Ranking the Infinity Train Seasons

Infinity Train might be over but the ride isn’t done yet. I am ranking each season of the show in four categories. 1st place gets four points, 2nd place gets 3 points etc etc. I will then tally up all the points to see which season is the best. Keep in mind these are my personal opinion and there some spoilers so if you haven’t seen this show go watch it.


4. Min-Gi and Ryan-Book 4: Although they remind me of me and my brother their arcs are just fine.

3. MT-Book 2: Her arc about individuality is really well done. She kind of reminds me of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. You kind of forget she’s Tulip’s reflection.

2. Grace-Book 3: A well written redemption arc. It’s amazing that Cartoon Network made a toxic protagonist.

1.Tulip-Book 1: Her struggles with her parents’ divorce feel very realistic and Ashley Johnson really names it as her.


The denizens mob-Book 4: These are the closest we have to an antagonist force and honestly they aren’t really much of a threat.

Reflection Police-Book 2: These guys feel more like secondary antagonists.

The Conductor/Amelia-Book 1: I really love the mystery centering around Amelia and how she’s a dark version of Tulip.

1.Simon-Book 3: I’m surprised Cartoon Network made a villain like this. Throughout the whole season you see his descent from a jerk to an irredeemable villain. He also works well as a foil for Grace.


4. Book 3: At the cost of focusing on the story the cars here are just generic forest, jungle, and desert settings.

3. Book 4: A bunch of creative cars such as the bug western town and J.K. Simmons Pig car.

2. Book 1: Since this was a miniseries I assume the crew really wanted to show as many cars as they wanted.  

1.Book 2: The map and carnival cars are really creative and fun but what makes this the winner is the worldbuilding such as the mall car and number car.


4. Book 2: While this season’s story was good it was home the Parasite Car which is consider the only filler episode.

3. Book 4: The story was kind of predictable and the stakes felt very low.

2. Book 3: By far the darkest and most unpredictable season of the show. Every episode progresses the characters and the story.

1.Book 1: Mostly because of the mystery of the train. You not sure what it’s purpose is until the very end. It also works as a great coming of age story.

Final Score:

4. Book Four: Duet: 6 points
3. Book Two: Cracked Reflection: 9 points
2. Book Three: Cult of the Conductor: 11 points
1. Book One: The Perennial Child: 14 points

Do you agree with these rankings? Like and comment on what your favorite season is.

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