Summer of Steven Episode Rankings

The Summer of Steven and Season 3 are over. I was going to do a review for each week showing the new Steven Universe episodes but I decided to do a ranking instead. It’s mostly because I’ll be on family vacation and not have enough time to review.

21.Beach City Drift: Remember when Peridot said “your emotions rule out reason”? This one kind of proves it. It’s not a bad episode it’s just that Steven feels a little too angry at Kevin and he’s not even a gem.  Also am I the only one who thought that Greg’s new car was gonna get wrecked in the end?

20. Steven Floats: Steven gets a new power and its the ability to float, yeah? This episode has that feeling you have when you come home from a vacation.

19.Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service: Basically a filler episode just to develop the twin sisters. Not much to talk about here rather then the clever Evangelion joke at the end.

18.Drop Beat Dad: Sourcream’s dad looks awful even be design which is kind of the point. Who would want to drink guacamole soda? It’s not even good on chips.

17.Greg the Babysitter: Obviously a episode to calm us down before the storm. Rose manages to protect the earth yet can’t watch a baby.

16.The New Lars: It’s about time Lars returned to the series after disappearing for a year. His actor surprisingly did a great job acting like Steven in Lars’s body.

15.Steven vs. Amethyst: I found the fight between Steven and Amethyst of who is the worst gem a little odd. Steven and Amethyst arguing that the other is better then themselves is understandable.

14.Restaurant Wars: An episode to develop the people of Beach City. Not much say about it.

13.The Kindergarten Kid: Pretty much a Wiley Coyote cartoon.

12.Alone at Sea: The return of Jasper was awesome. I had that feeling about an abusive husband trying to ask his abused wife back but her rejecting him.

11.Gem Hunt: A good return to the capturing the corrupted gem plot but with a twist in the end. I makes you wondering what Jasper is gonna do with the gems.

10.Bubbled: I loved that they used the Love Like You song at the end, it reminds me of when they used the instrumental version at the end of Ocean Gem. The episode also deals with Steven questioning his Mom’s morality and about her shattering Pink Diamond.

9.Beta Part 1: The barn scenes were really funny. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not but I like how the Kindergarten that Amethyst was from is purple while the Beta Kindergarten where Jasper was from is orange.

8.Know Your Fusion: While not the most epic way to end the Summer of Steven this is still a very fun episode. “Footage courtesy of Cartoon Network” greatest joke evah! Sardonyx’s return was also great since we didn’t have to deal with the whole Pearl and Garnet drama again.

7.Too Short to Ride: Good interaction between Steven, Amethyst and Peridot. I did not see Peridot’s new telekinesis power coming.

6.Crack the Whip: The fight between Stevonie and Jasper is awesome and the scenes where Steven, Connie and Amethyst hanging out are nice too. Though I’m not a fan of Amethyst’s new form.

5.Mr. Greg: It’s over isn’t it, isn’t it, isn’t it over? That song was amazing.  Does anyone find it odd that Greg and Pearl turn into the colors of Yellow and Blue? (cough diamonds)

4.Monster Reunion: I love that they gave an answer to how the gems got corrupted and shown through crayon drawings. It shows is in a visually and interesting way rather then with just words. I think this was when the Summer of Steven began making episodes that continued the story.

3.Back 2 the Moon Part 3: The scene that really stood out to me was when Steven blurts out that Rose would never shatter someone. It’s great to finally hear new information about the diamonds.

2.Earthlings Part 2: So much happens in this episode and so many arcs conclude here too. The conclusion to Amethyst’s arc is amazing. The reveal of Smokey Quartz was amazing. Peridot defeating Jasper Chronicle style was amazing. To top it all off the reveal of Pink Diamond was amazing. It’s just a amazing episodes and one of my favorites now.

1.Bismuth: I thinks its great that they didn’t split this episode into two because it feels like one flowing episode. Bismuth is very enjoyable and threatening. Bismuth is kind of like Jet from Avatar the Last Airbender because while they both have the same enemies as the heroes they have extreme methods of defeating them. I really like it because it shows that not all crystal gems are good and not all homeworld gems are bad. The fight between Steven and Bismuth was intense and bittersweet. Bismuth is one of the best episodes ever to come out of the series and my favorite episode of the summer.

Summer of Steven was a satisfying time for Steven Universe even though there was no Yellow Diamond which is disappointing. I can’t wait for what season 4 brings us.



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