The best of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic


MLP FIM is one of my favorite animated shows, so I thought that I would show my favorite characters, and episodes. I’ll do a top 10 of 20 episodes list later.

Favorite Character: Rainbow Dash

Favorite Mane 6: Rainbow Dash (of course)

Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader: Sweetie Belle (so cute)

Favorite Villain: Tie between Discord and Starlight Glimmer. Discord is a great character even if he was redeemed. Starlight Glimmer was a great villain also.

Favorite Season: Season 5

Favorite Season 1 Episode: Fall Weather Friends

Favorite Season 2 Episode: The Last Roundup

Favorite Season 3 Episode: Keep Calm and Flutter On

Favorite Season 4 Episode: Twilight’s Kingdom

Favorite Season 5 Episode: Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Favorite Two-Parter: Twilight’s Kingdom

Favorite Equestria Girls Movie: Friendship Games



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