Amphibia Season 3 and Series Finale review

One month ago, Amphibia one of my favorite Disney cartoons aired its final episode. Since there’s so much to talk about the finale but I also want to talk about the rest of the season as well, for this review I’ve decided to split it two separate parts, the season in total and the final two episodes. Also SPOILER WARNING, so don’t read this unless you’ve seen the show.

I think having part 1 of season 3 take place on Earth was a clever change to the status quo. I find it funny that even in the regular world, the humans there are just as wacky and full of personality as the amphibians in Amphibia. I thought Anne’s parents were very likable, funny, and supportive. Having Matt Braly’s mother play Anne’s mother was also a sweet touch. Also, Domino might be the most accurate animated cat ever and considering I’m a cat person I absolutely love her. A lot of the episodes are the frogs adjusting to Earth until they find a way to return home and I think there a lot of fun. The 2nd half of season 3 starts with one of the best episodes Escape to Amphibia in which Anne and the Planters get home thanks to a bunch of characters they met. Most of the episodes here about Anne and Sasha creating an army to take down King Andrias and the Core.

The final episodes were emotional roller coasters and almost every character’s arc reached their climaxes in these episodes. The Penultimate episode “All In” is kind of the like the Battle of Minas Tirith from LOTR, not the last but it is the hugest battle in the show. The action scenes were awesome especially Anne going super sayan on Andrias and the fight between Sasha and Darcy. The final episode of The Hardest Thing has the Core use the moon as a final gambit to destroy everyone, kind of like Majora’s Mask but less than three days. All three girls going super sayan was wonderfully paid off.  The ending is one of the most bittersweet endings I’ve seen in an animated series with the girls leaving Amphibia forever but growing as better people. Anne’s speech at the end kind of sums up what we went through when the show ended how sometimes you have to let go but you’d be surprised what makes it way back to you.

Season 3 was Amphibia at its most funny, epic, and emotional and I love nearly every episode from it. Amphibia was a show that started good and got so much better throughout the show and I’m really happy that Matt Braly got to tell the story he really wanted to. Thank You Matt Braly, Brenda Wong, and to everyone who worked on this amazing show.  

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