StevenBomb 5: Out Of This World review

For a while I felt that Steven Universe season 4 was more filler then plot progression. That is until this Steven Bomb came out. This was an awesome StevenBomb even if it did leak a month ago. I will now show my opinions for each episode and then talk about the StevenBomb as a whole.

Steven’s Dream: This one is my favorite of the five. I liked seeing Garnet be afraid showing the seriousness of what’s going to happen. I also like how some episodes of season 4 that seemed like filler like Buddy’s Book or Gem Harvest actually served a purpose. For some reasons I always thought of Blue Diamond as quiet and soft sounding and seeing her actually proved my theory right.

Adventures in Light Distortion: A funny but also intense bridge episode (that means episode that connects the previous and next episode together). The ending is like something out of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Gem Heist: Introducing Holy Blue Agate is great and finding out more about Pink Diamond was great too.

The Zoo: I would say this one is my least favorite of the five. Seeing humans that never seen the earth is interesting and disturbing. Not really much to say about it though.

That Will Be All: After a whole year of waiting we finally get to see Yellow Diamond again. I like that they showed the diamonds in a much more sympathetic way then before. Yellow Diamond’s song was great.

In my opinion I think this is my favorite StevenBomb so far. It has everything I wanted in a Stevenbomb. You get to see new gems, new plot elements, and not just one but two diamonds. The only problem I had with these episodes were that they were leaked a month ago. All these episodes were great and I can’t wait to see what direction this show goes.

+Each episode connected
+World building
+The diamonds

Score: A+

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