Everything Everywhere All at Once review

I finally got around to seeing Everything Everywhere All at Once. This is first movie from A24 I’ve ever seen since I’ve actually never seen one A24 movie until now. Mostly because 1. there mostly horror/drama films, 2.They never usually show at any of my local movie theaters. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to see it but I was lucky enough to find a screening. Everything Everywhere All at Once is about a struggling Chinese woman named Evelyn that discovers the ability to verse-jump.

Spoiler warning: The verse jumping is a little hard to understand at first but it gets easier as the movie goes on and it’s actually a very creative and unique. I do like that instead of just traveling to different dimensions; the characters actually take over the minds of their alternate selves and even gain some of their abilities. Some of the stuff they do to jump is hilarious. Speaking of which the comedy in the film is great, there’s a brilliant reference to a Pixar movie that I don’t want to give away but it cracked me up. There’s also a bunch of comedy in the action scenes which are really badass and fun. I will admit that this movie at maybe too many climaxes near the end but to be fair there are really good climaxes. One of them involves Evelyn and Jobu in a dimension where they are rocks.

The cast of this movie is amazing and every one managed to nail their roles. Michelle Yeoh is terrific as Evelyn Quan Wang. Honestly seeing Evelyn in the opening scene reminds me a lot of my Mom. Stephanie Ann Hsu is good as Evelyn’s daughter Joy Wang, but I think she really shined as Jobu Tupaki who is such an entertaining and interesting villain. Her first fight scene with the guards is amazing and hilarious. Other standout performances include Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang/Alpha Wang, and James Hong as Gong Gong.

I don’t do acid but man this really felt like an acid trip. People say Everything Everywhere All at Once is one of the best movies of the year and I completely agree. It’s hilarious, touching, and most of all completely insane. This is a movie that can be enjoyed in any alternate universe. Doctor Strange 2’s got a lot of competition this year.


+The action

+The comedy

+Unique multiverse traveling

+Wonderful acting

+/-A lot of climaxes

Score: A+

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