Happy 25 years of Pokémon!

Pokémon is a lot of things. It is one of the biggest franchises of all time with video games, movies, cards, and toys. It’s arguably a lot of kid’s (including me) introduction to anime. It’s also one of my brother’s favorite video games series. The world of Pokémon is so huge and full of over 800 amazing Pokémon. Thank you Pokemon for 25 years of memories. Now let’s celebrate this day with a bag of jelly filled donuts.

BTW: my favorite Pokémon is Eevee. Not only is he cute but he can evolve into one of seven evolutions. Who’s your favorite Pokémon? Leave a comment below and like.

Kid Cosmic review

Craig McCracken is one of the most well-known creators in the animation industry. He’s created cartoons such as The Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Wander Over Yonder, and his recent show on Netflix Kid Cosmic. Kid Cosmic is about a kid named Kid (that’s his actual name fyi) who dreams of becoming a superhero. He gets his chance when he comes 5 Cosmic Stones of Power and forms a superhero team. The idea of someone getting powers from a item from space isn’t anything new. Kid Cosmic is Craig McCracken’s first serialized series meaning each episode progresses the story and the characters. I also had no idea what direction this season was going especially in the 2nd half. There’s an interesting plot twist near the end where these five aliens invade trying to get the stones but each one only wants one that turns out to be the last of there destroyed planet.

A lot of the strengths of this show are its characters, setting, and animation. The characters are really charming and likable particularly the main character Kid. He’s kind of like an American version of Midoriya from My Hero Academia, someone who wants to help instead of wanting glory. Unlike most superhero stories which take place in a huge city, Kid Cosmic has a more unique setting in the form of a small desert town in New Mexico. The animation is really good. It reminds me a lot of Tintin. Something I’ve noticed from Craig’s shows is while most creators such as Butch Hartman or Seth Macfarlane who have two shows have characters that look like they could be in the same universe, Craig’s shows each have a different style to them yet have the same feel to them.

In my opinion Kid Cosmic is my favorite of Craig McCracken’s work. Maybe it’s because now that I’m older I’m more interested in serialized shows such as Gravity Falls or Steven Universe. I’m really glad that Kid Cosmic is getting more seasons. I don’t normally watch superhero shows except My Hero Academia and Harley Quinn but Kid Cosmic managed to win me over.    

2020 recap final part


The Goonies: Got to see this in Vegas. A fun treasure hunt movie that relishes in it’s 80s charm. A

Tenet: Confusing but full of great action and twists. A-

Mulan 2020: They made Mulan too perfect instead of working hard to get strong. C-

Wolfwalkers: Great 2d aniamton and duo. A

Soul: A combination of Inside Out and Coco that still feels fresh. A

Wonder Woman 1984: Fun, corny and more colorful than the first. Though I do wish there were more 80’s music. B


Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: A well done conclusion to a show that I think handled discrimination better than Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Animaniacs reboot: Absolutely hilarious.

Primal season 1: Still great animaton and emotion, especially Coven of the Damned.

Hilda season 2: Just as wonderful as season 1.

Here’s hoping 2021 is a better year.

My Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2020

I will not deny that this year sucked. We did get great video games such as Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time and cartoons like The Owl House. Unfortunately, a lot movies got delayed until next year. But that’s not going to stop me from doing my favorite movies of the year list even though it will be reduced to 5 instead of 10.

Honorable Mention-Hamilton: This is just footage of the play so it doesn’t count. Still a good play though.

5. Tenet:

The only live action movie on this list and the last movie I’ve seen in theaters thus far. While I think the time traveling stuff is confusing and complicated it does give us some really great action scenes (some in backwards) and clever plot twists. The two leads are also really great together.

4. My Hero Academia Heroes Rising:

I said before that My Hero Academia is my favorite anime and Heroes Rising felt like a love letter to anyone (like me) who loves the anime. Everything I love from the anime is still here such as the characters (particularly class 1-A), the outstanding animation and the action scenes.

3. Onward:

A modern fantasy world isn’t the most original thing as of now but what makes this movie really charming are the brothers, both brothers played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. Both of them are really charming and are the heart of this movie. The comedy while cliché at times does have good moments too.

2. Wolfwalkers:

Sure this movie does have the typical man vs nature story and a generic villain but Cartoon Saloon still hit it out of the park with this one. I really like the friendship between Robyn and Mebh. The character designs and backgrounds are incredibly thanks to the wonderful 2d animation.

1. Soul:

One of the most realistic and adult movies Pixar has made so far. This had a lot of existential themes that dive into questioning passion and purpose. Joe and 22 works as great foils because one doesn’t want to die and the other doesn’t want to live. Has anyone noticed that four out of five of these movies have duos?

Here’s hoping for a better year in 2021.

5 Years!

I can’t believe it’s been half a decade since I started this blog. To think I started this blog as an assignment for one of my college classes and now it’s become more than that. Reviewing movies and other stuff is one of my biggest passions and I want to thank everyone who supported me through these 5 years. Here’s to more years to come on JacobsonCinema!

Soul review

Happy New Year everybody! Soul is the 23rd Pixar movie and it’s also the first Pixar movie to release on Disney+ instead of a theatrical release. I can’t really blame Pixar for making this choice considering what’s been going on. Soul is kind of a mix between Inside Out (same director) and Coco. Soul is about a music teacher named Joe Gardner who finally gets a big gig but dies shortly after. He ends up in the great before where he meets a soul named 22 who doesn’t see the point of Earth. Both work together to help Joe get back to Earth and to his gig.

Joe Gardner and 22 played by Jamie Fox and Tina Fey work off each other very well and work as great foils. Pixar really knows how to make a great duo. I love how 22 finds so much enjoyment in little things like pizza or falling leaves and in the end makes Joe realize just how special little moments like those are special. Speaking of which, Soul may be one of the more adult Pixar movies because of its existential themes. This movie makes you question the difference between passion and purpose. The whole concept of lost souls is a great representation of obsession. I will admit the whole idea of your personality being set before birth was kind of odd. I just always felt that people’s interests are from their own choices instead of being chosen from a system.  

I’ve said before that Pixar always has great animation two things stood out to me in this movie One is that Soul is probably the most realistic looking Pixar movie especially the scenes that take place in New York City. Two is the animation on the Jerrys. I really like there designs and the way they move. I was surprised that this movie had some really good comedy. One of my favorite jokes was when 22 mentions mentors giving up on her and we cutaway to a montage of those mentors getting pissed at 22. The way these jokes are executed reminds me a lot of the cutaway gags from Family Guy. I would be surprised if they took inspiration from that show.

Soul is one of the best movies of 2020 and a great Christmas present from Pixar. I am grateful that I was able to see it this year even if it wasn’t on the big screen. It’s a Pixar movie full of both passion, purpose, and of course a lot of soul put into it. However I do have to ask, where the heck was John Ratzenberger?!


+Existential themes

+Joe and 22

+The animation

+The comedy

-Preset personalities

Score: A

Hilda Season 2 review

Christmas has come early this year. Hilda in case you don’t know is my favorite Netflix show and after two years season 2 has finally come. Every positive thing I said about the first season is still relevant here such as the animation, music, and characters. So, I’ll won’t waste time rehashing season 1’s review and instead talk about what stood out to me this season. Spoiler Warning! This season is darker than season 1 with more tense and emotional moments. I also liked how a lot of throwbacks from season 1 return this season such as the tide mice and ghosts and serve a purpose.

This season builds on the characters established in season 1 and gives them a lot more development such as Frida becoming a witch and David becoming brave and getting beheaded twice (it makes sense in context). Season 2 also introduced Erik Ahlberg who works well as a good antagonist for Hilda. Biggest development goes to the relationship between Hilda and her Mum which becomes a lot more confrontational this season (like in book 5). Johanna becomes more concerned about Hilda’s actions to the point where she grounds her for lying. Their relationship while tense still feels very genuine. Also, Andy Serkis was an amazing guest star.

Most of season 2’s episodes were great but my favorite episode this season and the entire series has to be Episode 9: The Deerfox where Twig runs away and Hilda goes looking for him. We see in flashbacks how Hilda and Twig met and we find out where Twig and the other deerfoxes came from. This episode had pretty much everything I love about the show. It was beautiful, emotional and even the ending made me cry. The only other show this year that made me cry was Primal’s Coven Of The Damned. I’d even say it’s the best cartoon episode of 2020.

Hilda really is such a unique show that isn’t like anything you’d see on Nickelodeon, Disney, or Cartoon Network. Season 2 ends on a cliffhanger but it has been confirmed that Hilda will return as a movie (probably based on book 6). Hilda season 2 was worth the wait especially this year and I’ll be looking forward to seeing out favorite blue haired adventurer again.   

Wolfwalkers review

There are two reasons to get Apple TV this month. One is the Peanuts specials and the other is Wolfwalkers which is the fourth animated movie from Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon. Wolfwalkers is about this girl named Robyn who wants to hunt wolves like her father but after getting bitten by a wolfwalker named Mebh she becomes a wolf while sleeping and both girls grow a friendship. Cartoon Saloon’s movies have great 2d animation and this was no exception, the animation here is wonderful. Everything from the character designs, backgrounds, and angles look amazing. It kind of reminds me from Genndy Tartakovsky’s work. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a lot of inspiration from him.

It does have that typical man vs nature story where nature is good and man is bad. I’m not saying its bad it’s just predictable and the story here doesn’t have any changes to this type of story. Can’t we have a story where nature was the bad guy? What also doesn’t help is that the villain is really weak. He’s sort of like Judge Frollo but without the depth to him. You could argue that he’s just suppose to be the embodiment of hatred and the system but he doesn’t do much for me.

The main characters however are what makes this movie enjoyable. I really like Robyn and Mebh. The relationship between both of them was great. I also think the stuff about the wolves is really creative and interesting. I like how the girls turn into werewolves only when there sleeping which gives off a creative and unique take on werewolves. I even like how unlike most stories where a characters turns into animals Robyn still has this ability when the movie ends. I also like how the pack of wolves move like a swarm, it’s a really unique idea.

Wolfwalkers takes the idea of werewolves and turns it into something unique and beautiful. The animaton and friendship between the two girls makes this one of the best animated movies of 2020 and worth getting Apple TV.


+ Beautiful animation

+ Robyn and Mebh 

+ The Wolves

-Typical man vs nature story

-Weak villain

Score: A

My Top 10 Favorite Dreamworks Movies

One of my favorite YouTubers is Schaffrillas Productions. He makes wonderfully edited and funny YouTube poops and analysis videos. He just did a huge ranking of all the Dreamworks movies which inspired me to make this list. Instead of a full ranking this is a top 10 list because it would’ve taken too long to rank all of them. These are also my personal picks.

Honorable Mention: Flushed Away

10. How to Train Your Dragon 2: Despite the weak villain there was still great stuff. I think Stoick’s death was really effective because we had a previous movie to flesh him out. I also like how badass Hiccup has become compared to the first one.

9. How to Train Your Dragon: The relationship between Hiccup and Toothless is really great and genuine. I think having Toothless act like a cat is a creative and fresh new take on dragons (especially for a cat person like me). The flying scenes are also beautiful.

8. Shrek: There are lot of adult jokes and ones that poke fun at Disney here. Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy work off each other wonderfully as Shrek and Donkey. The Fiona twist is clever and the conclusion is a well-done subversion of Disney.

7. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie: I’ve already talked about how much I love this movie in a review so I’ll say my quick thoughts. It’s really funny and clever and a love letter to the original series.   

6. The Prince of Egypt: The scale of the movie is huge, epic and grand. It’s also the most adult of the movies. The songs are epic and catchy especially the plagues song and the relationship between Moses and Ramese is tragic, complex, and genuine.

4/5. Chicken Run: Couldn’t decide which Aardman movie was better so both are tied. The first Dreamworks movie I ever saw. The idea of combining a prison escape story with a chicken farm is both unique, clever, funny and dark. The characters are likeable, the stop motion animation is astonishing.

4/5. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit: After three shorts the duo finally got their own movie. Even though this has a longer running time It still has the same heart, humor, and innocence the shorts had. The twist with the Were Rabbit is clever and also really funny especially when you find out who it is.  

3. Kung Fu Panda: The Kung Fu Panda trilogy is my favorite Dreamworks series. There first movie was awesome. Jack Black is wonderful as Po and I like how he becomes stronger throughout the movie instead of being strong to begin with (unlike Mulan 2020!). Both the action and music mix well together and the emotional moments are well done.

2. Shrek 2: These next two are top tier movies to me. Shrek 2 is just a perfect sequel. The relationship between Shrek and Fiona is at its best here and I really wanted them to stay together. The new characters are great, the Fairy Godmother is a great villain. Even the soundtrack is great, especially I need a Hero sung by the Fairy Godmother.

1. Kung Fu Panda 2: What makes a great sequel to me are a darker and edgier tone and a villain that has a personal tie to the main character. KFP2 fits all those critiques. The action is bigger and emotional scenes are more emotional. Lord Shen is one of my favorite villains of all time from his deisgn, voice, and like I said his connection to Po. It’s one of my favorite sequels of all time and my favorite Dreamworks movie.

What are your favorite Dreamworks movies?

My Top 5 Favorite Treehouse of Horror Episodes

Foolish Earthlings!

This year marks the 30th anniversary the Simpson’s greatest tradition, the Treehouse of Horror episode. Treehouse of Horror is the perfect way of the writers to go all out with their ideas and are wonderful to watch near Halloween time. I thought of doing a favorite segments list but a favorite episodes list was easier to do. To celebrate here are my top 5 favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes.

Honorable Mentions: Treehouse of Horror I, Treehouse of Horror VIII, Treehouse of Horror XIV

Treehouse of Horror II: The idea of each segment being one of the family member’s dream is a creative choice.

Favorite segment: The Bart Zone

Treehouse of Horror IV: Each segment is really memorable though I wished we got the story of the dogs playing poker.

Favorite segment: The Devil and Homer Simpson

Treehouse of Horror III: TOH episodes usually have a Twilight Zone parody or a movie parody, this one has both and there awesome.

Favorite segment: Clown Without Pity

Treehouse of Horror VI: This trio of segments are probably the biggest in terms of scale.

Favorite segment: Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace

Treehouse of Horror V: No surprised if you’ve seen my Halloween specials list. This episode’s segments are probably the most gruesome and darkest but still managed to be both scary and funny. Also the running gag of Groundskeeper Willie getting killed is hilarious.

Favorite segment: The Shinning

What are your favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes?