Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers review

A funny story before the review. One time at my former job I was on a lunch break and Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers came into my mind I thought to myself, Disney animation should do a movie on them (meaning it would be part of the canon). Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers takes place in a animation/live action hybrid world similar to Roger Rabbit and decades after the 1989 show ended. Chip and Dale had split up but rejoin forces when their friend Monterey Jack disappears so they have to solve where he is.

This is probably the most meta-Disney movie ever and most of the jokes are hilarious and poke fun at lot of things such as Batman vs ET (tell me you’d die to see that). This movie is full of references and cameos not just from Disney but also non-Disney properties. This really felt like Roger Rabbit if it used more modern characters. Ugly Sonic is probably the best cameo but the one that I didn’t expect was Randy Marsh from freaking South Park. I also like how every animated character has a different animation style such as 2d, CGI, stop motion, puppets, and even motion capture (uncanny valley). I will admit however I really did not like the animation on Chip. Unlike other cell shaded cartoons like Spider-Verse or The Bad Guys, Chip looks really off to me, heck even more than CGI Dale. I really think they should’ve just made him 2d like from the cartoon.

Another problem I have is the villain Sweet Pete played who’s also an older Peter Pan The problem isn’t that he’s a bad villain is mostly that his backstory is very similar to Bobby Driscoll who played Peter Pan in 1953. Bobby Driscoll was let go from Disney when he hit puberty and ended up doing drugs and dying homeless. So having Peter Pan be evil feels kind of tasteless especially to people that really love Peter Pan. Also, you could’ve used any character as the villain and nothing would really change heck it would feel less mean spirited then.

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is sort of the closet we’ll ever get to a modern or even sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (who also makes a cameo). It’s pretty much what Space Jam A New Legacy tried to do but failed. Its full of great callbacks, jokes, and cameos that you’ll probably miss on your first viewing. Heck it’s one of those movies I’ll probably watch again to find all of the other references.


+Different animations

+Meta humor

+References and cameos

-Chip’s animation

-Sweet Pete

Score: B

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