The Lego Batman Movie review


Sorry for the lack of movie reviews lately. Been busy with college and there hasn’t been that much movies out. I promise more reviews soon.

When the The Lego Movie was announced I was expecting it to be a fun little movie just to sell more legos. When I saw it however it turned out to be not just funny, but heartwarming and adult. It deconstructs the hero’s journey and the idea of creativity wonderfully. The Lego Movie is one of my favorite animated movies of all time. When The Lego Batman Movie was announced I was thinking the same thing as before I saw The Lego Movie, a fun little spinoff to sell legos, but I was surprised again.

The Lego Batman Movie is about Batman played by Will Arnett. Will Arnett is great as Batman. He seems a lot like BoJack Horseman also played by Will Arnett. The rest of the cast is also great. I find it odd that Voldemort is in this movie played by Eddie Izzard even though Voldemort’s real actor Ralph Fiennes is already in the movie.

The comedy is the highlight of the film. This movie is hilarious. There are references, “take that” gags, background jokes, and jokes that you have to see twice to get.  A great reference joke is when Joker mentions the plan with the two boats or the parade with the Prince music. You’re probably wondering what a “take that” joke is. A take that joke is a joke that makes fun of something. An example is Killer Croc arming Joker’s bomb and saying Yeah I did something. This makes fun of that fact that all that Killer Croc did in Suicide Squad was set the bomb.

Who would have suspected that movies about legos would actually be praised? I don’t think this was as good as The Lego Movie though. Still, The Lego Batman movie is a very fun and hilarious movie. I could go as far as saying this is better then all the new DC movies that have come out lately.

+Will Arnett as Batman
+The comedy
+The animation
-Not as mindblowing as The Lego Movie

Score: A-

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