My Top 10 favorite Nicktoons

Nick Nick Nick Nick na Nick Nick Nick Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie will premiere on Nickelodeon one week from today, so what better time than now to list my top 10 favorite Nicktoons? Me personally I’ve been more of a Cartoon Network guy but Nickelodeon has had it’s great cartoons too. Also these are based on my personal opinion.

10. The Legend of Korra: I really like Korra’s character development, starting as tough and abrasive to more wiser. I think it’s summed in one line from the episode Enemy at the Gates “Fighting is something the old me would do. That always made things worse. Let me talk with Kuvira. Maybe I can reason with her”.

9. KaBlam!: An very underrated show. Kablam is a show with different segments with different animation and style. Segments like Promethius and Bob and Action League Now are creative. It’s a little dated but still has nostalgia. My favorite segment is with the hosts Henry and June.

8. The Loud House: I’ve already talked about this show so I keep it short. I kind of compare this to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Both can be mean spirited at times but still has charm and a cute animation style.

7. Danny Phantom: This is what happens if you mix Ghostbusters with Spider Man. Didn’t see much of season 3 but I really do like season 1 and 2. I really do like Butch Hartman’s animation style and the theme song is badass and catchy. Am I the only one who thinks The Fairy OddParents and Danny Phantom take place in the same universe?

6. The Fairly OddParents: I think this show went down harder than SpongeBob. Before it was stripped of it’s pride, Fairy OddParents was a fun show. It’s pretty much what if the fairy godmother from Cinderella was married and was a TV show. It even had some great TV movies such as Abra Catastrophe, Channel Chasers, and Wishology.

5. Rocko’s Modern Life: Rocko’s Modern Life a very fun, and very wacky cartoon. It has so many innuendos that both kids and adults can laugh at. Wacky Delly is a way better show than Teen Titans Go. Also I will review Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling when it airs in 2018.

4. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: A animated series based on an animated movie that I think is just as good if not better than the movie. The CGI for the time was really good and the ideas were creative. The show also introduced the great cartoon character ever, Bolbi! Slap Slap Slap Clap Clap Clap.

3. SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob is sort of the Mickey Mouse of Nickelodeon. He’s practically there mascot. I know SpongeBob hasn’t been as good as it started but that doesn’t mean I can ignore the old episodes and boy were the old episodes wonderful. Who could forget Pinhead, chocolate! or Sweet Victory? Let’s face it old SpongeBob might be the great Nickelodeon show ever!

2. Avatar: the Last Airbender: Thank you so much Nostalgia Critic for getting me to watch this show. It’s one of the most cinematic cartoons I’ve ever seen and in my opinion this is the Star Wars of cartoons. It has a great story, great characters, great world-building, comedy, and drama. It’s pretty much the perfect cartoon! This was at one point my favorite Nickelodeon show but after thinking it over, there is one other show that fits my interest more.

And my number 1 favorite Nickelodeon cartoon is……………………..

1. Hey Arnold: This isn’t just because the Jungle Movie is coming out. I remember watching it as a kid and even seeing the movie in theaters. In 2012 I discovered NickSplat which showed reruns of old cartoons and Hey Arnold is the one I watch the most. There’s just something about Hey Arnold that feels very down to earth and laid back yet still fun. The characters surrounding the city get there moment to shine and the show has great music. SpongeBob may be more memorable and Avatar may be more perfect but personally Hey Arnold is the Nicktoon I love the most.

What are your favorite Nicktoons? Feel free to comment and I’ll see you next week when I’ll see you all in the jungle. 😉


Thor Ragnarok review

I’m Thor, you’re Thor? Well it hurt
Once again, this whole broadcast has been brought to you by sand! It’s everywhere!

Thor Ragnarok is the third and final Thor movie and Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of 2017. Thor 3 is the very first MCU movie to have a main female antagonist Hela, so I’ll talk about her first. It is refreshing to see a main female antagonist in the Marvel movie and Cate Blanchett put a lot of effort and ham to make this character enjoyable. Doug Walker said in his review of this movie that every green MCU villain (Loki, Vulture, and Hela) are the good ones and he’s kind of right.

Sakaar is a really cool location. I like the design, the use of colors, the music, the costumes, The Grandmaster and Valkyrior are good additions and Korg steals the show whenever he’s on screen. The Incredible Hulk also steals the show and I like that he actually speaks clearly when he’s green. Pretty much anything on Sakaar is great. It’s a way better setting than the desert or Svartalfheim.

The comedy in the movie is really funny.  I think the first joke that really made me laugh my ass off was when Thor returns to Asgard and finds Loki “disguised as Odin” watching a play on Loki’s death (I won’t give away who plays Loki). Thor greets “Odin” and Odin replies “Oh Shit”. The way Anthony Hopkins delivers that line is hilarious. I don’t want to mention any more jokes because 1. I don’t want to spoil them, 2. If I were to talk about these jokes this would take too much time. Also Doctor Strange’s scene was great, just check it out.

While the movie is funny it does lead to my main problem with the movie. When I first heard about Thor Ragnarok it said that it was going to be darker and edgier. I was thinking it would be kind of like the Gravity Falls episode Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, mostly void of humor and setting up the finale. This problem mostly out of expectation than what we got. Thor 3 at least take risks in changing the status quo. Spoiler Warning from here on: Odin dies, Thor’s hammer is destroyed, Thor loses his eye, Asgard is destroyed, and worse of all Thor’s hair gets cut. Curse you Stan Lee cameo! There no oh his hammer is fixed or Odin comes back to life scenarios that fix the status quo, everything is changed and I really like the risks it took in the end.

This is definitely my favorite Thor movie and maybe my favorite Marvel movie of 2017. It’s one of the most fun and hilarious Marvel movies and a great conclusion to the Thor trilogy.

+Status quo change
+The humor
-Lack of dark tone

Score: A

Autumn recap

Happy Halloween Everybody!


Logan Lucky: A fun heist film, though I think it went on little too long after the heist. B-

It: Richie is the best! As for an adaptation, It was pretty good. WA HA WA HA WA HA WA HA. B

Kingsman The Golden Circle: Not as good as the first, but still fun. A-

The Lego Ninjago Movie: Honestly a mediocre movie to sell toys. C

My Little Pony the Movie: It did not deserve a score lower than The Emoji Movie on IGN. B-

Blade Runner 2049: Looks great, but it’s slow, long, and not enough action. C+


Rick and Morty: The finale was a bit of a disappointment but the season did have my absolute favorite episode of the series so far The Ricklantis Mixup.

Bojack Horseman Season 4: Great continuation of the series that dealt more about family than fame. A

I don’t normally do this but, My Mom, her sisters, Grandma and I went to New York City. Papa was suppose to go but couldn’t so I took his place. I saw four Broadway shows there. These are listed in the order I saw them (and also from worst to best ironically).

Bronx Tale: Really good actors playing there roles. To quote the name of one of the songs. I Like It 😉

Hello Dolly!: It was cool to see actors I’ve seen in movies like Bette Midler and David Hyde Pierce. Bette by the way stole the show.

School of Rock: Never saw the movie until after I saw the show. The kids were great especially since they actually played the instruments.

Aladdin: The actor playing the Genie was great and the magic carpet was amazing.

Holiday Season here I come!

MLP FIM Season 7 Finale Shadow Play review

Today MLP FIM season 7 has just concluded. While I do think this season was a little underwhelming (they didn’t even do a two-parter premiere) it did managed to end on a high note.

We finally get to see Star Swirl the Bearded after 7 seasons of mentions. Star Swirl shows that just because he’s powerful doesn’t mean he doesn’t have flaws and I kind of like that. The pillars being characters that we saw earlier in the season was so clever because it would have more cheap and easier to make up new characters. Episodes like Campfire Tales, Daring Done?, and A Health of Information which seemed like regular episodes actually connect. It’s fun to look back and realize that a regular episode could actually have some significance later. It’s also cool that pillars are staying, which now gives new possibilities to use them in the future.

I mentioned in my MLP movie review that two-parters only focus on the mane 6, spike, Starlight, and the princesses? This one did bring in a few character like Garble, Daring Do and even the dazzlings that you wouldn’t expect to be in a two-parter.

I also like how this two-parter deconstructs banishing the villain. The Pony of Shadow’s story is much more interesting than his character. Stygian didn’t want to steal power from pillars but rather become powerful to be by there side but being kicked out made him turn into the Pony of Shadows. In the end Twilight and the others talk to Stygian and help him overcome his hate. MLP FIM has pretty good lessons showing that some villains can be good, while also showing that villains like Queen Chrysalis just won’t listen.

I noticing that just like season 6 an now 7, the season finales are the best episodes of their seasons. I still look forward to season 8 when it comes out next year.

Verdict: A

My Top 20 Favorite Orlando Rides

The handsome fellow you see above is me. I’ve been to Orlando six times so far and I’ve enjoy every time I’ve been there. Fun Fact: we saw Terminater 2 3d on its last day. I decided after getting back to do a top 20 favorite rides from Orlando with pictures taken by myself. These rides are ranked in terms of nostalgia, theming, creativity, fun, and personal reasons. Have fun reading.

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My Little Pony The Movie review

I’m back from Orlando! Had a great time and now I getting ready to write my top 20 favorite Orlando rides. It will take me some time to think it out but it’ll be worth it. For now I want to review a movie that I’ve waited to see since I left home.

I was excited for this not just because MLP FIM is one of my favorite cartoons, but also because it’s a 2d animated movie. The last fully 2d animated movie I remember seeing was Winnie the Pooh which was in 2011 (Sponge Out of Water had live action). Watching a 2d movie in the theater now is like watching one of those once every 100 years comets. I’ve always been excited when movies based on cartoons like the Nickelodeon movies came to theaters. If it was all computer animated then I wouldn’t have been excited.

The animation is really good. Though Canterlot does look a bit odd compared to the one in the TV show. At first I thought the character designs of the Mane 6 looked a bit too cutesy but they still had good expressions and smooth animation. Though is it me or does the animation style seem similar to Penn Zero Part Time Hero? Still, I wasn’t really bothered by the animation because it was just nice to see 2d on the big screen again.

The new characters do have good designs and actors that put their best into their roles. Voice and design aside however they are kind of weak. The Storm King only shows up for a stupid skype joke and the 3rd half of the movie. The new characters the Mane 6 come across in one scene and then come together in the climax, it doesn’t give us enough time to get to know them, and Songbird was just Sia as a pony. I think Tempest was the strongest new character.

The songs were also kind of weak. I went to the bathroom during a few of the songs because they weren’t that catchy or memorable. The only song I think was good was Open your eyes mostly because it did tell Tempest backstory and had an epic feel to it. Come to think of it, Tempest Shadow is one of the strongest things about this movie. I like that she has a broken horn (it must be really painful to break one).

A problem I do have which is also a problem I have with the two-parters in the show is that the supporting characters such as the Cutie Mark crusaders, Starlight Glimmer and others are only background characters. The Two-parters only focus on the Mane 6, Spike, the princesses, and the villain. This is a movie based on a cartoon with many characters, they could have had some of them play a role in the story but to be fair a lot of supporting characters do get cameos. Still did they really have to exclude Discord?!

If you’re wondering yes I do think this is better than all of the Equestria Girls movies. I do think the film is just ok but too be fair most movies based on cartoons are just ok too.  I would recommend this obviously for bronies and fans of the show.

+Tempest Shadow
+/- New characters
-Weak Songs
-Show characters

Score: B-


100th Post!

Yes! I’ve finally reached 100 posts and what a better time than now because I’m going to Orlando tomorrow. You’re probably saying so what? Well, I decided to do a top 20 favorite Orlando rides list when I get back. Before I go I’d thought I tell you a funny story that happened to me in Orlando. Click read more to read it.

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Kingsman the Golden Circle review

Manners Make it Man

Kingsman the Secret Service was one of my favorite movies of 2015. It has action, humor, swearing, and exploding heads. Kingsman the Golden Circle is the sequel. I do admit the film is a lot more silly and over the top which can be distracting. Considering the first one was a lot more grounded. This movie has robot dogs, a meat grinder, the ability to heal someone from a bullet shot, and Elton John!

Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Mark Strong are still fantastic as Eggsy, Harry, and Merlin and still have a lot of heart to there roles. The main villain Poppy does feel like a retread of Valentine and her death felt anti-climatic, but I will admit Poppyland was a really awesome villain lair. While the Statesman are interesting there not really in the movie that much except for Whiskey who was a badass. Ginger was fine, Champagne was just Jeff Bridges in a cowboy hat and Tequila felt like he was just here to build him up for the third one. Elton John was also entertaining and funny. So yeah the new characters were kind of a mix bag.

The action scenes are very fun. Though my main gripes with the action is that there are not a lot of them (I think there are only five of them) and that there similar to the ones in the first one like the bar scene. Still, there very entertaining and violent. There’s also a great variety in the locations where these action scenes take place. The car chase at the beginning helps set up the movie. The climax is also entertaining though I think it goes through different stages. First it’s fighting the henchmen, then Charlie and the dogs, and when Whiskey.

This is where I get into Spoilers. Poppy’s evil plan is that she contaminated the drugs she sells. He holds America hostage saying that she has an antidote and that if the President legalizes drugs and end the drug war she will give the antidote. However the President decides to not go with it so that the drug users would die. There’s a scene where all of the frozen drug users are stored in a stadium and it is chilling.  Agent Whiskey also turns out to be working for the president though he has his own reasons. His wife and unborn child were killed by drug users so he also wants drug users to die. I’m kind of a sucker for gray morality in media.

I don’t think Kingsman the Golden Circle is as good the first one but it is still a fun continuation to a fun movie and I look forward to seeing where the series goes from here.

+Eggsy, Harry, and Merlin
+Gray morality
+/-New characters
+/-Action scenes
-Too silly

Score: A-

Bojack Horseman Season 4 review

Back in the ’90s, I was in a very famous TV show

This review does contain spoilers. Bojack Horseman is considered one of the best cartoons out right now. It makes you laugh, cry, and question life. I binged watched seasons 2 and 3 though out summer to get ready. I even binged watched season 4. While the first three seasons focused on him trying to fix his career, season 4 focuses more on Bojack’s family. We are introduced to Hollyhawk Bojack’s “daughter” and the rest of the season is about them trying to figure out who her mother is. They also have to take care of Bojack’s abusive mother who is suffering from dementia. These characters are important to Bojack’s arc this season and are very entertaining.

I surprisingly compare the first two episodes to the first two episodes of Legend of Korra Season 4. The first episode focuses on Mr. Peanutbutter’s election. Like Legend of Korra season 4 episode 1 it focuses only on the supporting cast while the main character either shows up only at the end or is absent. Episode 2 of both seasons focuses on the main character and flashbacks showing where they have been. Episode 2 is about Bojack fixing up his Grandparents summer house while flashing back to when his mother was young. There are scenes where the present and past are visually shown at the same time. An example is when Bojack tries to steal the windchime from a restaurant while also showing Beatice’s mother singing. It’s visually impressive and helps the story progress.

Bojack is known for their episode 11 which are known to be the darkest of each season and this one is no exception. Episode 11 focuses on Beatice’s life and why she is mental. Every character’s faces except her family are scribbled out making it more uncomfortable. The scene where her father and servants burn her things and her doll while cutting to Beatice’s maid giving birth to Hollyhawk and Beatice taking her away might be the darkest scene of the whole series so far. This episode is very psychotic and messed up, this and episode 2 are probably my favorite episodes of the season.

If I had one problem with this season though very minor is that each season BoJack ruins a relationship with a character and that character ends up saying the f word to him. What happens here, BoJack plans to put on a show for his mother and confess “Fuck You Mom!”. That’s it? That’s are f word of the season? It just seems kind of a letdown because expecting someone like Mr. Peanutbutter to say it. Still very minor flaw.

The season ends with Bojack finding out that he is not Hollyhawk’s father but actually his brother. He manages to find the address of her mother and gives it to Hollyhawk’s 8 dads (it makes sense in context). It’s a bittersweet ending which is normal for Bojack but surprisingly this is probably the happiest bittersweet ending Bojack had. Season 4 delivered comedy and drama and mixed them together perfectly.

+Balance of Comedy and Drama
+Bojack’s family
+Episodes 2 and 11
+Bittersweet ending
-The F word

Score: A

Summer recap


Captain Underpants: Incredibly fun and funny. A-

Wonder Woman: Ok though best DC movie so far. B-

Cars 3: Probably the best Cars movie though not the best Pixar movie. B-

Despicable Me 3: Entertaining villain though not as much heart as the first. C

Baby Driver: A great story and great editing by Edgar Wright. B+

Spiderman Homecoming: Tom Holland is still the best Spiderman actor. A

War for the Planet of the Apes: Dark and bittersweet ending to a trilogy. B

The Emoji Movie: This movie is meh (ironic since Gene is a meh emoji). I expected this to be enjoyably bad but it was just bad. D

Dunkirk: Short and wonderfully tense, but the way the three stories are edited together makes it confusing. B-

Atomic Blonde: The whole villain twist thing got complicated. C

TV Shows: 

The Battle for Mewni: Good opening to season 3 of Star vs the Forces of Evil. Best episode of the bunch was Toffee.

Ok Ko Let’s be Heroes: A fun new cartoon.

Ducktales 2017: Great update on the characters, animation, and theme song. Gravity Falls with ducks.

Rick and Morty season 3: Great season with great epsidoes. So far my favorite episode of the season and maybe whole series is The Ricklantis Mixup.