Wendell & Wild review

Happy Halloween everyone! Henry Selick is known for directing beloved stop motion animated movies like the Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline and his new film Wendell & Wild was the first film he’s directed in 13 years. It is about two demons named Wendell & Wild that come to the world of the living to make a deal with a trouble teenager Kat who has just become a hell maiden. This film is rated pg-13 which is rare for an animated movie but there are a bunch of scenes that earned that rating.  

Spoiler alert: I think my main problem is that there is so much going on in this movie. One subplot involves Wendell & Wild trying to start their own amusement park. There’s a prison company that wants to tear down the town that’s may also be tied to a brewery fire conspiracy. There’s also this demon hunter janitor that Sister Helley helps out that reminds me a lot of Ansem the Wise from KH2. As you can see there is a lot this film juggles. I did like the use of hair cream that brings people back to life. It’s a very unique plot device.

I really liked the characters in this movie. All of them have great personalities, character designs, and great voices to go with them such as Ving Rhames, James Hong and of course Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. The duo Wendell & Wild were big stand outs of course but the character I personally think stood out the most was Angela Bassett as Sister Helley. She acts as a very wise and caring mother figure towards Kat and the relationship between them is great. I did notice on my 2nd viewing that the character animation looked very similar to stop motion legend Will Vinton. Speaking of animation, the stop motion animation like most stop motion movies is also great with a lot of great visuals. One of my favorite visuals was the amusement park that’s located on top of a giant demon’s belly. Another favorite visual was the giant shadow version of Kat that’s made out of all her memories. It’s an awesome design that needs to be seen to believe.

Wendell & Wild has great animation, great characters, and great scary but fun moments. Pretty much everything that makes a great stop motion horror film. It there’s any scary good fun movie to watch tonight on Halloween Wendell & Wild is the perfect one for you.


+Great characters

+Great animation

+Hair cream

-Complicated story

Score: A-


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