Pompo: The Cinéphile review

I consider myself a cinephile which means I have a passion for the film industry and I dream one day of joining. Pompo: The Cinéphile is an anime movie from Studio Clap that’s about an assistant to B-movie producer Pompo named Gene. Pompo writes an artistic script but puts Gene in charge of both directing and editing the film. In a way this movie is kind of like Ed Wood or The Disaster Artist is they were anime movies.

This movie manages to show the positive side of filmmaking but also doesn’t shy away from some of the cons of it either. There’s great scene where they need a bunch of sheep for a scene but most of them were eaten so Gene uses a smoke machine and cardboard sheep. We also see how risky it is to do reshoots since most of the crew has already left and they need more money. If I had one problem is that the bank sub plot is not that interesting. Still, that’s just a nitpick. The movie also gives great filmmaking advice like how to grab people’s attention with a good tv spot.

All the characters are very likable but the two that really stood out to me are Gene and Pompo. The scenes where Gene is editing the movie which has probably the best animation in an already wonderfully animated movie (the sword cutting the film is a great touch) reminds me a lot of when I took a video editing class in college. Pompo is definitely my favorite character. She’s so upbeat and full of energy and I love how passionate she is for movies. She gives great advice and I also agree with her reason of not liking long movies (no offense to Avengers Endgame).

Pompo: The Cinéphile is up there with Belle as not just one of my favorite Anime movies but also one of my favorite movies of all time. This is a movie that really speaks to anyone with a love for cinema and anyone who dreams of entering the film industry including me. Its a film that is worthy of winning every Osc… I mean Nyacademy Award. Why are the best movies I’ve seen this year both anime and technically from last year?


+ Gene

+ Great filmmaking advice

+ Pompo

+ The animation

+ The pros and cons of filmmaking

-Bank sub plot

Score: A+

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