My Top 5 Favorite Treehouse of Horror Episodes

Foolish Earthlings!

This year marks the 30th anniversary the Simpson’s greatest tradition, the Treehouse of Horror episode. Treehouse of Horror is the perfect way of the writers to go all out with their ideas and are wonderful to watch near Halloween time. I thought of doing a favorite segments list but a favorite episodes list was easier to do. To celebrate here are my top 5 favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes.

Honorable Mentions: Treehouse of Horror I, Treehouse of Horror VIII, Treehouse of Horror XIV

Treehouse of Horror II: The idea of each segment being one of the family member’s dream is a creative choice.

Favorite segment: The Bart Zone

Treehouse of Horror IV: Each segment is really memorable though I wished we got the story of the dogs playing poker.

Favorite segment: The Devil and Homer Simpson

Treehouse of Horror III: TOH episodes usually have a Twilight Zone parody or a movie parody, this one has both and there awesome.

Favorite segment: Clown Without Pity

Treehouse of Horror VI: This trio of segments are probably the biggest in terms of scale.

Favorite segment: Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace

Treehouse of Horror V: No surprised if you’ve seen my Halloween specials list. This episode’s segments are probably the most gruesome and darkest but still managed to be both scary and funny. Also the running gag of Groundskeeper Willie getting killed is hilarious.

Favorite segment: The Shinning

What are your favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes?

Tenet review

I was vacationing in Salt Lake City a while ago and I took this opportunity to see Tenet since it was highly anticipated. I’m not really the biggest fan of Christopher Nolan but I do respect him and his movies. Tenet feels like a modern James Bond movie with time travel added into it.

Christopher Nolan’s movies are usually shot wonderfully and Tenet was no exception. A lot of the shots feel huge and grand like Nolan’s other movies and they make the action scenes more epic and tense. Nolan’s movies are also known where there great acting. I enjoyed John David Washington in BlacKkKlansman and I enjoyed him again here as the Protagonist (that is literally his name in the whole movie). Robert Pattinson was also great as the Protagonist’s partner Neil. Both work off each other wonderfully and I really enjoyed the dynamic between these two.

I will admit that the time travel stuff to me that is was really complicated, confusing, and hard to keep track of. It’s not as simple as Back to the Future and it would take me forever just to explain how it all works. The time travel stuff however does tie together with some really great plot twists and action scenes. Spoilers: There’s a great action scene in the beginning where the Protagonist fights a masked guard and later we find out that it was the Protagonist in disguise. Another great use of the time travel was in the climax has one team goes forward and the other goes backwards and it cuts back and forth between each team and it’s very creative.

I think I was more positive with this movie mostly because I haven’t been to a movie theater in months but even if that wasn’t the case Tenet is still a thrilling and exciting addition to the Christopher Nolan collection. I really hope movies theaters reopen soon.


+ Action scenes

+ Clever plot twists

+ Two main leads

+ Wonderfully shot

– Confusing and complicated time travel stuff

Score: A-

Happy 10th Anniversary My Little Pony!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite cartoons My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This show had a giant cast of well-developed characters each with their own unique personalities and the mane 6 was one of the best friend groups in fiction. Equestira had some of the best world building for a fictional world I’ve seen in any cartoon on par with Avatar. The animation was very colorful and some of the best flash animation I’ve seen. I’m really glad I became a fan (or brony) of this show, thank you to everyone who worked on the show for showing many people like me that Friendship is magic.

The Owl House season 1 review

The Owl House is another Disney cartoon where a girl goes into another dimension. The Owl House is about a girl named Luz who doesn’t fit in with reality but on her way to camp comes across a mysterious door that leads her to another dimension. She ends up becoming an apprentice to the witch Eda. This may seem similar to Amphibia but it is different enough to be its own thing. If I could describe this show it would be that this is gothic version of Little Witch Academia and Star vs the Forces of Evil mixed together with the writing and humor of Gravity Falls added to it.

The characters are really likable. Luz is funny, cute, and very relatable. You do feel for her since she doesn’t fit in with the real world but now she’s found a place where she can be herself. Eda is a great mentor character that isn’t ashamed about who she is and Wendie Malick gives so much life and charm to her. It also great to hear Alex Hirsh as King even if it does sound a lot like Bill Cipher. But my favorite character has to be Amity Blight played wonderfully by Mae Whitman (who ironically played my favorite Avatar character Katara). Even when she started out as a bully she was my favorite. I really like how much character development she’s given throughout the season. Every episode she’s in are my favorite episodes. I do wish she did more (or have a line) in the finale. FYI yes I do ship her and Luz.

This show has really interesting world building particularly with the covens. Each coven feels unique but the downside is that you’re only allowed to use that specific coven’s magic. This cleverly ties into the central theme of individuality. The show manages to blend overarching and standalone episodes very well. The writing, humor and atmosphere do seem similar to Gravity Falls which is not surprising since the creator Dana Terrace worked on that show.

The Owl House Season 1 managed to win me over and become one of the top tier Disney animated cartoons. I can’t decide whether I like Amphibia or this more, there both neck and neck. So far this is my favorite new cartoon of 2020 and I’m excited for season 2.


Infinity Train Book 3 review

Hang on to them hats and glasses, ’cause this here’s the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!

Spoiler warning: Unlike Books 1 and 2 which focused on Tulip and her mirror version, Infinity Train Book 3 focuses on Grace, leader of the Apex who are basically a darker take on Peter Pan and the lost boys. I think it’s clever that each book introduces the main character of the proceeding book. This season is a lot darker and edgier than the previous seasons showing the dangers of cults and more graphic deaths. This book is also more unpredictable and I had no idea which direction it was going.

The cars in this season were weak compared to the previous seasons. Other than the color car the other cars like the forest car, jungle car, and snowy car feel very basic and not very memorable. Despite that however this season feels more focused on the characters this time. Grace’s redemption arc is well done and I like how she becomes a better person throughout the book while her friend Simon becomes far worse. Simon is one of those villains that makes you question whether you should feel sorry or hate him which I think makes for a compelling villain. His (surprisingly brutal) death is probably why this aired on HBO Max instead of Cartoon Network. Hazel is really cute and Isabella Abiera’s performance gives a lot of feels especially after Tuba’s death. It was also great to see Amelia again and I like how she’s the one to call out Grace and Simon’s beliefs.

Here’s how I would rank the seasons so far: Book 1>Book 3>Book 2. Book 2 had more memorable cars and environments while Book 3 was a stronger character study but Book 1 I think has the whole package. Still Book 3 is a great continuation of this ambitious and thrilling “therapy” train ride.

2020 recap part 3

Man do I missed movie theaters. L

Artemis Fowl: So boring and generic. At least it was free. D

Hamilton: Technically this is just footage of the play. The songs and performances are still good though. A

Magic Camp: Basic Disney kids movie. I did like hearing Mystery Skull’s Magic though. C

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe: Not a fan of Phineas and Ferb but it does feel like a love letter to people who love the show. I still suffers from jokes dragging.

The One and Only Ivan: A touching though predictable movie with talking animals. B

F is For Family season 4: The addition of the Grandfather was a nice change of pace even though it ends on a bittersweet way.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts season 2: A big improvement from season 1. I really liked the backstory involving Scarlemagne and the twist involving Kipo’s mother.

Close Enough: It does look similar to Regular Show but it still is a lot of fun.

Amphibia season 2: I’m really liking the overarching story in this season. Will do a full review once the season is done.

The Owl House season 1: What seems to be another “girl in another dimension” show still has enough charm to be its own thing.

Infinity Train book 3: A darker and edgier season compared to the last two.

Glitch Techs season 2: Fun video game references especially one based on Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Hoops: A generic adult cartoon which generic animation and characters.

Welcome to Sky High!

Today I watched this underdated masterpiece from Disney on TV and later found out on Twitter this movie just turned 15 years old today.

But seriously Sky High is a very underated Disney movie and everyone who’s either a fan of superheroes or school themed movies will enjoy this.

My Top 5 Favorite Broadway Musicals

I’ve just seen Hamilton on Disney + I decided to show my top 5 favorite Broadway musicals since I really enjoy going to see musicals. I’ve seen the shows at least twice so I have a better opinion on them than the ones I’ve seen only once.

Honorable Mentions:
Hamilton: Sorry, I do think it’s a little overhyped (not much on set design) but will say that the songs are amazing. My favorite song is You’ll be Back.

5. Les Miserables: I remember first seeing this on Broadway in the front row. Everything from this musical such as the sets, the songs, the choreography, and the story are huge and epic in scale and the character’s performances are emotional and epic.

4. School of Rock: I saw this before watching the movie it’s based on and honestly I think I like the musical more. I was impressed by how the kids actually played there instruments. I even got to keep a guitar pick used in the show.

3. The Book of Mormon: I’m not a fan of South Park but I really enjoy this show. The characters are really enjoyable and funny. This also has one of the most offensive songs in any Broadway musical (if you’ve seen it you know the one) though it is enjoyable.

2. Chicago: I can’t believe my Mom let me listen to these songs as a kid. The characters are clearly not good people but their performances are great and the songs are fun especially Cell Block Tango. Fun trivia about Billy: My first time seeing this was on a cruise where Billy was played by my Dad’s friend and the 2nd time was with John O Hurley.

1. Wicked: Anyone who saw the top picture is probably not surprised that this is number one. This is the musical I’ve seen the most times (4 times). I love everything about it from the characters, the set designs, and especially the songs. I listen to the songs all the time. It really does paint a new picture on the original story that everyone has a little bit of wickedness in them not just Elphaba.

It will be really great to see musicals again once things calm down. What are your favorite Broadway musicals?

Ranking the Students of Class 1-A

I’ve said this before but My Hero Academia is my favorite anime. I’ve been thinking of doing this list and now that season 4 is done this is a perfect time to do it. I not ranking these in terms of how powerful they are but how likeable and well written they are, how cool there quirk is, and just personal opinion.

20. Minoru Mineta: This is the only student I don’t like. His goo ball quirk is weird and he acts like a perverted creep.

19. Koji Koda: He’s honestly not very memorable and his quirk isn’t that special but his kind heartedness does put him over gooball perve.

18. Rikido Sato: A hero that gets strong by eating sugar. Yeah “that’s a great role model for your kids”.

17. Mashirao Ojiro: Besides him having a tail there’s not much to him yet.

16. Mezo Shoji: Such an odd and creepy design and quirk yet such a good heart under him.

15. Toru Hagakure: Much like Ojiro her invisibility quirk makes up her character.

14. Yuga Aoyama: He acts all fabulous and hammy and it does get a few laughs.

13. Katsuki Bakugo: I guess he works as a good foil to Midoriya but I’m sorry he’s such a douche.

12. Hanta Sero: His quirk reminds me a lot of Spiderman’s web shooters.

11. Denki Kaminari: His electricity quirk is run of the mill but still cool.

10. Momo Yaoyorozu: Her dedication to education is only matched by Tenya. I also like how mature she is compared to everyone else.

9. Kyoka Jiro: I really like her passion for music and how her parents supported her.

8. Mina Ashido: I like how her cute personality and design balances with her deadly acid quirk.

7. Tsuyu Asui: If this anime released years ago she would’ve been my brother’s favorite character because of his love of frogs. Her design and personality fit perfectly together.

6. Shoto Todoroki: The Zuko of the anime (father of the year) and another good foil to Midoriya. I’ve always loved the idea of a character having both fire and ice superpowers.

5. Tenya Iida: There’s so much devotion he has to his class and education. His quirk is a really fun and refreshing interpretation of the super-speed superpower.

4. Izuku Midoriya: Midoriya is the perfect protagonist for this type of story. His goal of become a hero even without a quirk is compelling. He shows that it isn’t the power that makes the hero it’s the heart (corny I know).

3. Fumikage Tokoyami: He has the head of a bird how can you not think that awesome? Also his shadow quirk is awesome too.

2. Eijiro Kirishima: I really liked what I’ve saw from him in season 4. He’s just so likable to friends with.

1. Ochaco Uraraka: Her goal of becoming a hero to earn money sounds questionable but is actually more selfless because she wants to help her family. She has such a kind and bubbly personality but also badass and determined. It’s kindness and selflessness like that makes her my favorite character. FYI yes I do ship her and Midoriya.

Who is your favorite student from Class 1-A? Leave a comment below.