Boack Horseman Season 5 review

BoJack Horseman returns for its fifth season and much like the seasons before it does not disappoint. After BoJack finally getting a somewhat happy ending last year, we are reminded that this is still reality and that there are not always happy endings.

BoJack Horseman has a strong main cast and each of them (BoJack, Diane, Princess Carolyn, Todd, and Mr. Peanutbutter) have their own story arcs that are all well written and interesting. Will Arnett is always great as BoJack but I think Alison Brie as Diane really shined this season. When she becomes a writer on Philbert she gets suspicions about what BoJack did in New Mexico and her relationship with BoJack becomes tense.

There are also many great episodes that feel unique from each other. Some of the best episodes include one there BoJack gives a eulogy to his mother for the whole episode and another where we see four Halloween parties from different years. But who could forget an important tradition in the show? The 11th episode titled The Showstopper and boy did it not disappoint. What made this episode great was that it keeps taking place in real life and then the fictional show Philbert so much you couldn’t tell what’s real or fiction. It gets really deep as usual and it all climaxes to another tradition in the show the f-bomb where BoJack strangles Gina.

The ending in my opinion sums up the tone of the show. BoJack goes to Diane demanding that she’d write an article about how bad he is but she makes a speech on how there’s no such thing as good guys or bad guys, just guys that do good stuff and bad stuff (between good and bad if you will). Diane then takes BoJack to a rehab center to get help. It doesn’t feel too happy or sad it just feels in between. Much like the ending the show doesn’t go too comedic or too dramatic, it feels in between. I love and respect shows such as Avatar the Last Airbender, Steven Universe and this that find a balance between comedy and drama.

BoJack Horseman season 5 is a satisfying look on the blurred line between reality and fiction and drug addiction. I not sure how I’d rank each season, season 1 is probably my least favorite but seasons 2 through 5 are tricky. It’ll be great to return to BoJack’s wacky yet realistic world in season 6.

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