Summer Recap

Inspired by Skociomatic and his summer movie lists here is my summer recap.

My top 10 movies of the summer
10.Ice Age: Collision Course
9. The Legend of Tarzan
8.Suicide Squad
7.The Secret Life of Pets
6.Ghostbusters (2016)
5.Pete’s Dragon
4.The BFG
3.Sausage Party
2.Star Trek Beyond
1.Tie between Finding Dory and Kubo and the Two Strings

My top 5 cartoons of the summer
Honorable Mentions:
Bojack Horseman: Need to catch up on
Atomic Puppet: Stupid but fun

5. The Loud House
Best episode: The Butterfly Effect

4.Star vs the Forces of Evil
Best episode: Ludo in the Wild

3.We Bare Bears
Best episode: The Audition

2. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Best episode: 28 Pranks Later

1.Steven Universe
Best episode: Bismuth


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