My Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

Happy New Year!  Now that 2018 has begun here are my top 10 most anticipated movies of 2018 and my reasons why I’m excited for them.

10. Solo: A Star Wars Story– Why: It’s Star Wars so I’m game though it’s weird that there hasn’t been a trailer yet.

9. Mortal Engines– Why: Just found out about this recently. It looks like a steampunk version of Mad Max Fury Road which seems promising.

8. The Happytime Murders– Why: Another movie I found out about recently. Jim Henson’s company is involved and the premise feel like Who Framed Roger Rabbit (one of my favorite movies) with puppets.

7. Black Panther– Why: Black Panther was cool in Civil War and I think he’ll be cool in his own movie too.

6. Ant-Man and the Wasp– Why: I placed this over Black Panther because I know less about Ant Man 2. I think the less we know so far the more excited we are.

5. Deadpool 2– Why: It’s Deadpool, enough said.

4. Ready Player One– Why: It’s directed by my favorite director Steven Spielberg, has so many references like the Iron Giant in it, and it’s cool to see Steven direct fictional stories again.

3. Avengers: Infinity War– Why: I was worried due to there being so many superheroes in one movie. But after watching the trailer (which was awesome!) I got incredibly excited.

1/2. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2– Why: We have not seen a Disney animated sequel since The Rescuers Down Under (unless Winnie the Pooh counts) and the fact there every Disney princess (and their original voices) are going to be in it.

1/2. Incredibles 2– Why: I don’t think I’ve ever been excited for the Pixar movie since Toy Story 3. I think I’m mostly excited because I want to know what the plot, new characters, and new villains are. The Incredibles feels like the Pixar movie that deserves a sequel the most.


Holiday recap

Thor Ragnarok: Incredibly funny and entertaining conclusion to the Thor trilogy. A

Murder on the Orient Express:Wonderful performance by Kenneth Branagh. B

Justice League: Great heroes but weak villain. B-

Coco: Best animated movie of 2017 with a great world and great songs. A

Star Wars the Last Jedi: A great continuation to Star Wars. A+

Ferdinand: Your basic animated movie for kids, and also the goat is really annoying. C-

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: A fun time waster with fun video game references. B

The Greatest Showman: Hugh Jackman’s character arc is nice but the pop songs in the time period seems distracting. B-

Star vs the Forces of Evil: I love how it reverses the status quo. First season had Star on Earth and now Marco is on Mewni. Also Monster Bash has an awesome reveal to one of the characters.

Steven Universe: Good to see Steven again though these episodes were kind of depressing.

Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie: Great conclusion to my favorite Nickelodeon show. A

A Christmas Story Live: I though it was a fun retelling of the classic movie.

Be sure to check my blog soon for my top 10 most anticipated movies of 2018 and my top 10 favorite movies of 2017 lists.

Thank you to everyone who’s followed my blog and have a Happy New Year.


Star Wars the Last Jedi review

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

FYI, this is a Spoiler filled review. Also Merry Christmas, and what better way to celebrate this holiday than to talk about the most anticipated movie of the year, Star Wars the Last Jedi. It has a very dark tone compared to the rest of the movies since a lot of characters die and has some deep themes. There are still some fun moments like on Canto Bright which is think is a really cool location. The two things that stood out to me were the acting and actions.

The three actors that really stood out to me were Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, and Daisy Ripley. Rey and Kylo have great moments together but what stood out to me in there acting was when they both talk to each other using the force. The angles and editing in those scenes make it look like there talking to each other in the same room. I also like that both struggle from falling to their opposite sides. Rey gets too close to the dark side while Ben gets too close to the light side. Mark Hamill is at his most tragic and emotional as Luke Skywalker. His final scene is a great conclusion to his arc and a beautiful call back to the first Star Wars movie. Carrie Fisher was also great as Princess Leia even though this was her last movie and Yoda was a great surprise.

The actions scenes are incredible. Holdo ramming Snoke’s starship at lightspeed with her ship was probably the most badass sacrifice in any Star Wars movie! I love how the Battle of Crait has the colors white and red to represent blood. I did however feel that it looked more like a middle of a movie battle rather than the climax but Luke’s duel with Kylo was a great climax to the climax. I think me and my brother’s favorite fight was with Rey and Kylo Ren vs Snoke’s guards because the choreography is great and it’s awesome seeing two opposite sides working together.

Big Spoilers: My main problem with this movie were some of the reveals and twists though it’s mostly out of anticipation rather than presentation. Rey’s parents turn out to be nobodies who sold her for alcohol, Kylo Ren kills Snoke and becomes the main villain. At first they seemed odd but thinking over them they kind of work. We don’t learn anything about Snoke but to be fair we didn’t know much about the emperor before the prequels. I was expecting Kylo Ren to have a redemption arc but it’s like what Garnet said in Message Received “Not everyone deserves that patience”. Rey’s parents being nobody’s shows that the main character doesn’t have to have a tragic backstory to be a good protagonist.

There are elements from The Empire Strikes Back but it still feels like a new movie than a repeat like Force Awakens. The Last Jedi is just as great as The Force Awakens maybe even better and it made me excited for Episode IX. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

+ Action scenes
+ Canto Bright
+ Dark tone
+ Great acting
+/- Plot twists

Score: A+

May the Force be with you
Carrie Fisher

Ranking the Star Wars movies

The Last Jedi has just released in theaters and I’m planning on seeing it tomorrow. For the last few months I have watched every movie in the series to get a fresh eye on them. I will also not be ranking the Clones Wars movie (which I did see in theaters) and even if I did it would’ve ranked last place anyway.

  1. Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Looking at the other Star Wars movie there was at least something special about each of them except for episode II. The characters are dull, the story is dull, and the action scenes are dull. Count Dooku is kind of cool but that’s mostly because Christopher Lee is a great actor. Was it ever George Lucas’s idea to have Boba Fett and the Stormtroopers have a connection? Episode II just felt like a generic Star Wars movie.

  1. Episode I – The Phantom Menace

The movie that made people realize that Star Wars can suck. It’s impossible to see Jack Lloyd playing who will become Darth Vader and he’s too young to be with Natalie Portman (I think Dipper and Wendy have a better chance than these guys). I guess I do like the climax of the movie because it combines all types of Star Wars battles like a space battle, an army battle, and a lightsaber battle. Also Jar Jar sucks.

  1. Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Best prequel film though that doesn’t say much. Grievous felt unnecessary (Genndy Tartakovsky did him justice), too much politics and I don’t get Anakin’s reason for turning bad. There are still good stuff though. The movie feels much bigger and darker (though mostly in visuals than themes) than the other movies and I also like how everything reached its lowest point with the Jedi dying, the republic turning into the empire, and Anakin turning into Darth Vader.

  1. Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

I think my main problem was moving from the stuff with Jabba’s palace to Endor felt like two separate stories felt odd.  Another problem is the 2nd Death Star because it’s just another Death Star. The first thing you literally see is the 2nd Death Star and there was no build up to it. The best part about the movie is the stuff with Luke, Darth Vader and the Emperor. Return of the Jedi was a great conclusion to a great trilogy and for a while to a great series.

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Ever heard of the movie that fixed an old plot hole? Rogue One is that movie. This was a very different Star Wars movie but it still has the feel as one. The movie took a lot of risks like killing off all the main characters. There’s so much stuff that’s awesome about Rogue One. K-2SO is awesome, Darth Vader is awesome, and the climax is one of the best in the series. For a stand-alone Star Wars movie, they still put there all into it.

  1. Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

I know this is considered the best, I just like my top 2 more. The narrative is incredibly different and darker from the first one which makes it more like a continuation rather than a repeat. It wasn’t about destroying an evil weapon it felt more trying to escape from the villain and learning about the force. I like that the planets are different in terms of color and environment. The Father twist is great, Darth Vader is a great villain and everything else is great at progressing the characters, galaxy, and story.

  1. Episode VII – The Force Awakens

One of my favorite movie experiences was seeing The Force Awakens at Las Vegas with my Dad on opening day. Seeing The Force Awakens was like seeing the original back in 1977. It introduces new characters that are not killed off therefore we can see them develop later and I think it has the best use of balancing CGI with practical effects. Sure Episode VII did do the same story from A New Hope but I think the ideas was to remind us of how grand Star Wars was and that it can be grand again.

  1. Episode IV – A New Hope

The one that started it all. Why is it my favorite? Because Episode IV is one of the best examples of the Hero’s Journey. I think I also like this movie because it feels the most complete and most standalone from the others because there’s no cliffhangers and everything wraps up nicely. Though if that happened we wouldn’t have had such a wonderful movie series. Episode IV established great characters, a great setting (or galaxy), great music and great moments that we knew and loved for 40 years and more years to come which is why it’s my favorite Star Wars movie.

Where will The Last Jedi rank? I’ll just have to trust the force and see what happens.

Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie review

I bet an executive at Nickelodeon heard that Cartoon Network was bringing back Samurai Jack and he was wondering how they can top that, Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie was their answer.  In case you didn’t read my top 10 favorite Nicktoons list click here.

If you did you’ll know that Hey Arnold is my favorite Nicktoon show. I’ve been looking forward to this all year, heck anticipating this (and The Last Jedi) got me through Steven Universe’s longest hiatus. The movie is very faithful to the show because of its callbacks, the music, and animation.  The animation is wonderful and I’m glad Nickelodeon put effort into updating but not too much the animation and style. The character designs have updated but they still look like the characters we knew and love and the backgrounds still look like the same neighborhood that we love too.

Big Spoilers: The movie answers all the questions fans have wondered like what Arnold’s last name is, who the green eyes people are, or where his parents are. It turns out that Arnold’s last name is Shortman. His Grampa has called him Shortman a few times but we assumed it was just a nickname. This is smart and clever because it would have been cheap just to think of some random last name. Back then I always assumed Arnold’s parents were dead, but I was young and I didn’t know that the show would be back. It’s revealed that his parents fell under the sleeping sickness and have been asleep for years. The scene at the end where Arnold is running passing by awaking green eyed people is great due to its build up and when he finally reunites with this parents, it’s emotionally brilliant.

La Sombra is kind of the weak villain because he has no motive to what he’s doing unlike Scheck (though it was a stupid motive) but he’s still intimidating for this kind of the cartoon and is played very well by Alfred Molina. I was almost fooled to think that Eduardo was secretly La Sombra the whole time and was responsible for Arnold’s parents’ disappearance, but I’m glad they didn’t go in that direction. It’s also kind of cool that the villain gets killed off in the end (you know for kids).

Problems I have are mostly minor. One was when after Arnold’s grandparents and Helga’s parents come and save the students. After that they Arnold’s classmates except Gerald and Helga just disappear from the rest of the movie until the very end. Helga’s family gets it worst because they disappear completely and never show up again. Another problem is when Arnold wakes up at the end of the movie making it feel like the whole movie was just a dream. That’s would have been a complete dick move from Nickelodeon if they went in that direction.

Do I think there should be a season 6? Honestly no, I think it ended on a good note. Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie brought back the nostalgia and conclusion to a wonderful Nickel

+ Animation
+ Faithfulness
+ Questions answered
+/- La Sombra
– Dream fake-out
– Supporting cast dropped

Score: A

Coco review

Here’s what The Book of Life and Coco have in common. They both take place in the land of the dead and that’s about it. Seriously it’s like saying The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo are the same just because they have fish in it. I’ll be frank with you, I knew this would be better than Cars 3 even before watching it, and after watching it, I was not surprised that it was better.

The Land of the Dead is a great setting. The buildings look cool and the colors really pop out. The world building is also great because the movie does explain how this world works and it’s easy to understand quickly. Details like having your photo on your family’s ofrenda lets you visit the living, alebrijes acting as spirit animals, and the final death help build this world Pixar has created.

Miguel is a likable main character and you do support his dream of playing music. Hector is also a likeable character who has a great design and the animation on his body makes for really fun moments. To me Miguel and Hector are the real standouts in the cast and there’s a surprising connections between them. I think my main problem with the movie is the villain, Ernesto de la Cruz. First off, he’s another surprise villain (as if we didn’t have enough from Disney), and two it’s just a retread of the villain from Up (both protagonists idolize the antagonist).  I think Charles Muntz was better because he didn’t start off as evil but years of obsession have turned him evil, Ernesto was just greedy and was willing to murder Hector to get famous.

The songs are great but I think Remember Me is definitely the standout song and will get nominated or even win the Oscar for best song. There’s two reasons why Remember Me stands out to me. Not only because every version of the song is great but also because the song actually has importance in the plot. Spoilers from here: What was the most popular song Ernesto sung was originally a lullaby for Hector’s daughter Coco. At the end of the movie, Hector starts to disappear due to Coco starting to forget him so Miguel races back home and tries to play Remember Me to her great grandmother in order for Hector to not disappear. I think it’s very clever and leads to an emotional moment at the end.

Coco is definitely the best animated movie 2017 and a shoe-in at winning the Oscar for Best Animated Film this year.

+ Miguel and Hector
+ The land of the dead
+ The songs
– The villain

Score: A

Before I finish here’s my thoughts on Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. It’s cute but did it have to be 20 minutes long?! Either shorten the short or show it on TV. Though it was cool to hear John De Lancie aka Discord in it.

Justice League review

Let’s face it, considering the success of Marvel, the anticipation for the movie was low for me. But I saw it anyway because it’s cool to see Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg on the screen for the first time. Thank god, it also had a shorter running time.

I want to talk about the opening scene first since hey it is the opening of the movie of course. It starts off with Superman talking to some kids about is the S on his suit which stands for hope. It then cuts to after Superman’s death showing landmarks with his logo while “Everybody Knows” plays.  It’s a nice and tragic way to show how people reacted to his death. Is it just me or are the best parts of Zack Synder’s movies the opening credits?

Speaking of the best parts of movies. The best thing about Justice League is well the Justice League themselves. For a superhero movie like this I think the most important thing to get right is the heroes themselves. They all have variety in terms of powers and abilities, the actors were nicely picked and even the costumes look great too. Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are still great as Batman and Wonder Woman. Aquaman was badass and funny and Cyborg was cool too though I see Cyborg more like a Teen Titan rather than a Justice League member. I think my favorite was the Flash. He’s awkward, funny, and the visual effects on his running are different from Quicksilver from Marvel. Even Superman was good in this even though he’s not in it that much. While the heroes do keep the film nicely together the villain however does not. Steppenwolf is just your generic destroy or concur the world or something like that I don’t care villain, he’s boring, he’s bland and who even knows who this guy is in the comic?

The story was clunky which honestly does not surprise me. Something about a cgi villain who was defeated by Amazons, Atlantians, humans and Green Lanturns (which was a nice touch) looking for three boxes that contain power or something. I also think the story was predictable because I knew that a villain would show up, Batman forms a team, Superman comes back to life, they fight and defeat the villain, The End. So yeah the story isn’t anything new. Fortunately the movie is a lot more lighthearted than the other DCEU movies. Sure it does look dark grey, but it has more light humor and is fun at times. I watched this with a full audience and a lot people were laughing at the jokes. It wasn’t Thor Ragnarok funny but it was a nice change of pace for DC. I remember people cheering when Superman showed up in his brightly colored suit at the end.

I am not sure whether this or Wonder Woman is better but there pretty neck to neck together. Justice League is proably the most fun of the DCEU movies and gives hope to the series.

+The heroes themselves
-Clunky and predictable

Score: B-

My Top 10 favorite Nicktoons

Nick Nick Nick Nick na Nick Nick Nick Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie will premiere on Nickelodeon one week from today, so what better time than now to list my top 10 favorite Nicktoons? Me personally I’ve been more of a Cartoon Network guy but Nickelodeon has had it’s great cartoons too. Also these are based on my personal opinion.

10. The Legend of Korra: I really like Korra’s character development, starting as tough and abrasive to more wiser. I think it’s summed in one line from the episode Enemy at the Gates “Fighting is something the old me would do. That always made things worse. Let me talk with Kuvira. Maybe I can reason with her”.

9. KaBlam!: An very underrated show. Kablam is a show with different segments with different animation and style. Segments like Promethius and Bob and Action League Now are creative. It’s a little dated but still has nostalgia. My favorite segment is with the hosts Henry and June.

8. The Loud House: I’ve already talked about this show so I keep it short. I kind of compare this to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Both can be mean spirited at times but still has charm and a cute animation style.

7. Danny Phantom: This is what happens if you mix Ghostbusters with Spider Man. Didn’t see much of season 3 but I really do like season 1 and 2. I really do like Butch Hartman’s animation style and the theme song is badass and catchy. Am I the only one who thinks The Fairy OddParents and Danny Phantom take place in the same universe?

6. The Fairly OddParents: I think this show went down harder than SpongeBob. Before it was stripped of it’s pride, Fairy OddParents was a fun show. It’s pretty much what if the fairy godmother from Cinderella was married and was a TV show. It even had some great TV movies such as Abra Catastrophe, Channel Chasers, and Wishology.

5. Rocko’s Modern Life: Rocko’s Modern Life a very fun, and very wacky cartoon. It has so many innuendos that both kids and adults can laugh at. Wacky Delly is a way better show than Teen Titans Go. Also I will review Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling when it airs in 2018.

4. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: A animated series based on an animated movie that I think is just as good if not better than the movie. The CGI for the time was really good and the ideas were creative. The show also introduced the great cartoon character ever, Bolbi! Slap Slap Slap Clap Clap Clap.

3. SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob is sort of the Mickey Mouse of Nickelodeon. He’s practically there mascot. I know SpongeBob hasn’t been as good as it started but that doesn’t mean I can ignore the old episodes and boy were the old episodes wonderful. Who could forget Pinhead, chocolate! or Sweet Victory? Let’s face it old SpongeBob might be the great Nickelodeon show ever!

2. Avatar: the Last Airbender: Thank you so much Nostalgia Critic for getting me to watch this show. It’s one of the most cinematic cartoons I’ve ever seen and in my opinion this is the Star Wars of cartoons. It has a great story, great characters, great world-building, comedy, and drama. It’s pretty much the perfect cartoon! This was at one point my favorite Nickelodeon show but after thinking it over, there is one other show that fits my interest more.

And my number 1 favorite Nickelodeon cartoon is……………………..

1. Hey Arnold: This isn’t just because the Jungle Movie is coming out. I remember watching it as a kid and even seeing the movie in theaters. In 2012 I discovered NickSplat which showed reruns of old cartoons and Hey Arnold is the one I watch the most. There’s just something about Hey Arnold that feels very down to earth and laid back yet still fun. The characters surrounding the city get there moment to shine and the show has great music. SpongeBob may be more memorable and Avatar may be more perfect but personally Hey Arnold is the Nicktoon I love the most.

What are your favorite Nicktoons? Feel free to comment and I’ll see you next week when I’ll see you all in the jungle. 😉

Thor Ragnarok review

I’m Thor, you’re Thor? Well it hurt
Once again, this whole broadcast has been brought to you by sand! It’s everywhere!

Thor Ragnarok is the third and final Thor movie and Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of 2017. Thor 3 is the very first MCU movie to have a main female antagonist Hela, so I’ll talk about her first. It is refreshing to see a main female antagonist in the Marvel movie and Cate Blanchett put a lot of effort and ham to make this character enjoyable. Doug Walker said in his review of this movie that every green MCU villain (Loki, Vulture, and Hela) are the good ones and he’s kind of right.

Sakaar is a really cool location. I like the design, the use of colors, the music, the costumes, The Grandmaster and Valkyrior are good additions and Korg steals the show whenever he’s on screen. The Incredible Hulk also steals the show and I like that he actually speaks clearly when he’s green. Pretty much anything on Sakaar is great. It’s a way better setting than the desert or Svartalfheim.

The comedy in the movie is really funny.  I think the first joke that really made me laugh my ass off was when Thor returns to Asgard and finds Loki “disguised as Odin” watching a play on Loki’s death (I won’t give away who plays Loki). Thor greets “Odin” and Odin replies “Oh Shit”. The way Anthony Hopkins delivers that line is hilarious. I don’t want to mention any more jokes because 1. I don’t want to spoil them, 2. If I were to talk about these jokes this would take too much time. Also Doctor Strange’s scene was great, just check it out.

While the movie is funny it does lead to my main problem with the movie. When I first heard about Thor Ragnarok it said that it was going to be darker and edgier. I was thinking it would be kind of like the Gravity Falls episode Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, mostly void of humor and setting up the finale. This problem mostly out of expectation than what we got. Thor 3 at least take risks in changing the status quo. Spoiler Warning from here on: Odin dies, Thor’s hammer is destroyed, Thor loses his eye, Asgard is destroyed, and worse of all Thor’s hair gets cut. Curse you Stan Lee cameo! There no oh his hammer is fixed or Odin comes back to life scenarios that fix the status quo, everything is changed and I really like the risks it took in the end.

This is definitely my favorite Thor movie and maybe my favorite Marvel movie of 2017. It’s one of the most fun and hilarious Marvel movies and a great conclusion to the Thor trilogy.

+Status quo change
+The humor
-Lack of dark tone

Score: A

Autumn recap

Happy Halloween Everybody!


Logan Lucky: A fun heist film, though I think it went on little too long after the heist. B-

It: Richie is the best! As for an adaptation, It was pretty good. WA HA WA HA WA HA WA HA. B

Kingsman The Golden Circle: Not as good as the first, but still fun. A-

The Lego Ninjago Movie: Honestly a mediocre movie to sell toys. C

My Little Pony the Movie: It did not deserve a score lower than The Emoji Movie on IGN. B-

Blade Runner 2049: Looks great, but it’s slow, long, and not enough action. C+


Rick and Morty: The finale was a bit of a disappointment but the season did have my absolute favorite episode of the series so far The Ricklantis Mixup.

Bojack Horseman Season 4: Great continuation of the series that dealt more about family than fame. A

I don’t normally do this but, My Mom, her sisters, Grandma and I went to New York City. Papa was suppose to go but couldn’t so I took his place. I saw four Broadway shows there. These are listed in the order I saw them (and also from worst to best ironically).

Bronx Tale: Really good actors playing there roles. To quote the name of one of the songs. I Like It 😉

Hello Dolly!: It was cool to see actors I’ve seen in movies like Bette Midler and David Hyde Pierce. Bette by the way stole the show.

School of Rock: Never saw the movie until after I saw the show. The kids were great especially since they actually played the instruments.

Aladdin: The actor playing the Genie was great and the magic carpet was amazing.

Holiday Season here I come!