Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie review


I loved the Captain Underpants books as a kid. So after hearing that Dreamworks was gonna make this into a movie, I was both concerned due to Dreamworks latest movies but also very excited. This came out the same day as Wonder Woman so it wasn’t hard to decide which to see first.I was expecting to like it fine, but after watching it, it’s one of my favorite movies of the year so far.

For an adaption of a children’s book series this was surprisingly faithful. It’s not based on just one of the books, it’s a combination of the books. It features the origin of Captain Underpants from 1, the evil toilet from 2, CU getting powers from 3, and the villain Professor Poopypants from 4. It’s great because it’s doing a complete different story while still staying true to the book. The friendship between George and Harold is really nice and you feel bad for them when Mr.Krupp (who they made more sympathetic here then the books) has to split them up. It does however lead to an obvious all is lost moment when there actually put in separate classes. The scene is just there just so there can be an all is lost moment and it’s not focused on that much.

I was kind of concerned about the casting choices but the actors put a lot of effort into the characters. Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch do a great job as the duo. The comedy is one of the highlights of the movie. This movie is incredibly funny, I was even laughing at a lot of these jokes. There’s fourth wall jokes, toilet humor,  even background jokes, one of my favorite background jokes is that there are two seats outside Mr.Krupp’s office that say reserved George and Harold.

Captain Underpants is probably the funniest and most fun movie of the year so far, which is great because this is the 20th anniversary of the book series. This is also the best Dreamworks animated movie since Kung Fu Panda 3. Fans and even people who haven’t read the books will enjoy this movie.

+George and Harold’s friendship
+Voice acting
-All is lost moment

Score: A-


Spring recap


The Smurfs the Lost Village: The friendship between the four smurfs was nice but that’s about it. C

Fate of the Furious: The best villain of 2017 so far. B+

The Iron Giant: This was showing at Mt Hood theater. I’ll take any opportunity to see a 2D animated movie in theaters. The animation, and story really hold up today. A

Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Fun, emotional, and great tunes. A

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell no Tales: Too similar but fun. C+


Samurai Jack Season 5: Great season, nothing else to say. A+

Steven Bomb 6: Great cliffhanger and plot progression I’ve been looking forward to.

Steven Universe Wanted: Great way to start season 5. I wonder who shattered Pink Diamond?


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales review

Yo Ho Yo Ho A pirate’s life for me

I said in my birthday post weeks ago that I love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The Curse of the Black Pearl is probably a better made movie, Dead Men’s Chest has a special place in my heart.  The ending where we see Barbossa alive and on our side was mind blowing,. Fun fact, my cousin and her husband were in Las Vegas and they got to see this movie at Cinemacon, he said it was really good.

However, I think this one is just OK. There are still some good stuff in them. Jack Sparrow still gives this character life even after five movies. Why else do you think Johnny Depp was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for playing this character? The location of the climax of the movie is really cool. It takes place at the bottom of the ocean. It reminds me a lot of the parting of the red sea from Ten Commandments or Prince of Egypt.

The story is a lot more simple then the other sequels. A bunch a evil pirates want to break a curse. However this does feel too similar to the first movie. Even the new characters seem like repeats from the first one. Henry is just Will Turner (ironic since he is Will Turner’s son), Carina is Elizabeth, and the villain Captain Salamander  is just Barbossa, come to think it, he’s also like Davy Jones. Man, most of the villains in these movies are just cursed pirates. On there own there not bad but The Curse of the Black Pearl exist they feel like copies.

I think Pirates 5 might be better then Stranger’s Tides and maybe At World’s End, but I think the first one and Dead Men’s Chest are still the best in the series. The end credits song “He’s a Pirates” is one of the best end credits themes ever. What better way to end a movie review then to talk about the end credits.

+ Jack Sparrow
+ Climax location
– New characters
+/- Simple though familiar plot

Score: C+

Steven Universe Wanted review

Steven Universe just had it’s season 5 premiere and boy did it start off with a bang. Here are my opinions of each episode.

Stuck Together: My least favorite mostly because I’ve already saw it online weeks ago. I like that they conclude that Lars was  still on the ship since we didn’t him escape in the last episode. Topaz’s almost redemption was cool though her voice does seem unfitting but I guess that’s the idea.

The Trial: My favorite episode of the special and one of my top 10 favorite episodes of the show now. Amy Sedaris as Zircons (lawyers of Homeworld) is great. Steven getting to meet the gems face to face is great. The whole last scene where Blue Zircon starts explaining the flaws in Rose shattering Pink Diamond and that it probably didn’t happened was great. It got me actually questioning who could have done it.

Off Colors: A Jurassic Park reference for the win. Rutile Twins are a really cool deisgn and work well with each other’s heads. Rhodonite might be my least favorite but shows promise. Padparadscha is my favorite of the off colors, the joke that she can predict what already happened is hilarious. Fluorite has my favorite design, she looks like a mix between a giant caterpiller and a Grandmother.

Lars’ Head: I like that the status quo has changed since Lars has to stay on homeworld until they find a way home. We now know that lion was probably just a regular lion that got injured and Rose healed. Some much for my Pink Diamond pearl being lion theory.

Can’t wait to see where this show goes.

Samurai Jack Season 5 review

Got to get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack

Just to get it out of the way, I was not the biggest fan of Samurai Jack when it was out back in 2001, I was too young back then and I wasn’t bothered by it’s cancellation. Then I heard that it was returning on Adult Swim and I decided to give it a try. I decided to wait to review it until the season ended.

The season takes place 50 years after the last season ended. Considering that it’s been 13 years since the show was cancelled, it makes sense to take place years later. Seven daughters of Aku are sent to kill Jack who has lost his sword and hope.  This season is a lot darker then the first four seasons. Airing the show on Adult Swim makes a lot more sense because it can take bigger risks and show more darker visuals and themes.

The first four seasons were mostly episodic and didn’t have an overarching story. Season 5 however has an overarching story which is really welcoming. Each episode doesn’t feel like filler or episodes that if you skipped nothing would change, each episode progresses to story. I also like that they showed cameos of previous characters from the past, therefore connecting those episodes to the whole story. The story is very well done and I got excited after each episode about what was gonna happen next. The animation is really good. Not only because the show had great animation to begin with but because the animation looks almost identical to the other seasons as if it was animated back in 2001. The animation also helps show great and fast paced action. Even the animation get’s dark in this season. The second episode actually shows Jack slicing the neck of one of the daughters of Aku.

The score I’m giving this season all depended on the finale. I heard people say it has flaws but honestly it didn’t disappoint me. It brought back so many characters from previous episodes like the Scotsman, the jumping monkeys, and Spartans. Ashi realizes that being Aku’s daughter gives her the same abilities as Aku and be able to make a time portal so that Jack can return to the past. Jack returns seconds after Aku send Jack into the future. Aku’s death is very satisfying considering we waited 13 years for it.  Someday somebody should upload the first episode and edit in the part where Jack and Ashi return LOL. Sadly Ashi erases from existence but Jack moves on with a better future. It’s bittersweet and a great way to end.

I can’t think of an episode that I would say is my favorite, there all great. The episodes are some of the best the show has ever done. I honestly have no problems with this season at all. Season 5 was an amazing final season to an amazing Cartoon Network show.

+ Great animation
+ Great action
+ Overarching story
+ The finale

Score: A+

Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday again and I’m here to celebrate it with a very personal list. I love Disneyland! I’ve been there so many times I haven’t kept track. There rides have some of the best theming of any ride I ever been on. I can’t wait to show you my top 10 favorite Disneyland rides.

Honorable Mention:
Indiana Jones Adventures: Great effects and a great queue too.
Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: My favorite Fantasy dark ride.

10. California Screamin’: I used to be afraid of loop de loop roller coasters until I was 13, while California Screamin’ is your standard loop de loop roller coaster its still fun.

9. Splash Mountain: Back then I’d always covered my eyes at the final drop. I enjoy the scenery and atmosphere.

8. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: I like the design of the mountain and the train vehicle a lot. Your standard roller coaster but the western theme helps.

7. The Haunted Mansion: The only reason it’s low is because compared to Disney world this version is underwhelming. The effects used are still amazing even now and atmosphere is great.

6. Toy Story Mania: Midways games but without the competitiveness. The games are really fun and engaging.

5. Radiator Springs Racers: Cars Land looks just like the movie. The effects are wonderful and the animatronics are really impressive. It may be like Test Track but it’s still great.

4. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue: The whole different destinations thing is creative and makes the it worth riding again and again. The theming also makes this one of the best simulator rides ever.

3. Soarin’ Over California: I know it’s now Soarin Around the World which I haven’t rode yet but it’s the same ride system so I’m counting it. The music is wonderful and the California scenery is great to look at.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: I love this ride! This has some of the best ride atmosphere I’ve ever seen. The music, animatornics, and theming are also some of Disney’s best and still hold up today. Even after adding Jack Sparrow I still enjoy this ride.

1. Space Mountain: This was one of the very first rides that I wasn’t scared of after riding it. The most perfect roller coaster ever! Everything from the vehicles, music, theming, and the ride itself is perfect. Which makes it my favorite ride at Disneyland

Hope you enjoy the list and leave a comment saying what your favorite Disneyland rides are.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 review

Ooga-chaka Ooga-Ooga,Ooga-chaka Ooga-Ooga (repeat)

Guardians of the Galaxy was my favorite movie of 2014. I still remember watching it in Valencia California (we were going to Six Flags Magic Mountain). The review contains Spoilers so be warned.

This sequel manages to be just as fun as the original. The Sovereign’s battle ships are controlled like playing arcade games, they even have the same arcade sounds. The movie is also very colorful.  The monsters that the guardians fight at the beginning vomits rainbows. Even the locations are really colorful, for example, the planet Contraxia looks incredible. I love the combination of a snowy planet with neon lights, it just looks so creative.

Some of the best stuff in this movie are the characters. The Guardians get a lot of character development and feel like a team more here then the first one. Every character feels like there important to the story and keep it flowing. Rocket and Yondu are definitely the best characters of the movie which is ironic because they both have a lot of scenes together. There’s a big connection between the two and makes for some good chemistry. Spoiler Alert: Even the villain Ego is one of the better ones in the MCU and leads to one of the best third halfs or climaxes in the MCU. If you look closely you can see Ego’s face on the planet. The fight between Peter and Ego is like something out of Dragonball Z. Yondu’s sacrifice at the end is very emotional and a great sendoff for an enjoyable character.

My main problem with the movie is the post credit scenes. Not that there bad but there did not need to be 5 of them. Only two build up to the next movie, the rest are mostly gag scenes. The first one deals with Kraglin messing with Yondu’s arrow and accidentally hitting Drax. This just came after ending where the Guardians and ravagers give a send off to there fallen hero.

I think Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is fun addition to the MCU and is just as great as the first one.

+The characters
+Fun moments
+Visually great
+Third Half
– Post credit scenes

Score: A

March recap

Sorry for delaying the recap. I was planning on combining March with April and May but since there are a lot of movies this month I decided to split the recap.


Logan: Though a little too grusome for me but still a great sendoff to Woulverine. B

Kong Skull Island: Very good visuals. B

Beauty and the Beast: Not as good as the orignal but not bad either. B-

Power Rangers: Not enough of the power ranges suits but a nice start to a film series. Krispy Kreme! C+

The Boss Baby: I predicted this would suck, it did. D


The Fate of the Furious review

Warning there are spoilers in this review so don’t be furious (wink).

I’m not a fan of this series but watching the trailer made me want to know why Dom was betraying his family. Thankfully this movie gave Dom a actually good reason. Spoiler Alert: While Letty was missing Dom dated Elena until Letty returned. It turns out that Elena had a baby and now Cipher is keeping her and her baby hostage so that Dom can do her bidding. The scene where Dom meets his baby boy for the first time is heartbreaking.

Ever had one of those villains that you really wanted to be defeated just by how vile they are? That’s where Cipher comes in. Charlize Theron is wonderful as Cipher. She’s smart, threatening, and able to control an army of zombie cars. There’s something so evil about villains using blackmail on heroes to betray friends or family. I also liked how the villain was also the one who employed Owen Shaw and Jakande, connecting those films together. It reminded me of Spectre. Cipher might be the best villain of the year so far. 

The highlight for me was the last half of the movie. Not just the submarine chase but also how Dom manages to defeat Cipher. Earlier Dom shoots Deckard but it turns out that he’s still alive. Dom gets the help of Deckard, his brother Owen, their mother, and Tego and Rico from a previous film. He even gets the help of the guy who raced Dom at the beginning of the film which ties together perfectly. It’s incredible that Dom manages to plan out all this and showing that’s he’s as smart as he is at driving.

The only flaws I can find are that the movie is over the top at times. There’s a scene at the end where Dom’s gang shield Dom from the submarine explosion. Still The Fate of the Furious is very fun and action packed.

+Dom’s reason
+The action
+The third half
-Too over the top and unrealistic

Score: B+

Smurfs The Lost Village review

Even from watching the trailers I could tell this was gonna be better than the first two Smurfs movies even if I thankfully never saw those movies. The animation is a lot better and looks just like the cartoon and comics. Gargamel is thankfully animated instead of live action though did they have to give him a bird henchmen when he already has the cat?

I think the positive stuff I found in this movie were from the characters. Team Smurf which consists of Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy and Clumsy do share a really nice friendship and work on each other very well. I also liked some of the female smurfs when they get to the lost village. Smurf Blossom is enjoyable and Smurf Storm is pretty badass.

The negatives however were definitely in the last half of the movie. The third half also feels rushed. Gargamel captures the smurfs (why am I not surprised?) and Smurfette decides to pledge her loyalty to him as a trick because she can absorb his magic. It goes by very quick and doesn’t leave an impact. Than comes the cliche death cop out. Smurfette returns back to her clay form. I thought she would return a few seconds later but there’s literally a scene where they take her body back to the village and they all hold hands and weep for her. She does come back to life (again not surprised) by the power of friendship. I felt that is should have happened back at Gargamel’s lair instead and we all have seen that scene where the hero dies but turns out to be okay so many times.

Throughout the movie there are pop songs that are really distracting. An example is when the smurfs are hanging out at the lost village. The pop song used is “I’m Blue”. I like the song but it’s only used just because the smurfs are blue.

All I can say is that it’s better then the other Smurfs movies but that doesn’t say much. The bright side is that I did get to see a teaser for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic the Movie.

+Better animation
+Team Smurf
+Female smurfs
-Pop songs
-Rushed third half
-Cliche death cop out

Score: C