Eternals review

Eternals is about in a cosmic way (pun intended) the very first MCU heroes in history since they were created thousands of years ago. Eternals is also the 2nd longest Marvel movie next to Avengers Endgame with a runtime of 157 minutes. Unfortunately, this is one of the gripes I have. Unlike No Time to Die which only started to feel long in the third half, this felt long throughout. I guess you could say this movie felt like an “eternity” LOL.

This movie does have some good stuff in it. Some of the locations especially in the flashbacks are visually really nice to look at. Considering that the director Chloé Zhao just came off of directing Nomadland which earned her the Academy Award for Best Director it’s not surprising that her directing skills were put to good use here. Spoilers: The reason the eternals were created were to help the earth population so a new celestial can hatch. Who would’ve though Thanos also stopped this? I kind of like that this movie makes the heroes question what’s the right or wrong thing to do though it would’ve been better if the characters were more interesting.  

The Eternals themselves are a mix bag. Some of them were pretty good like the tech expert Phastos and super speeder Makkari who’s the first deaf MCU hero. Her use of American Sign Language was a great touch. My favorite has to be Kingo played by Kumail Nanjiani who brings a lot of humor to this otherwise bleak story. I really like how his film crew supports him being an eternal and even the dynamic between him and his manager Karun is really fun to watch. The rest of the eternals are either bland or boring. There’s also a weird sex scene with the two leads in one of the flashbacks that felt unnecessary. I think what also doesn’t help is that these two characters are not that interesting. Though I did like Sersi’s power of manipulating and transforming matter.

Eternals feels more like a Superman movie (specifically Man of Steel) than a Marvel movie. It has some nice visuals but the long runtime and boring characters do hurt the film. While this wasn’t the worst MCU movie it’s still one of the weakest entries in the series in recent memory.


+ Morality Questioning

+ Visually nice sometimes

+/- Eternals

-Long runtime

-Sex scene

Score: C+

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