Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 review

Ooga-chaka Ooga-Ooga,Ooga-chaka Ooga-Ooga (repeat)

Guardians of the Galaxy was my favorite movie of 2014. I still remember watching it in Valencia California (we were going to Six Flags Magic Mountain). The review contains Spoilers so be warned.

This sequel manages to be just as fun as the original. The Sovereign’s battle ships are controlled like playing arcade games, they even have the same arcade sounds. The movie is also very colorful.  The monsters that the guardians fight at the beginning vomits rainbows. Even the locations are really colorful, for example, the planet Contraxia looks incredible. I love the combination of a snowy planet with neon lights, it just looks so creative.

Some of the best stuff in this movie are the characters. The Guardians get a lot of character development and feel like a team more here then the first one. Every character feels like there important to the story and keep it flowing. Rocket and Yondu are definitely the best characters of the movie which is ironic because they both have a lot of scenes together. There’s a big connection between the two and makes for some good chemistry. Spoiler Alert: Even the villain Ego is one of the better ones in the MCU and leads to one of the best third halfs or climaxes in the MCU. If you look closely you can see Ego’s face on the planet. The fight between Peter and Ego is like something out of Dragonball Z. Yondu’s sacrifice at the end is very emotional and a great sendoff for an enjoyable character.

My main problem with the movie is the post credit scenes. Not that there bad but there did not need to be 5 of them. Only two build up to the next movie, the rest are mostly gag scenes. The first one deals with Kraglin messing with Yondu’s arrow and accidentally hitting Drax. This just came after ending where the Guardians and ravagers give a send off to there fallen hero.

I think Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is fun addition to the MCU and is just as great as the first one.

+The characters
+Fun moments
+Visually great
+Third Half
– Post credit scenes

Score: A

March recap

Sorry for delaying the recap. I was planning on combining March with April and May but since there are a lot of movies this month I decided to split the recap.


Logan: Though a little too grusome for me but still a great sendoff to Woulverine. B

Kong Skull Island: Very good visuals. B

Beauty and the Beast: Not as good as the orignal but not bad either. B-

Power Rangers: Not enough of the power ranges suits but a nice start to a film series. Krispy Kreme! C+

The Boss Baby: I predicted this would suck, it did. D


The Fate of the Furious review

Warning there are spoilers in this review so don’t be furious (wink).

I’m not a fan of this series but watching the trailer made me want to know why Dom was betraying his family. Thankfully this movie gave Dom a actually good reason. Spoiler Alert: While Letty was missing Dom dated Elena until Letty returned. It turns out that Elena had a baby and now Cipher is keeping her and her baby hostage so that Dom can do her bidding. The scene where Dom meets his baby boy for the first time is heartbreaking.

Ever had one of those villains that you really wanted to be defeated just by how vile they are? That’s where Cipher comes in. Charlize Theron is wonderful as Cipher. She’s smart, threatening, and able to control an army of zombie cars. There’s something so evil about villains using blackmail on heroes to betray friends or family. I also liked how the villain was also the one who employed Owen Shaw and Jakande, connecting those films together. It reminded me of Spectre. Cipher might be the best villain of the year so far. 

The highlight for me was the last half of the movie. Not just the submarine chase but also how Dom manages to defeat Cipher. Earlier Dom shoots Deckard but it turns out that he’s still alive. Dom gets the help of Deckard, his brother Owen, their mother, and Tego and Rico from a previous film. He even gets the help of the guy who raced Dom at the beginning of the film which ties together perfectly. It’s incredible that Dom manages to plan out all this and showing that’s he’s as smart as he is at driving.

The only flaws I can find are that the movie is over the top at times. There’s a scene at the end where Dom’s gang shield Dom from the submarine explosion. Still The Fate of the Furious is very fun and action packed.

+Dom’s reason
+The action
+The third half
-Too over the top and unrealistic

Score: B+

Smurfs The Lost Village review

Even from watching the trailers I could tell this was gonna be better than the first two Smurfs movies even if I thankfully never saw those movies. The animation is a lot better and looks just like the cartoon and comics. Gargamel is thankfully animated instead of live action though did they have to give him a bird henchmen when he already has the cat?

I think the positive stuff I found in this movie were from the characters. Team Smurf which consists of Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy and Clumsy do share a really nice friendship and work on each other very well. I also liked some of the female smurfs when they get to the lost village. Smurf Blossom is enjoyable and Smurf Storm is pretty badass.

The negatives however were definitely in the last half of the movie. The third half also feels rushed. Gargamel captures the smurfs (why am I not surprised?) and Smurfette decides to pledge her loyalty to him as a trick because she can absorb his magic. It goes by very quick and doesn’t leave an impact. Than comes the cliche death cop out. Smurfette returns back to her clay form. I thought she would return a few seconds later but there’s literally a scene where they take her body back to the village and they all hold hands and weep for her. She does come back to life (again not surprised) by the power of friendship. I felt that is should have happened back at Gargamel’s lair instead and we all have seen that scene where the hero dies but turns out to be okay so many times.

Throughout the movie there are pop songs that are really distracting. An example is when the smurfs are hanging out at the lost village. The pop song used is “I’m Blue”. I like the song but it’s only used just because the smurfs are blue.

All I can say is that it’s better then the other Smurfs movies but that doesn’t say much. The bright side is that I did get to see a teaser for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic the Movie.

+Better animation
+Team Smurf
+Female smurfs
-Pop songs
-Rushed third half
-Cliche death cop out

Score: C

Teen Titans Go is the Greatest Show Ever!

Teen Titans Go is in my opinion the best cartoon of all time. It’s even better then the original in terms of characters, writing, animation and action. The characters are likable and writing is never mean spirited. It warms my heart that this show is shown almost all day instead of shows like Steven Universe, Gumball, or We Bare Bears. Teen Titans Go is such a masterpiece of animation that it’s hard to find any problems with it. Love this show.

I’m just kidding Teen Titans Go actually really sucks. LOL

Beauty and the Beast 2017 review

So before watching this movie I watched the original 1991 version. I thought it still holds up very well. A week later I saw the 2017 version and…after the original this was pretty underwhelming.

I thought the casting had good choices but also meh choices too. Emma Watson just doesnt have the charm of Paige O’Hara as Belle from 1991. Dan Stevens as the beast doesn’t have the intimidation of the original or the likability. There were some good casting choices like Kevin Kline as Maurice who plays him very different from the orignal. Josh Gard was also good as Lefou.

There are some really good things though. One of the things I liked that they added was that the castle has become very broken down due to the curse. Whenever a rose pedal falls part of the castle breaks. Another thing that I really liked was that the servants become more like the objects they turn into. A great scene in the end is where the last pedal falls and the servants become lifeless objects. It’s really sad  and gives them much more sympathy and higher stakes. I just noticed that the good stuff has to do with the curse itself.

I think the narrative structure of the movie is not as good as the 1991 version. An example would be in the original when the “Be Our Guest” song ends Belle asks for a tour of the castle which leads to her seeing the west wing. In this version the song number  literally cuts to black and then shows Belle randomly talking to Mrs. Potts then sees the west wing. The original seems to flow much better from scene to scene.

Now I will talk about a major issue with this movie and it’s the book scene. The enchantress gave the Beast a magical book that can teleport people. Belle and Beast uses it to teleport to Paris where she see’s her original home before she moved. This is a problem because why doesn’t Belle use the book to teleport back to the town and back before Gaston got to the castle? Also the book is never brought up again after that scene. So that makes it completely pointless.

I’ll be honest, I knew this would be good but I also thought, your not gonna beat the original either. My mom really liked it though. I’d say this was better then Cinderella 2015 but not as good as The Jungle Book 2016.

+Supporting cast sympathy
+The Castle
-The book scene

Score: C+

Kong Skull Island review

That’s a duck, what are you talking about don’t you see the skull? LOL

Kong Skull Island is the second film in the Monsterverse. I didn’t see Godzilla yet but you don’t need to know a lot about Godzilla to like this movie. This movie is surprisingly violent with it’s deaths and that’s coming from a guy who just saw Logan. An example is one of the giant spider’s legs goes through one of the soldier’s mouths. It’s really creative but also brutle.

The creatures are really cool because the film workers took inspiration from stuff such as Princess Mononoke, and Evangelion. My brother said after we watched the movie that this was the most anime movie he had seen in a while. The island is nice to look at. It reminds me a lot of Apocalypse Now and Jurassic Park. My favorite set is the boneyard of King Kong’s parents. It just looks really cool and makes for a great location for an action scene.

My main problem with movies are the characters except for John C. Reilly who was probably the best character of the movie. The others however are not very interesting and even after their deaths they still don’t leave an impact. Packard is just Captain Ahab looking for a gorilla instead of a whale. It doesn’t help that there are so many soldiers that die that it’s hard to keep track on who’s who.

Post Credit Spoilers: At the end of the movie there is a post credit scene where James and Mason about information showing that there are more creatures other then King Kong. The monsters are Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah and Godzilla. When the film cuts to black we hear the roar of King Kong and Godzilla. It’s really cool and helps foreshadow what is to come in the Monsterverse.

+The creatures
+The island
+Post credit scene
+Brutle deaths
-Meh characters

Score: B

When Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again at the end of the movie, who’s was thinking of Bill Cipher? LOL
FYI: That duck joke was from The Curse of Monkey Island.

Logan review


Spoilers Warning!

Just so everyone knows I am not a fan of R-rated movies. The only R- rated movies that I would see are comedies such as Deadpool, Sausage Party, and Ted. That said I actually really enjoyed Logan. Logan is Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s last film in the X-men film series. This is probably the most dramatic movie in the X-men series. It’s up there with The Dark Knight or Watchmen in terms of seriousness.

The acting in this movie is really impressive. Hugh Jackman plays Logan as this old washup version of himself and Patrick Stewart plays a more crazy Xavier. It’s really heartbreaking to see a wise and intelligent superhero like Xavier striped of all his wisdom. The girl who plays Laura is really good. She doesn’t say much but her emotions really help give her character.

The action is really good. The action however does have my main problem with the movie and it’s that the movie is a bit too violent for my tasted.There’s a scene where Laura comes out of the warehouse holding her a cut off head and throws it on the ground. I know Deadpool was pretty violent but it was mostly for comedy and enjoyment.

Logan is a very bittersweet end to Hugh Jackman’s performance of Wolverine. I can see Logan getting nominated for Best Actor or even Best Picture at the Academy Awards next year. Hey if Mad Max Fury Road which is by the way a sequel can be nominated, who says this movie can’t? I enjoy Deadpool more due to it being more fun to watch but Logan is probably better in terms of acting, and writing.

+Great Acting
+Bittersweet ending
+Good action though….
-Too bloody and gory

Score: B

One final note: Who enjoyed the Deadpool 2 teaser? I did.

January and February recap

I’m now combining months in the recaps because doing a recap for each month even though there’s not many movies out those months is redundant.


La La Land: Really good movie. My favorite song is Another Day of Sun. A-

A Dog’s Purpose: Cute movie I’m more of a cat person. C

The Lego Batman Movie: Really fun spinoff of an also really fun movie. A-

TV Shows:

Lemony Snicket 2017: Really good start to the series. I really like the the productions deisgn on this show. Reminds me a lot of Tim Burton. Though the casting is a bit odd. B

Star vs The Forces of Evil: Really good end to season 2. The cliffhanger makes me really looking forward to season 3. A-

By the way I went to my first comic con in February. I saw Mathew Lewis from Harry Potter, Alan Tudyk, Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester, and I even shook hands with the voice of Mario Charles Martinet.

The Academy Awards were actually satisfying to me at least until the whole Best Picture mix up at the end. The Ben Affleck and guest part had me in stitches LOL.