My Top 10 Favorite Computer Games I played as a Kid

I’ve never made a top 10 video games list before because I don’t play video games but I played a lot of children’s computer games. I think I loved these games because something about their worlds and atmosphere feel so immersive, kind, and welcoming. It makes me angry that I can’t play these on new computers. At least I have my memories.

Honorable Mention: Cluefinders 3rd Grade Adventures: While I own some other Cluefinders game (even a cut version with only Monkey Kingdom) I’ve only played 3rd Grade Adventures (which is probably my favorite of the games) at school.

10. Arthur’s Wilderness Rescue: Only at number 10 because all three ideas are mostly similar and the same music plays throughout the whole game. I did like exploring the camp though.

9. Blue’s Treasure Hunt: I loved Blue’s Clues as a kid and the treasure hunt game was my favorite. Heck the Blue’s Clues games led to me playing Humoungous Entertainment games.

8. The Game of Life: While the CGI is outdated it’s still fun. I recently found the PlayStation version at a used game store and I still love playing it.

7. Tie between Fisher Price Great Adventures Pirate Ship and Wild Western Town: Both short and simple games about finding map pieces or gold bars but incredibly innocent and fun to play. I use to own the Wild Western Town toy set.

6. Tie between Disney’s Animated Storybooks: Toy Story and 101 Dalmatians: These two were the animated storybooks I owned. Toy Story surprisingly had good CGI and I like how 101 Dalmatians combined the 1961 and 1996 version. It’s also so much fun to click on stuff.

5. Dr. Seuss Kindergarten: While short, it’s very colorful and innocent just like the books. I’ve met Charles Martinet who voiced the Cat in the Hat, I bet you didn’t know that.

4. Disney’s Ready to Read with Pooh: You know I love Winnie the Pooh and this game has nicely drawn backgrounds that help immerse you into the Hundred Acre Woods and games that help you with reading.

3. Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Best Math Program Ever: Busytown is just so innocent and fun. Finding all the parts for the math machine is worth it because the math machine is fun and helps kids with  learning math.

2. A Bug’s Life Active Play: When I play this game I feel like I’m immersed into the world of a Bug’s Life. I like how the puzzles aren’t spelled out instead you have to figure them out.

1. Humoungous Entertiantment: Here’s my short sum up, different paths, clever puzzles, and great backgrounds. Click here if you want to hear my thoughts on these games.


Summer recap 2018

Action Point: Not a lot on story but still fun. C+

Hotel Artemis: I like how it all takes place in one night at a location full of morally gray characters. B

Incredibles 2: Incredible, enough said. A+

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: The manor is cool but it still can’t beat to original. C+

Ant-Man and the Wasp: While it has small stakes (pun intended) it’s still entertaining. B+

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation: Not the same spirit as the first two and also the design of Van Helsing is so creepy and freaky. C

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: Seemed more like a movie for TV than theatrical. C-

Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Though the villain was obvious it has great action and surprisingly great music. B

Christopher Robin: Doesn’t have the same heart from the original. C

BlacKkKlansman: Great acting and a shocking yet true ending. B+

The Happytime Murders: Not strong but give credit to Jim Henson for doing this. B-

Harvy Street Kids: A very innocent and fun Netflix cartoon that reminds me a lot of Ed Edd n Eddy. I can’t wait for season 2.

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: Fun, and faithful to the books.

Steven Universe Reunited: Best episode of the series!



The Happytime Murders review

I loved Sesame Street as a kid (before that stupid fairy was introduced) and I’ve seen the Muppet movies (Muppet Treasure Island is the best!). So hearing that Jim Henson’s company was doing an R-rated movie with puppets was interesting. I give props to the Jim Henson Company for doing this because if it was just some other random studio parodying the Muppets it would just feel standard. Unlike Meet the Feebles which took place in an anthropomorphic and where all the characters were puppets, the puppets in the Happytime Murders are literal puppets.

The caste particularly three of them help make the movie enjoyable. Phil Philips played by Jim Henson puppeterr Bill Barretta does a good job being grumpy but also funny. His ex-partner Detective Connie Edwards played by Melissa McCarthy is good too though it’s Melissa McCarthy she’s usually enjoyable. They both work off each other very well and are fun to watch. Phil’s secretary Bubbles played by Maya Rudolph is also really enjoyable. The humor is hit and miss for me. Most of the jokes (in the trailers too) are swearing, and vulgar (silly spray cum, really?). However some good comedy comes from the fact that there are puppets, for example Phil’s twin brother gets torn apart by dogs. It’s not gory like Meet the Feebles it’s all fluff. I’d totally see a puppet die like that.

Spoiler warning since this is a mystery movie. The trouble with mystery movies is that it’s obvious who the villain is. At the beginning of the movie Phil is asked by a female puppet named Sandra to investigate who’s murdering the Happytime gang members. It turns out that she was murdering them so get revenge on Phil for accidently shooting her dad. I feel like her reasons for killing the cast members to get to Phil feel very convoluted and it makes for a weak story.

The flashback scene is probably my favorite scene because of how it ties a lot of plot elements together. Earlier Edwards mentions having a puppet liver, this is assumed to set up a gag but then you find out that she got it from getting shot and taken to a puppet hospital. The flashback also shows why Phil got fired, why puppets aren’t allowed on the force, and the villain’s motivations.

The puppeteering while it doesn’t stand out is still pretty good considering it’s from the Jim Henson Company. THM is a decent Muppet parody at best. It’s definitely better than MTF in every way (I’ve neverheard of MTF til the day I saw THM).

+ The Cast
+ The flashback
+/- The humor
– Weak mystery and story

Score: B-

BlacKkKlansman review

Just before I start talking about BlacKkKlansman I wanted to talk about something I noticed while watching the trailers before the movie. The first trailer shown was a trailer for The Hate U Give which was about racism. The last trailer shown was for a documentary called Fahrenheit 11/9. It seemed too coincidental that these trailers showed with BlacKkKlansman but by the time the movie ended I understood but I’ll get to that soon.

The acting in the movie is really enjoyable especially from John David Washington as Detective Ron Stallworth and Adam Driver as Detective Flip Zimmerman. Even the members of the Ku Klux Klan while bad people give some terrific performances. The comedy is also great mostly because of the performances from the cast. An example is at the end when Ron calls David Duke played by Topher Grace on the phone and finally confesses who he is. David’s reaction is priceless. I also think the music is used very well. Most of the movie is silent but when music shows up is sounds amazing. The movie at times can seem a bit too long and the pacing is a bit slow too but the acting helps make it enjoyable.

The thing that really stood out to me was the ending Spoiler warning. Ron manages to stop the KKK’s bomb plan, however the police force him to destroy the evidence. It gets worse when later Ron and Patrice see a cross burning outside of his apartment showing that he may have won the battle but not the war. It then cuts to footage of the Charlottesville rally, Donald Trump’s statements of the incident, and finally ends with a dedication to car victim Heather Heyer and an upside down American flag. This was shocking, and unexpected but I thought it was a good way to show that white supremacy is still alive today.

Later I realized that this movie released a year after the Charlottesville rally. From looking at the previews shown, the ending, and the released date it feels like all this was planned. I think’s that’s really clever. I have never watched Spike Lee’s movies before but I still stand by that BlacKkKlansman is one of his best.

+ Bittersweet ending
+ Comedy
+ Great acting
+ Music
– Long runtime

Score: B+

My Top 12 favorite Garfield specials

I know Garfield’s 40th birthday was two months ago and I’m sorry I’m late. I’ve watched the specials on DVD so many times and I thought that I should rank the specials from worst to best.

12. Garfield: His 9 Lives: Family Guy summed it up perfectly.

11. Garfield Gets a Life: More of a Jon Arbuckle special. 

10. Here Comes Garfield: An experiment to see if he’d work on TV and it succeeded. 

9. Garfield on the Town: A heart warming special about family. 

8. Garfield in the Rough: Garfield goes camping, that’s about it, oh and also beats a panther. 

7. Garfield’s Halloween Adventure: Sorry it didn’t make my Halloween specials list.

6. A Garfield Christmas: Again sorry your not on my favorite Christmas specials list. 

5. Garfield’s Thanksgiving: We need more Thanksgiving specials.

4. Garfield Goes Hollywood: A tango dancing cat and dog is impressive. 

3. Garfield’s Feline Fantasies: The Indiana Jones segment is the highlight. 

2. Garfield’s Babes and Bullets: A good mystery without an obvious culprit.

1. Garfield in Paradise: Ironically Jim Davis’s favorite special. 


Steven Universe Reunited review

I don’t think I’ve ever avoided looking up Steven Universe on YouTube or Reddit for this long. It was difficult but it was worth it. You’re probably wondering why I’m only reviewing Reunited instead of the other four episodes. It’s mostly because while good there’s not much to say about them except that I think it’s clever that each episode deals with a different character coping with the Pink Diamond twist.

Reunited starts with a really cute song and it reminds me a lot of Disney. This is also the first time two characters of the same gender kiss onscreen and it’s a great fleet for Cartoon Network. But that was just icing on the cake compared to when the diamonds show up and boy does it get awesome. The fight between the crystal gems and the diamonds is incredible. You get the crystal gems fight against Blue Diamond while the cluster (now a good guy which is awesome) fighting Yellow Diamond. Every crystal gem including Bismuth, Peridot, Lapis (who returns) and even Connie get a fair amount of screen time and stuff to do.  Seeing Peridot and Lapis poof was shocking though now I’m excited to see what their new designs will be. Maybe they’ll finally get there stars. I do think Steven’s mind power did come out of nowhere but it was a clever way to defeat the diamond. The episode ends on a cliffhanger that makes me want more and that’s a good thing.

Reunited might just be my new favorite episode of the series. It feels like a big finale even though it’s not the end of the show. I honestly don’t mind being on another hiatus because this episode was just so great.  All I can do now is apologize to On the Run. I still love that episode but Reunited is now the best episode of Steven Universe.

Ant-Man and the Wasp review

Ever since Avengers Infinity War people were asking where Ant Man (but mostly Hawkeye) were. Well he was off having a more small scaled adventure pun intended.

The cast is just as enjoyable as they were in the first one. Paul Rudd is still likeable as Scott Lang and when Janet van Dyne possesses his body it’s hilarious.  Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas as the Pym family are still really good too. I will admit that the romance between Scott and Hope is really underplayed. There’s not really that much chemistry between them and they feel more like action partners rather than a couple. Michael Peña is still great and funny as Luis and Ghost while not the strongest MCU villain does have understandable reasons for her actions. The comedy is also really funny. The way they use shrinking makes up for good jokes like the building suitcases or the hot wheels cars. It’s really creative and fun.

Marvel movies are known for having great actions scenes Ant Man and the Wasp’s action scenes seemed weak in comparison. The car scene was kind of cool but it felt more like something that would happen in the middle of the movie rather than near the end. The climax is also nothing compared to the first film’s climax which took place in Cassie’s room. I think another reasons the action is weak is due to the story being clunky at times. It felt like action set pieces put together in not the best in terms of structure. My brother also had a similar problem with the pacing.

The whole movie is more lighthearted and fun that is until the post credit scene. Spoilers: Scott heads into the quantum realm to gather quantum energy but ends up stranded because the Pym family disintegrating due to Thanos’s snap from Infinity War. Ever since I was Infinity War I predicted something like this would happen and I was right. It also raises questions like how are the Avengers going to meet with Ant Man or how will Scott get out of the quantum realm.

I’m not really surprised that Ant Man and the Wasp is my least favorite MCU movie of 2018, not that it’s bad, it’s more of in comparison. Ant Man and the Wasp is honestly the most fun compared to the other darker MCU movies of 2018. I think the first one is better but this was a fun sequel with a smaller scale again pun intended.

+ Comedy
+ Great performances
+ Port credit scene
– Clunky story
– Underused romance
– Weak action

Score: B+

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom review

If you were to mention the words Universal Studios to me, what’s the first thing that comes to mine? If you said Minions your wrong. The answer is Jurassic Park one of my favorite movies of all time. Jurassic World while not as good as the first one, it was cool to see the park actually running. Now we have Fallen Kingdom.

Chris Pratt is just Chris Pratt. That’s not a bad thing since he still puts a lot of energy into playing Owen Grady even if sometimes he seems too similar to Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy. While the protagonist is good the villains however, not so much. Eli Mills is just your recycled greedy businessman villain and Ken Wheatley is just your basic mercenary villain. Even the new dinosaur the Indoraptor looks and acts like a smaller black version of the Indominus Rex which wasn’t even interesting in the previous film anyway.

Fallen Kingdom also marks the volcanic end for the main setting of the series Isla Nublar. There’s a great little scene when the characters escape the lava on a boat and look back and see a brachiosaurus (the first dinosaur seen in the series) looking at them and then disappears in the smoke. It’s really sad to see a location we’ve known for 25 years (compare it to seeing Hogwarts burn in lava). Isla Nublar may be gone but Lockwood Manor where the rest of the movie takes place is an interesting set piece. Having it surrounded by mostly forest and taking place at night helps give it a fun isolated and creepy atmosphere to it. However, as much as it is a cool location it is home to some problems with the movie.

Spoilers: Benjamin Lockwood’s granddaughter Maisie Lockwood turns out to actually be a lone of his deceased daughter. It’s a really odd plot twist. Adding cloned humans to the series feels like the series is jumping the shark. What’s also odd are some of the character’s choices especially at the end. Maisie decides to set the dinosaurs free into the country. The reason she does this is because of this line “I had to. They’re alive, like me.” She does realize that by setting the dinosaurs free could risk in damage and even death.

I wasn’t surprised that I found Fallen Kingdom not as good as Jurassic Park or the first Jurassic World movie (FYI I have not seen the other sequels). If you’re a fan you’ll like it fine. I’m not really interested in what happens next but hey, Jeff Goldblum once said “life finds a way”.

+ Bittersweet goodbye to Isla Nublar
+ Chris Pratt
+ Lockwood Manor
– Character choices
– Clone twist
– Generic villains

Score: C+

Bao review

I was going to talk about this short in my Incredibles 2 review but I had so much to say about that movie I didn’t have room to talk about Bao. Bao is about a woman who discovers a dumpling that comes alive and decides to raise him. The way the story is told and edited reminds me a lot of the Disney short Feast which told the life of a dog. The music is also good too.

Spoiler Warning: Near the end of the short the woman tries to prevent her dumpling son from leaving to the point of swallowing him. Most of the audience laughed at the absurdity while I covered my mouth in shock. It was such a shocking a moment that I didn’t see coming. It would have been funny when it fades to black it would roll the credits but let’s face it Disney and Pixar would never end on such a low note. It then turns out that the dumpling was a representation of her real son who returns to make amends. It’s very emotional and brilliant.

I think it makes sense that this was paired with Incredibles 2 because both the short and movie have a lot to do with family. Bao is definitely worthy of being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. I even say it’s worthy of winning.

Incredibles 2 review

I feel like Brad Bird is one of the directors that has not made one bad movie yet. It’s been 14 years since the first Incredibles and everyone including me has been looking forward to this. I was a little concerned after the first trailer but after watching this I was blown away.

The characters that we’ve known and loved from the first one are back and there still great. I feel like these characters are better used here than they were in the original. Elastigirl is the protagonist here while Mr. Incredible was the protagonist in the first one. I think that’s clever because it makes the whole series feel like it’s about the family instead of just Mr. Incredible. Violet’s character development really shows here and Dash’s new voice is really good too.  Frozone has more screen time and Edna and Jack Jack are a great comedic pair.

While the characters are great there’s one character that’s my main problem with the sequel, the villain. Spoiler alert: It’s another twist villain as usual and it’s predictably Evelyn Deavor. I knew Catherine Keener would be the villain back when she was announced in November, mostly because she just came from Get Out where she also played a hypnotist villain. To quote Mr. Kropp, “Coincidence? I think not!”. Her evil plan is not very interesting or memorable as Syndrome tough it is refreshing to have a main female antagonist in a Pixar movie.

The first Incredibles movie had an interesting visual style that reminded me a lot of 60’s James Bond. The colors really pop out and the architype of the houses and buildings are great. The movie opens up with a new retro version of the Disney logo and it’s wonderful and clever because it helps emerge you back into the world of the Incredibles. What also helps emerge you is Michael Giacchino’s amazing score which was already amazing in the first one. The end credits also have themes songs for the heroes, I’ll never get tired of Here Comes Elastigirl. The actions scenes are also great. The Underminor scene at the beginning helps reestablish the characters and world from the first one. The Jack Jack vs a raccoon fight was hilarious not only because it’s a baby fighting a raccoon but because a raccoon put up a better fight than Syndrome. Elastigirl’s action scenes are really fun too. I can’t think of one action scene that was bad.

Kind of like Finding Dory I think I like the sequel better than the first one. Maybe it’s because the older I get the more appreciation I have for Finding Nemo and The Incredibles and now I have now enjoy the sequels. Incredibles 2 is a worthy sequel and one of the most incredible movies of 2018 pun intended.

+ Action scenes
+ Characters
+ Michael Giacchino’s score
+ Visually great
– Villain

Score: A+