Hilda review

This summer I’ve watched a few Netflix animated series like the innocent Harvey Street Kids, the hilarious Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, and of course BoJack Horseman season 5. Recently I had the pleasure of watching a new Netflix animated series called Hilda based on the graphic novels by Luke Pearson.  Hilda is kind of the mix between Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall with a little bit of Steven Universe and Craig of the Creek.

This show is freaking beautiful!!! Hilda is one of the most visually appealing animated series I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen since Steven Universe. Everything from the animation, the simple character designs, the color pallet, the backgrounds, the music, the sound, and the atmosphere is just perfect. The visual style looks a lot like it was from a graphic novel and it’s impressive. Just by watching the intro (great theme song btw) I was already invested into the world of Hilda.

The show’s characters are also a highlight of the show. Hilda is a great protagonist not just because she has a great design and cute voice but because she’s adventurous, curious, loves creatures, and has a healthy relationship with her Mum. I also like Hilda’s dearfox friend Twig (so cute!). I like Alfur and his love of paperwork and permits is funny. I even like Hilda’s friends Frida and David. All the characters simple designs and personalities help give the world of Hilda life.

The show is kind of episodic but with stuff that carries into the next episode which leads to my biggest problem with Hilda. The last two episodes focus on Hilda and Frida’s fallout from episode 9, Frida’s new witch friend, Hilda trying to receive a badge, a species called the Nisse and the mysterious black hound. The episodes try to tie these plots together but I feel like they could have worked better as their own separate episodes. The episodes are still good though.

Hilda is one of the best Netflix shows I’ve seen. Its beautiful visuals and likable characters made Hilda a lot of fun to watch. Please give us Hilda season 2!

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  1. Wolf of Words · November 10, 2018

    Agreed on all points. Also, you reminded me that I need to watch Over the Garden Wall.


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