BlacKkKlansman review

Just before I start talking about BlacKkKlansman I wanted to talk about something I noticed while watching the trailers before the movie. The first trailer shown was a trailer for The Hate U Give which was about racism. The last trailer shown was for a documentary called Fahrenheit 11/9. It seemed too coincidental that these trailers showed with BlacKkKlansman but by the time the movie ended I understood but I’ll get to that soon.

The acting in the movie is really enjoyable especially from John David Washington as Detective Ron Stallworth and Adam Driver as Detective Flip Zimmerman. Even the members of the Ku Klux Klan while bad people give some terrific performances. The comedy is also great mostly because of the performances from the cast. An example is at the end when Ron calls David Duke played by Topher Grace on the phone and finally confesses who he is. David’s reaction is priceless. I also think the music is used very well. Most of the movie is silent but when music shows up is sounds amazing. The movie at times can seem a bit too long and the pacing is a bit slow too but the acting helps make it enjoyable.

The thing that really stood out to me was the ending Spoiler warning. Ron manages to stop the KKK’s bomb plan, however the police force him to destroy the evidence. It gets worse when later Ron and Patrice see a cross burning outside of his apartment showing that he may have won the battle but not the war. It then cuts to footage of the Charlottesville rally, Donald Trump’s statements of the incident, and finally ends with a dedication to car victim Heather Heyer and an upside down American flag. This was shocking, and unexpected but I thought it was a good way to show that white supremacy is still alive today.

Later I realized that this movie released a year after the Charlottesville rally. From looking at the previews shown, the ending, and the released date it feels like all this was planned. I think’s that’s really clever. I have never watched Spike Lee’s movies before but I still stand by that BlacKkKlansman is one of his best.

+ Bittersweet ending
+ Comedy
+ Great acting
+ Music
– Long runtime

Score: B+


Bao review

I was going to talk about this short in my Incredibles 2 review but I had so much to say about that movie I didn’t have room to talk about Bao. Bao is about a woman who discovers a dumpling that comes alive and decides to raise him. The way the story is told and edited reminds me a lot of the Disney short Feast which told the life of a dog. The music is also good too.

Spoiler Warning: Near the end of the short the woman tries to prevent her dumpling son from leaving to the point of swallowing him. Most of the audience laughed at the absurdity while I covered my mouth in shock. It was such a shocking a moment that I didn’t see coming. It would have been funny when it fades to black it would roll the credits but let’s face it Disney and Pixar would never end on such a low note. It then turns out that the dumpling was a representation of her real son who returns to make amends. It’s very emotional and brilliant.

I think it makes sense that this was paired with Incredibles 2 because both the short and movie have a lot to do with family. Bao is definitely worthy of being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. I even say it’s worthy of winning.

Supersonic Girl returns

I have a liking for superhero genre because it can also combine other genres like science fiction and fantasy. A year ago I came across a website called Webtoon which had interesting stories but my personal favorite is a superhero story that just returned from hiatus called Supersonic Girl created by Sandra Diaz.

Supersonic Girl is a superhero story about a teenage girl named Sonia Rockwell from Radio City. She balances her life between school, hobbies, and being a superhero (like Spiderman but without the spiders). To start, Supersonic Girl doesn’t feel like just a homage or a parody of DC or Marvel superheroes, it feels more like its own thing. It’s reminds me a lot of those Japanese Magical Girl stories that you see in Japan. Supersonic Girl herself is a very likable character, she’s smart, funny, and badass and acts like a genuine teenager. I also really like her design.  Speaking of design the art style of this webtoon is incredible. I like Sandra Diaz’s style because it’s very colorful and well-drawn. She helps give the characters unique designs that help match their personalities and the backgrounds help give life to the world she created. Supersonic Girl is everything I wanted in a non-DC or non-Marvel superhero story. It’s fresh, fun, beautifully drawn and has very likable characters and I can’t wait to read what happens next. I definitely recommend this to anyone you loves superhero stories.

You can read Supersonic Girl at Webtoon. Link: Supersonic Girl

Pink Diamond’s shatterer confirmed!

Rose Quartz was said to have shattered Pink Diamond in order to save the earth. However in the episode The Trial, Zircon notices that there are some flaws in that story. For example, Pink Diamond was supposedly shattered by Rose’s sword, but Bismuth said that it could not. Also Rose couldn’t have gotten near her since there were other gems guarding her. Zircon concluded that that only a diamond could have gotten close to Pink Diamond and after nights of careful analyzing I figured out the truth. Conveniently today Cartoon Network had just revealed it too. The one who shattered Pink Diamond is none other than………………………………..

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100th Post!

Yes! I’ve finally reached 100 posts and what a better time than now because I’m going to Orlando tomorrow. You’re probably saying so what? Well, I decided to do a top 20 favorite Orlando rides list when I get back. Before I go I’d thought I tell you a funny story that happened to me in Orlando. Click read more to read it.

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A Disney Theory

Again just something fun I wanted to do. Much like my last post this just a theory I created.

The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella is one of the most likable characters in the Disney canon. But did you know she has an evil counterpart? No it’s not Lady Tremaine, not Maleficent, not even the Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2. Her evil counterpart is actually, drum-roll please…………………………

Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid!

Yes I believe that Ursula is the evil counterpart of the Fairy Godmother. Both have a grandmotherly (well…mostly the fairy) design and have the power of magic. They also have parallels in terms of character and story. Cinderella and Ariel both have dreams but they are shatter when Cinderella’s step sisters shred her dress and Ariel’s father destroys her collection, both are left alone in tears. Funny enough, Cinderella’s sisters were jerks mirrors Ariel’s dad had good intentions. The Fairy Godmother and Ursula confront the main character at there most vulnerable. The way they interact with the main character is different. While the Fairy Godmother shows kindness towards Cinderella, Ursula shows manipulation towards Ariel. Both put a spell (while also singing a song) on the main character that has a time limit.

You’re probably thinking these characters are from different stories, big deal. However, these characters might exist in the same world. In the scene where Scuttle stalls the wedding, the King and Duke from Cinderella make a cameo in the crowd. So you see, Ursula is the yin to the Fairy Godmother’s yang, one shows kindness and the other shows evil intentions.

Do you think this is true? What other characters from Disney movies might have evil counterparts in other different Disney movies. Leave a comment below to give your theories.

A Gravity Falls Theory

This isn’t a movie review, it’s just something fun I wanted to do. Gravity Falls ended more then a year ago. I’ve heard of a lot of theories but haven’t really made any theories myself until this summer after I watched a specific movie.

Nate and Lee are two of Wendy Corduroy’s friends. They don’t have that much backstory compared to the rest of the characters. But this duo might have more a hidden history then we thought. I have a theory that Nate and Lee are none other then, drum roll please (drumming).

 George and Harold from Captain Underpants!

Yes, I believe that George and Harold and Nate and Lee are one of the same. I started to realize this a while after I watched the Captain Underpants Movie. FYI Kristen Schaal voice characters in both is just a coincidence. I know what your thinking, it’s because Nate and George are black and Lee and Harold are blonde isn’t it? Yeah but I think there’s more to this theory then just similar designs.

I have proof this theory might be true. Both duos love to cause mischief and trouble. In Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future Nate and Lee are shown switching the words on the school sign just like what George and Harold do at the beginning of every book. Both duos even hate school as shown in the same episode where they spell out No Escape. Another piece of evidence is in the episode Blendin’s Game. Nate and Lee are the only one’s in Wendy’s gang that do not show up in the past. You might say there somewhere else in Gravity Falls but who knows?

Here’s what I think happened. I think that the consequences for the whole Captain Underpants thing finally caught up with them. Maybe Mr. Krupp found out about what they done to him. So they have to change their identities and flee town. They ended up in Gravity Falls where they live now. No one knows about who they once were. Not even Wendy, Robbie, Tambry or Thompson know about there original identities or there mysterious past.

Do you think this theory could be true? Comment on what you think.

Teen Titans Go is the Greatest Show Ever!

Teen Titans Go is in my opinion the best cartoon of all time. It’s even better then the original in terms of characters, writing, animation and action. The characters are likable and writing is never mean spirited. It warms my heart that this show is shown almost all day instead of shows like Steven Universe, Gumball, or We Bare Bears. Teen Titans Go is such a masterpiece of animation that it’s hard to find any problems with it. Love this show.

I’m just kidding Teen Titans Go actually really sucks. LOL