Ranking Rick and Morty Season 6

Season 6 of Rick and Morty ended a month ago and I my opinion I think this might be one of my favorite seasons of the show so far. So now that the season is over it’s time to rank the episodes of season 6. This list does have spoilers and is based on my personal opinion.

10. Rick: A Mort Well Lived: Just because this is last place doesn’t mean it’s not good. The Die-Hard parody a-plot is good. The b-plot which focues on a Morty cult taking place in the Roy arcade game is what really stood out to me.

9. A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort: It was nice to Rick being nice to his grandson (at least until the next episode). Hearing Daniel Radcliffe and Jack Black was fun. The punchline at the end is a great callback to another great episode from season 4 that I won’t give away.

8. Juricksic Mort: The idea of dinosaurs fixing the world is hilarious and the twist of the hate filled meteor is hilarious. It’s always great when Rick has to face off with someone with the same intelligence as him and he has to ruin them out of pettiness.

7. Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation: This finale felt smaller compared to the last two finales and most of the humor was just making fun of Star Wars but it’s still a good finale. The twist that Rick being nice in the previous episode was just a robot was clever and the President is always enjoyable.

6. Night Family: Finally, an episode 4 that didn’t suck. This episode has the feel of a Jordan Peele film being both funny but surprisingly very creepy. I also really liked the 80s music in this episode. I could listen to the end credits theme all day.

5. Analyze Piss: I can’t believe this show managed to make a tragic piss themed villain work. It was nice to see both Rick trying to improve and Jerry actually getting some respect. It really is a great episode with full of great character development.

4. Final DeSmithation: The dynamic between Rick and Jerry is one of the more interesting dynamics in the show and the episodes focused on them like this one are usually really fun. This episode just pure insanity. I love the conspiracy involving the fortune cookies and the different fortunes are creative and funny. 

3. Full Meta Jackrick: The most meta episode of the show and as a fan of meta humor I really enjoyed this. I really liked the stabs at story tropes, and Dan Harmon’s story circle. Having Story Lord return and planning to steal all the motivation in the world is a very unique evil plan.

2. Bethic Twinstinct: This is Sarah Chalke’s best performance. Beth and Space Beth have some really good chemistry that’s both sweet and hilarious. Jerry’s reaction to finding out this affair will shock you and the realistic video games Morty and Summer play to cope were also hilarious.

1. Solaricks: Rick and Morty really knows how to make a great season premiere. The idea of sending Rick, Morty, and Jerry back to their original universes and showing the consequences to their actions is brilliant. The twist that our Morty is the grandson of Rick Prime is interesting and promising.


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