BoJack Horseman Season 6 review

Back in the 90s I was in a very famous TV show.

BoJack Horseman has released part 2 of season 6 aka the final season. Each of the main characters have great conclusions to their arcs and very funny, emotional, and memorable moments. The most complex character of course if BoJack. Every bad things that BoJack has done especially the death of Sarah Lynn comes together to drag BoJack to his lowest point in the entire series. It’s so bad that even Hollyhock cuts ties with him and he becomes a pariah in Hollywoo.

The penultimate episode is always the tensest of each season and this season’s penultimate episode “The View From Halfway Down” couldn’t be any more intense. BoJack finds himself in a house with all the characters that have died throughout the series such as Sarah Lynn and his mother. It’s disturbing because you’re not sure if BoJack is dead or not. I almost thought the last episode would just be the other characters reacting to his death. Good news is that he lived the bad news is that he’s sent to prison. The final episode’s title “Nice While It Lasted” pretty much sums up the finale. It’s not epic like Sozin’s Comet or Take Back the Falls, it’s just BoJack having one more conversation with the main characters and it’s a really great way to say goodbye to them. This is one of those shows where I wasn’t sure it would have happy or sad ending and while it’s never addressed what BoJack is going to do after he’s out of prison but there is a feeling of hope in there.

BoJack Horseman season 6 is the bittersweet ending to one of Netflix’s best shows that managed to bookend everything. Thank you Raphael Bob-Waksberg for creating such a smart, thought provoking and wonderful series and thank you Will Arnett for voicing a complex and funny character. Now to look forward to Hilda season 2.

Infinity Train season 2 review

Infinity Train is a show that once was supposed to be a miniseries turned into an anthology series due to the popularity of season 1. Book 2: Cracked Reflection focuses on Tulip’s reflection MT who was first introduced in season 1 episode 7 The Chrome Car. She wants to have her own identity but is constantly being chased by the reflection police. She meets up with a passenger named Jesse and a magical deer named Alan Dracula.

I said this in my season 1 review that Infinity Train is kind of like a video game with the different cars being like levels. The cars in this season are still fun like the map car, the lucky cat car (carnival themed) and the toad car which is nothing but an empty room where the only way to open the door is to kick a toad. It’s so stupidly simple yet creative. I think the video game theming also ties into MT’s arc. I might be reading too much into this but I think her arc is a deconstruction on the video game ally/NPC. You really feel for MT since all she wants is to have an identity and her emotional breakdown in tape car felt very genuine and when she finally got her number and went left with Jesse it felt so earned.

I think having MT as the main character was a clever way to keep Ashley Johnson who also voiced Tulip. Jesse was nice but I think Tulip and her dilemma was more compelling. I also think the conductor/Amelia was a more interesting villain than the reflection police.  My favorite character has to be Alan Dracula due to his random and bizarre powers. I also like how there’s no context to this deer but who cares he just exists.

Cracked Reflection is a great 2nd season to Infinity Train and is nothing like the Polar Express let me tell you that. I hope they’ll be a season 3 considering there are infinite cars (it’s not called the Infinity Train for nothing). It was a fun train ride and a fun way to begin 2020.

My Little Pony: Freindship is Magic Series Finale review

Last week one of my favorite cartoons of all time My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has finally ended after 9 seasons. Little bit of history first, back then I was one of those kids who did not like the My Little Pony toys. That changed when years ago my brother, his best friend and I were coming home from tennis lessons when my brother’s friend was talking about the My Little Pony show and how great it was. I didn’t believe him but later that Christmas I started watching I was shocked at how good it was, but now it’s finally over.

Parts 1 and 2 are pretty much the conclusion of the villain arc. I was disappointed that it turned out Grogar was just Discord in disguise but to be fair Grogar wasn’t a strong character anyway and it’s fun seeing the other three villains work off each other. If you know me I love giant climatic battles where all the characters join into the fight and MLP did not disappoint. So many characters show up (even ones from the movie).  I must say it’s kind of disturbing that the princesses decided to turn all the villains including a foal into stone. Part 3 acts as an epilogue that takes place years later where Twilight is now ruler of Equestria which seems fitting. I just love the fact Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich had a kid! I like the lesson that while friends can drift apart the mane 6’s friendship is so strong that it’s never truly gone.

The series ends with of course a final song that’s really sweet and emotional.  There’s one part of the song that I really love and it’s when each of the mane 6 sing in front of a bunch of characters they’ve helped or have strong connection too.  The episode finally concludes with the closing of the book mirroring how the series started with the book opening. This was a brilliant way to bookend the show and always felt this was an appropriate ending.

For a series finale this felt like a great way to wrap up everything and say good bye to all the characters and the world of Equestria. I’m both sad and really going to miss the show but I’m also glad that ran its course. I want to give thanks to the cast, writers, animators, and Lauren Faust for creating strong and wonderful characters and a world where the magic of friendship grows. Goodbye My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Infinity Train review

I Like Trains

I remember watching the pilot for Infinity Train back in 2016 and thought that it would make for a great show. Three years later the train has finally reached the station and fortunately it was no train wreck. There’s such a mystery to this series that makes want to know what’s going to happen next and the payoff it handled very well.

Infinity Train is like a video game but I don’t mean that the show takes place in a video game but more that it feels like a video game. Think of it as a point and click adventure game mixed with Earthbound. Each episode has Tulip go through a different cars kind of like levels in a video game which seems fitting since Tulip (also my brother) wants to be a game designer. The cars are really creative and feel unique from each other. The episode with the ball pit car is great because it starts with a lighthearted adventure thru a place area similar to the ones at McDonalds but then takes a dark turn when the conductor shows up.

Tulip played wonderfully by Ashley Johnson is a really good main character. Sure she does start off as a jerk but I think the idea of character development is to turn an unlikable character into a likable character and Tulip’s arc about dealing with her parents divorced brings. One-One is a very likable ally to Tulip. I really like his split personality and how they work off each other. He’s kind of like a non-evil Wheatley. Another character that stood out to me was the villain. The conductor could have just been some generic evil robot but instead was a very tragic villain who just wants to recreate the life she had before her love died. She works as a perfect evil counterpart to Tulip because she’s basically her if she didn’t deal with her trauma.

While I am glad that Infinity Train will return someday I do think this felt like an already complete story, you could just end it here and I’d be satisfied with its conclusion. Infinity Train is the best Cartoon Network miniseries since Over the Garden Wall. It’s got comedy, drama, great characters, great animation and it’s just one heck of a fun train ride.

Amphibia review

Star vs the Forces of Evil may be done but Disney still has plenty of new shows coming. Amphiba is a show about a 13 year old Thai girl named Anne played by Brenda Song who you probably remember from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody who after opening a magical music box ends up in a world of frogs. She meets Sprig who become close friends throughout season 1 and now Anne must find a way to get home.

The world of Amphibia is a really good setting and manages to have good world building too. The character designs, backgrounds and color scheme was very well done. The animation and character designs remind me a lot of Gravity Falls though that’s probably because the creator Matt Braly was a director on Gravity Falls. Anne is a very likable main character and I’m glad she wasn’t just a stereotypical teenage girl character that we’ve seen a million times. She has a lot of character development due to her friendship with Sprig who’s also very likable. Polly is enjoyably crazy and Hop Pop is kind of the show’s Grunkle Stan. The other supporting characters are likable too except the mayor.

I admit that the show isn’t quite as story driven as Gravity Falls or Star Vs the Forces of Evil in fact you can watch some of these episodes out of order and there wouldn’t be much difference. It’s also never explained what happened to Anne’s other friend Marcy, maybe season 2 will explain where she is.

Fun fact my brother was a huge frog fanatic as a kid so if this show came out back then this would’ve probably been my brother’s favorite show of all time. Season 1 of Amphibia was a great start to this great show and anyone who love Disney and or frogs will love this show.

MLP: FIM The Beginning of the End review

As you can tell by the title season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is to be the final season and it felt right to do a review of the final season premiere. I’m not surprised since I felt like they should finish the show now before it goes all Simpsons, Arthur or Spongebob on us. Celestia and Luna’s retirement made it obviously that we are reaching the beginning of the end.

Twilight Sparkle’s struggle on taking over as ruler of Equestria is pretty understandable and it makes sense since Celestia and Lunda confirmed retirement and Twilight coronation would be in a few days giving her much more stress and concerns. In the end it makes sense that the princesses delay their retirement knowing that Twilight does need time to adjust. Having Grogar be the main villain is a brilliant idea and a fun nod from the 1st genration. It’s also cool to see all the previous villains come back. If I could predict the rest of season 9, each villain is going to attempt and fail at conquering Equestria. I like how so many characters got involved like Star Swirl, and even Discord.

The first half ends with your typical mane 6 defeating the villain and saving the day but then takes a bad turn when the tree of harmony is destroyed and King Sombra comes back, brainwashes everyone and the Everfree forest starts growing evil vines again. So as you can see there were so much stakes and it’s handled very well. I also like how it’s their friendship that saves the day instead of the elements of harmony.

This in my opinion the best season premiere since the pilot two-parter. For a final season premiere this was a really great way to start series concluding season.

Steven Universe Battle of Heart and Mind review

I would have gotten this review early but I was busy with another franchises that I love (KH3), and my job. Anyway, this Christmas Steven Universe returns with a huge arc about the gems going to Homeworld. It goes just as well as you think. Steven Universe Diamond Days has just concluded with the hour long episode Change Your Mind and what did I think of it? Remember how I thought Reunited was the high point of Steven Universe? I was wrong not only was Change Your Mind just as good as Reunited it was better. It’s amazing how this managed to top Reunited.

After watching Reunited I thought the diamonds except White were redeemed but it turned out they still had a long way to go. I like that each Diamond gets a scene where Steven talks to them about their treatment of Pink. Not only does Bismuth show up but also Peridot and Lapis with new awesome designs. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl also have new wonderful designs. Steven evens fuses with all three. I really liked Steven and Pearl’s fusion because I once imagined their fusion weapon to be an umbrella.

White Diamond, I was really close to hating this prick because 1. She’s creepy, 2. She won’t listen, 3. She turns everyone white. After seeing Together Alone I actually predicted that’s what White did to Pink Pearl. It’s like the show read my thoughts. The scene where Steven and Pink Steven reunite, oh my God the animation is unbelievable. It’s so fluid, beautiful, and emotional. It really feels like something from an animated movie. Turns out Disney animator James Baxter animated this scene so give him a round of applause. Who knows maybe he’ll work on the supposed Steven Universe movie this fall.

My main problem with this episode is a lot of things are wrapped up too quickly. So much stuff happens like seeing Steven’s fusions with Pearl, Garnet and all three together, redeeming White Diamond, healing the corrupted gems and Lars returning to Earth. It felt like all these ideas were planned but since this might have been the series finale they wanted to get these ideas out right away. Still the ideas they did were really great especially that reuniting scene.

Change You Mind feels a lot like a series finale and honestly it this really was (though we’re technically getting a movie this fall) the end, I’d be satisfied. If that is the case than Change Your Mind definitely ranks up there with Sozin’s Comet and Take Back the Falls as one of the best animated series finales I’ve seen. Besides how would season 6 top this? Change Your Mind was an epic conclusion to season 5 and in my opinion the best episode of Steven Universe.


Hilda review

This summer I’ve watched a few Netflix animated series like the innocent Harvey Street Kids, the hilarious Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, and of course BoJack Horseman season 5. Recently I had the pleasure of watching a new Netflix animated series called Hilda based on the graphic novels by Luke Pearson.  Hilda is kind of the mix between Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall with a little bit of Steven Universe and Craig of the Creek.

This show is freaking beautiful!!! Hilda is one of the most visually appealing animated series I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen since Steven Universe. Everything from the animation, the simple character designs, the color pallet, the backgrounds, the music, the sound, and the atmosphere is just perfect. The visual style looks a lot like it was from a graphic novel and it’s impressive. Just by watching the intro (great theme song btw) I was already invested into the world of Hilda.

The show’s characters are also a highlight of the show. Hilda is a great protagonist not just because she has a great design and cute voice but because she’s adventurous, curious, loves creatures, and has a healthy relationship with her Mum. I also like Hilda’s dearfox friend Twig (so cute!). I like Alfur and his love of paperwork and permits is funny. I even like Hilda’s friends Frida and David. All the characters simple designs and personalities help give the world of Hilda life.

The show is kind of episodic but with stuff that carries into the next episode which leads to my biggest problem with Hilda. The last two episodes focus on Hilda and Frida’s fallout from episode 9, Frida’s new witch friend, Hilda trying to receive a badge, a species called the Nisse and the mysterious black hound. The episodes try to tie these plots together but I feel like they could have worked better as their own separate episodes. The episodes are still good though.

Hilda is one of the best Netflix shows I’ve seen. Its beautiful visuals and likable characters made Hilda a lot of fun to watch. Please give us Hilda season 2!

Boack Horseman Season 5 review

BoJack Horseman returns for its fifth season and much like the seasons before it does not disappoint. After BoJack finally getting a somewhat happy ending last year, we are reminded that this is still reality and that there are not always happy endings.

BoJack Horseman has a strong main cast and each of them (BoJack, Diane, Princess Carolyn, Todd, and Mr. Peanutbutter) have their own story arcs that are all well written and interesting. Will Arnett is always great as BoJack but I think Alison Brie as Diane really shined this season. When she becomes a writer on Philbert she gets suspicions about what BoJack did in New Mexico and her relationship with BoJack becomes tense.

There are also many great episodes that feel unique from each other. Some of the best episodes include one there BoJack gives a eulogy to his mother for the whole episode and another where we see four Halloween parties from different years. But who could forget an important tradition in the show? The 11th episode titled The Showstopper and boy did it not disappoint. What made this episode great was that it keeps taking place in real life and then the fictional show Philbert so much you couldn’t tell what’s real or fiction. It gets really deep as usual and it all climaxes to another tradition in the show the f-bomb where BoJack strangles Gina.

The ending in my opinion sums up the tone of the show. BoJack goes to Diane demanding that she’d write an article about how bad he is but she makes a speech on how there’s no such thing as good guys or bad guys, just guys that do good stuff and bad stuff (between good and bad if you will). Diane then takes BoJack to a rehab center to get help. It doesn’t feel too happy or sad it just feels in between. Much like the ending the show doesn’t go too comedic or too dramatic, it feels in between. I love and respect shows such as Avatar the Last Airbender, Steven Universe and this that find a balance between comedy and drama.

BoJack Horseman season 5 is a satisfying look on the blurred line between reality and fiction and drug addiction. I not sure how I’d rank each season, season 1 is probably my least favorite but seasons 2 through 5 are tricky. It’ll be great to return to BoJack’s wacky yet realistic world in season 6.

Steven Universe Reunited review

I don’t think I’ve ever avoided looking up Steven Universe on YouTube or Reddit for this long. It was difficult but it was worth it. You’re probably wondering why I’m only reviewing Reunited instead of the other four episodes. It’s mostly because while good there’s not much to say about them except that I think it’s clever that each episode deals with a different character coping with the Pink Diamond twist.

Reunited starts with a really cute song and it reminds me a lot of Disney. This is also the first time two characters of the same gender kiss onscreen and it’s a great fleet for Cartoon Network. But that was just icing on the cake compared to when the diamonds show up and boy does it get awesome. The fight between the crystal gems and the diamonds is incredible. You get the crystal gems fight against Blue Diamond while the cluster (now a good guy which is awesome) fighting Yellow Diamond. Every crystal gem including Bismuth, Peridot, Lapis (who returns) and even Connie get a fair amount of screen time and stuff to do.  Seeing Peridot and Lapis poof was shocking though now I’m excited to see what their new designs will be. Maybe they’ll finally get there stars. I do think Steven’s mind power did come out of nowhere but it was a clever way to defeat the diamond. The episode ends on a cliffhanger that makes me want more and that’s a good thing.

Reunited might just be my new favorite episode of the series. It feels like a big finale even though it’s not the end of the show. I honestly don’t mind being on another hiatus because this episode was just so great.  All I can do now is apologize to On the Run. I still love that episode but Reunited is now the best episode of Steven Universe.