My Top 5 Favorite Monkey Island Games

I love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, I love the Humongous Entertainment point and click adventure games. Put them both together and you get one of my favorite video game series of all time, Monkey Island. Now that I’ve played Return of Monkey Island, I’ve decided to list my top 5 favorite games in the series. I have not played Tales of Monkey Island but even if I did it probably be last place since I’m not a huge Telltale fan.

5. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge: I know some people love this one but I honestly didn’t. Traveling between three different islands while neat, suffers from tedious backtracking especially if you forgot something you need. The puzzles also felt a bit too difficult (especially the finger puzzle). It also felt a bit too cynical and mean spirited.  

4. Escape from Monkey Island: This was the first game in the series I played so ranking is sort of higher is mostly based on nostalgia. I also played the ps2 version of the game so it was easier to navigate. The CGI is very dated and the monkey combat stuff at the end was bad but still has the witty charm of the other games.

3. The Secret of Monkey Island: Like most first games in a game series, Secret is the simplest of the series but it wonderfully established the world, the characters, the comedy, and the story. The puzzles were well done and the music is also really good especially Ghost Ship Shuffle. The creator Ron Gilbert (who also worked at Humongous Entertainment) said this game is like if you got of the Disney ride and he was right.

2. The Curse of Monkey Island: This was the game that grabbed my interest and I was so lucky to buy it on steam a few years ago. I love the 2d art style that anyone could mistake it for an animated movie and every background is a work of art. This is also probably the funniest of the games (the punchline with Skull Island is hilarious). This is the pinnacle Monkey Island experience with the best puzzles, music, and humor. A pitch perfect adventure game.

1. Return to Monkey Island: I’ll be honest, both Curse and Return are neck to neck and could switch at any time but since this is the most recent one, I’ve decided to place it at number 1. The storybook art style is really nice to look at and the animation is really great. The game is also easy to control, Guybrush is a lot faster, and the puzzles were not frustrating. This game really felt like a love letter to not just the Monkey Island series but also to the point and click genre.

What’s your favorite Monkey Island game?


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