The Batman review

The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves who also directed “Dawn of” and “War for” the Planet of the Apes. It’s also the first DC movie where Batman has gotten a movie all to himself since The Dark Knight Rises nearly 10 years ago. At 176 minutes it is the longest Batman movie and will admit that’s my biggest gripe with this movie. It really does feel like it goes on for a very long time but too be fair it is a huge story.

Most of the cast is terrific but the biggest highlights are the hero and villain. Robert Patterson is terrific as a younger and angsty Bruce Wayne/Batman. I really like his character arc about him turning from a vigilante symbol for fear and vengeance to a heroic symbol of hope. Characters calling him Vengeance is a nice touch. I also think the Riddler played by Paul Dano is a huge improvement from Jim Carry. Not only was I surprised that Matt Reeves turned this joke villain into a really creepy character yet still had a bunch of humor to him. Batman villains are great when they balance being both threatening and funny. Heck even The Penguin is enjoyable and his makeup is amazing.

A problem I’ve had with recent Batman movies is that Gotham City looks too much like a real city, especially in the Dark Knight trilogy. I always felt like superhero cities especially Gotham City should feel like another world. Fortunately, this movie’s Gotham City is incredible. It’s both dirty, gothic and full of video screens like in Time Square. Gotham City’s Time Square might be my favorite location in the movie. Probably the best movie version is this city since Tim Burton’s Batman. Matt Reeves managed to pull off the film noir style thanks to his direction and cinematography.  

The Batman everything a great Batman movie should have, a great Batman, a great villain, and a great Gotham City. It is up there with Batman 1989 as one of my favorite Batman movies. Heck I even say it’s better than all three Dark Knight movies.


+Film noir feel

+Gotham City

+Robert Patterson as Batman

+The Riddler

-Long runtime

Score: A

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