A Regular Show Epic Final Battle review



Regular Show has officially ended. Regular Show was one of the most popular Cartoon Network shows not just in the 2010’s but of all time. Me personally I liked this show more then Adventure Time. I really liked Regular Show because of the characters, the comedy, and the episodes but I was not a fan of the whole love triangle thing. Who the hell interrupts a wedding to break up with somebody?! Regular Show was one of those shows where anything could happen and being sent up into the space pretty much completes the shark jumping.

Warning this review has Spoilers so don’t on from this point.

I loved that all these supporting characters such as the baby ducks, death, party pony, and blue ray return and help in the final battle. It’s just like the battle of Hogwarts, the invasion from Avatar, or the fight against Bill Cipher. I love when shows and movie series bring back characters from the past to help in the climax.

When part 3 started it starts with the first episode The Power. I was so shocked and almost mad that Cartoon Network either goofed up and showed the wrong episode or that idea was that the show repeated after Pops and Anti Pops punched. I literally had to check the schedule on my DVR to see what’s going on until I heard Rigby in slow motion say “wait a minute I think we’ve done this before”. Such a clever and hilarious way to start the last part.

The episode ends with Pops sacrificing himself to defeat Anti Pops. It’s really sad that such an innocent character like Pops gets killed off and DOES NOT come back. The dome ends up returning to Earth and everyone goes there separate ways. Mordecai becomes an artist and Rigby marries Eileen. The last scene is Mordecai and Rigby at a park reunion 25 years later talking about Pops and there lives. The ending is both happy and sad and gives a bittersweet feeling to it.

If I had one problem with the ending is that Mordecai ends up meeting this bat girl, marries and has children. It just seemed odd that this random character who had never appeared until the very end becomes Mordecai’s wife. Still it’s probably best then choosing between Margaret or CJ and bringing up the whole love triangle thing which was main problem with the show.

I don’t think it was as spectacular as Gravity Fall’s Take Back the Falls or Avatar’s Sozin’s Comet but it ended on a way that fans of the show can be satisfied with.

+Characters return
+Shocking start to part 3
+Bittersweet ending
-Mordecai’s new girlfriend

Score: A-

Nothing else to say but Jolly Good Show.


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