2022 recap part 1

Don’t forget I also have a Letterboxd account now so check that out if you want more in depth reviews.


Jackass Forever: Gross, stupid, but hilarious and enjoyable fun. B

The Batman: Best Batman movie since 1989. A

Turning Red: Not the biggest in terms of scale but it’s a nice little movie with cartoonish animation. A-

Uncharted: The Uncharted series was like an action-adventure movie you can play so just making it into a movie makes very generic. C

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: An improvement from the first one that feels more true to the source material. B

Everywhere and Everything All at Once: Everything great that people said about this is true, wonderful acting, great humor, and fun action. A+

The Bad Guys: Familiar cliches aside this has some of the best Dreamworks animation. A-

Belle and Pompo the Cinephile: Two of the best anime movies and now two of my favorite movies ever. A+


Peacemaker: A fun action-packed series with a kickass theme song.

Smiling Friends: It surprised how hilarious this was. Charlie is the best character.

Kid Cosmic season 3: This season contain a plot twist I actually didn’t see coming. I d

The Cuphead Show: Pretty much exactly what I wanted from a show based on Cuphead.

Cat Burglar: A really good trivia game that actually was surprisingly difficult at times.

Amphibia season 3 and The Owl House season 2: Both mid-season premieres are some of if not the best episodes of there shows.

The Proud Family Louder and Prouder: An ok revival of a classic Disney cartoon. Dijonay is the still the worst. Sasha from Amphibia even before her redemption was a better friend.  

Close Enough season 3: Still has that Regular Show charm. The Halloween episode was amazing.

Pinecone and Pony: Cute and innocent, reminds me a lot of Hilda.

Green Eggs and Ham season 2: I once wondered if The Butter Battle Book would ever be adapted and this is probably the closest we’ll ever get.

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