My Top 11 Favorite Movies of 2015

Now that I have a WordPress blog, I can write my top 11 favorite movies of 2015. I think this a good year for movies. It was easy to sort out movies from best to worst. But it was hard to figure out which movies would be on the list. Warning they will be spoilers.

11. The Good Dinosaur: While it was not as good as Inside Out, I still found this film to be enjoyable.  I like how the movies seems like a western movie with dinosaurs. The landscapes are beautiful and helps give the movie more depth to it. The Good Dinosaur might not be one of the strongest but it is a heartwarming movie that parents and kids can enjoy. Where is that Pizza Planet Truck?


10. The Martian: I had a feeling this movie would be nominated for Best Picture so I decided to watch it. Matt Damon is enjoyable as Mark Watney. You feel happy when he prevails, and you feel sad when he fails. The humor is also very good. The landscapes of Mars are amazing and you feel like you are actually on that planet. While it’s not the most exciting movie on this list it’s still good in terms of story and characters.


9.Jurassic World: I argued with myself whether to put this over or under The Good Dinosaur. In the end I chose to put in in because I think it was a nice follow up to the first movie. Jurassic Park is one my favorite movies of all time. This one actually shows if the park was operating. The park looks cool and some of the attractions are creative like the ball one. The climax with the T-rex and raptor fighting against the Indominus is amazing. I do think the recycles too much from the original but it still is fun to watch.


8. Spectre: I enjoyed Skyfall when it came out (love the song!) so I was really looking forward to seeing James Bond again.  However this movie does seem inferior to Skyfall in places. The villain (nice to see Blofeld again) is weaker than Raoul, and the song Writings on the Wall, while good is nothing to Skyfall by Adele.  Another problem is that the villain’s plan on gaining political power by bringing the world’s intelligence agencies under his control is confusing. There are some cool action scene like the beginning chase in Mexico, the car chase in Rome, and the climax in London. This is really fun movie for any James Bond fan.

spectre poster

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron: I was really looking forward to this one but just like Spectre it did feel inferior to it’s predecessor. There are still some really good things which is why it’s higher than Spectre. There are even things that are better than the first Avengers. The villain Ultron is much more threatening than Loki, and the film has more of a story than the first one. The main problem however is that it doesn’t have the same wow factor the first one had. Back in 2012 seeing the Avengers together was something not seen before. This one just gives you the same thing. The movie is still cool and I look forward to more Avengers Adventures. Ultron: Oh for God’s Sake!


6. Mad Max: Fury Road: Saw this on my birthday “oh what a day,what a lovely day!”. When I see many people’s top 10 favorite movies of 2015 lists, this is usually number 1. I think this was the Lego Movie of this year because like the Lego Movie this one was not expected to be successor. This whole film is a chase scene and it is an impressive one too. The cars are really cool looking and the action is well done. If is did have a problem it would be that this film is a little too violent (the villain gets his mask pulled off violently). This movie proved that fourth movies in movies series can actually be good.

mad max

5. The Peanuts Movies: When I was little kid I thought the franchise Peanuts was just called Charlie Brown since his name was in the title of every special. This movie has a lot of heart, humor, and stays true to what Charles M. Schulz created years ago. It’s a simple movie with a simple plot without villains, deep morals, and new characters. Charlie Brown is a character that people can relate to. He doesn’t win a lot but still comes off as likable and his actions do pay off in the end. This is defiantly Blue Sky’s best animated movie. I’d let Charlie Brown hit the football anytime of the week.


4. Kingsman: The Secret Service: Exploding Heads, best scene of any movie this year! Kingsman is a very fun movie with all the swearing, violence, and humor you would find in Kick-ass (same director). The characters are memorable and well developed. I found that killing off Harry was surprising since he was the lead actor. The villain Valentine was entertaining and his plan to make everyone violent was pretty diabolical.  It has the same feel of James Bond and was even better than the James Bond movie released this year.

Kingsman_The_Secret_Service_poster (1)

3. Ant-Man: Fun fact: I saw this movie twice on the same day. This movie is more enjoyable than Age of Ultron and especially Fantastic Four. It has great comedy and a good story to go with it. The actors were well chosen for the roles they played.Michael Peña as Luis is hilarious. The ability to shrink down gives the opportunity for great fighting locations like a briefcase and Ant-man’s daughter’s bedroom. I can’t wait to see Ant-man in Captain America Civil War.

ant man

2. Inside Out: I was worried about this movie when I first heard about it, but when I came out it was better than I thought is was gonna be. This film saved Pixar with it’s creative concept. The emotions are likable and have their reasons why they are happy, sad, afraid, disgusted, and angry. The ideas they create for this movie are amazing from the Dream studios, abstract thought, and train of thought. The lesson of the movie is great about how sadness isn’t just a negative emotion and that it is ok to feel sad. The characters are great, the story is one of the best of Pixar, and it’s very emotional. It makes me  wonder why Pixar didn’t do a promo with seeing the mind of other pixar characters like Mr. Incredibles, Carl Fredrickson, or Merida.

inside out

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The most anticipated movie this year and it did not fail. Not counting Phantom Menace in 3D, this is the first Star Wars movie I saw in theaters and it was in my opinion the best movie this year. The new characters are great and the old ones do have their moments especially Han Solo and Chewbacca. The action and music is wonderful as well. It’s biggest problem however is that it does copy A New Hope (giant planet destroyer) but maybe this was so to remind us of the original. Spoilers: Kylo Ren turning out to be Han Solo’s son was unexpected and Han Solo’s death was heartbreaking, but they were done very well. In short, Star Wars Force Awakens was a reminder of how awesome Star Wars was back then and this film opened up a new chapter in the Star Wars saga that will continue to amaze us in a galaxy far far away.

star wars 7

So that was my top 11 favorite movies of 2015. I look forward to 2016’s movie and I’ll make sure to do a top 10 or 11 favorite movies of 2016 next year.

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