My Top 10 Favorite Gravity Falls Characters (10th Anniversary Special)

On this day 10 years ago Disney Channel premiere not just one of the best Disney animated shows but one of the best animated shows of all time, Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls is a show that has inspired me and many people, heck some people who worked on the show went on to do other great shows like Amphibia and The Owl House which has a lot of the show’s influence. I’ve already done a few episode ranking lists in the past and my opinions haven’t really changed since then. So instead, I want to share my top 10 favorite Gravity Falls characters list in honor of the show’s 10th anniversary. Also character number 5 is a SPOILER so be warned and this list is my personal opinion.

Honorable Mentions: Shmebulock, Toby Determined, Pacifica Northwest, Abuelita, Big Henry

10. Gideon Gleeful: Gideon is a good starter villain that’s both threatening and funny. There’s something so threatening about a villain with a southern accent that I like. It’s kind of funny hearing the voice of Flapjack come out of this antagonistic character.

9. GiFFany: This creepy girl is probably my favorite one-shot character and monster. She has the perfect balance between being cute, creepy, and hilarious. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the creator of Doki Doki Literature Club! took a lot of inspiration from her.

8. Old Man McGucket: I love characters that that seem like just crazy comic reliefs but then turn out to actually be extremely important and Fiddleford is a great example of that. Also, Alex Hirsh making a fake leak of him being the author was genius.

7. Mabel Pines: Mabel is basically a human version of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I will admit I think her selfishness is what puts her low on the list. She’s still funny thanks to the perfect casting of Kristen Schaal.

6. Dipper Pines: I don’t dislike the twins; I just like my top 5 favorite characters more. Dipper is a good, and relatable protagonist while also being an excellent foil to his sister Mabel. I kind of see myself as Mabel and my brother as Dipper.

5. Ford Pines: 31 episodes of buildup to who the author is and it wonderfully paid off with the new addition of Stan’s brother played by the always amazing J.K. Simmons. I really like the dynamic between him and Dipper and his troubled relationship with Stanford.

4. Wendy Corduroy: Wendy is one of the most underused and underrated characters ever which is a shame because I thought she was very likable, badass, and had a really cool design. Why couldn’t we get the episode where she and Stan become partners in crime?!

3. Bill Cipher: Bill Cipher is one of the best animated villains of all time and maybe in all of fiction. This is how you perfectly make a villain that’s both hilarious but also very threatening thanks to Alex Hirsh’s performance and Bill’s simple but unique design.

2. Grunkle Stan: Not only does a lot of the show’s great comedy come from him but also a lot of the show’s great drama as well. He’s probably the most complex character on the show. Alex Hirsh brings so much charm, humor and depth to this character. Much like Dipper and Mabel I see myself as Stan and my brother as Ford.

1. Soos Ramirez: Soos is probably the most likable character on the show which is probably why he’s my favorite character. He’s kind of like that likable co-worker you have. A lot of my favorite episodes such as Soos and the Real Girl and Blendin’s Game focus on him and having him inherent the Mystery Shack in the end is a great end to his arc.

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