No Time To Die review

Spoilers Shaken not Stirred

I feel bad for not talking about James Bond on my blog much due to the long gap between movies and being delayed by COVID19. James Bond is probably the most famous fictional superspy ever. He was the inspiration to one of my favorite childhood games Spy Fox and Kingsman. No Time To Die is the 25th James Bond movie and also the 5th and last movie to star Daniel Craig as 007. This is also the longest James Bond movie (163 min) and while it doesn’t seem like it at first, the third half is where I felt like it was taking too long. That’s actually my only real problem with this movie.

Daniel Craig is and will always be my James Bond. He has so much charm, funny one liners, and is such as badass. Yet out of all the actors who have played James Bond, Daniel Craig is probably the most human 007 has ever been. The villain Safin played by Rami Malek is very threatening and very reministic of early James Bond villains even though he’s not on screen that much. I also think his revenge plot is odd because why does he want to kill the entire population even though he already got revenge on Spectre for killing his parents. I do like his lair that we see in the third half which feels like a love letter to James Bond villain lairs.  

The opening credits and song sung by Billie Eilish are really good, even if it didn’t have the epicness of my favorite James Bond song Skyfall (which is also my favorite James Bond movie). The action like most of the James Bond movies are great. Some of the best ones include the beginning car chase, the Spectre party fight with Paloma (fun minor character) and the forest fight. This part of the review contains the hugest SPOILERS on the ending of this movie. No Time to Die did what no James Bond movie has ever done or had the guts to do before……this movie killed James Bond. It’s made perfectly clear that he’s dead. I knew this would be Daniel’s last film but I was surprised that they did something so ballsy and I think it paid off very well.

No Time to Die is a great and bittersweet swan song for Danial Craig’s James Bond and one of the best James Bond movies. It has the charm that made the James Bond movies so enjoyable for over 60 years. I know we might not get another 007 movie for a while but honestly this movie works as a great finale for the whole series and would be satisfied if it was. Still we all know one thing……..James Bond Will Return.


+ Action scenes

+ Billie Eilish song

+ Daniel Craig

+ Killing off James Bond

+/- Safin

-Long runtime in the third half

Score: A

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