Infinity Train Book 4 review

Good news is we got a 4th season of Infinity Train, the bad news is that it’s our last train ride. The review contains spoilers. Book 4 – Duet is about two best friends Min-Gi and Ryan. Ryan wants both of them to becomes musicians while Min-Gi wants to respect his parents’ wishes. This conflict gets them both on the Infinity Train. I always thought there should be a season where two people that know each other such as a kid and their parent, siblings, or a couple or in this case best friends both get on the train.

Min-Gi Park played by Johnny Young and Ryan Akagi both have a believable friendship. I like how their conflict isn’t just one sided both of them have moments where one of them is right but another time is wrong. The first episode cleverly uses split screen to show their lives. There dynamic (kind of) reminds me of my relationship with my brother (he’s more like Min-Gi and I’m more like Ryan). The character that I think stole the show was a floating service bell named Kez played by Minty Lewis who acts as Min-Gi and Ryan’s companion. She brings a lot of humor to the season but also a lot of threats due to her hurting a lot of the denizens.

The cars while I don’t think there were many as the previous seasons are still very creative such as a car that can change different eras, an old western town populated by bugs, and a giant kitchen home to a giant baby pig played by JK Simmons. This is probably the most standalone of the seasons and even the reveal of this season taking place before the first season doesn’t affect the story. I also kind of thought the ending was predictable but still a very heartwarming one to end on.

Book 4 Duet may not have had the most epic series finale to this epic show a good ending to a good final season to one of the best Cartoon Network shows ever. This may be my last review of Infinity Train but the ride isn’t over yet. My next post will be a ranking of the Infinity Train seasons in categories. Which was your favorite season of the show. Like and comment below.

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