine are my favorite Disney couple and A Whole New World is my favorite romantic Disney song. Jafar is a fun mustache twirling villain. The Genie is of course hilarious thanks to the amazing Robin Williams and his song Friend Like Me is awesome.

3. Pinocchio: I used to think this movie took place in Germany LOL. When I think of old school Disney this is what pops into my mind first. I like that Pinocchio here is just a gullible kid rather than a troublemaker. I love how this movie while cute has some of the darkest moments in the form of Pleasure Island. The animation also holds up today.

2. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Pooh is one of the most likable characters ever in fiction. There’s such a whimsical laid-back charm to this movie. I love how unlike most movies which have a three-act structure this one has three stories that let you immerse yourself in this little setting with these likable characters. It makes the Hundred Acre Woods one of the most immersive worlds created in the Disney canon.

1.Tarzan: This was the first movie I saw in theaters. The movie is surprisingly hardcore with a lot of onscreen deaths. The scope of this movie feels huge thanks to both the animation and music and I love Phil Collin’s songs, especially the opening song Two Worlds. Your first movie in theaters always leaves such a huge impact on you like what Tarzan did for me and that’s why it will always be my favorite Disney movie.

What are your favorite Disney movies? Thanks for reading and happy holidays to everyone.

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