Nobody review

A nobody is a creature from Kingdom Hearts controlled by Xemnas is also the nobody of Master Xehanort who was voiced by Christopher Lloyd who also played the father of Hutch Mansell aka a “nobody”. It all makes sense! Nobody is a action movie about a mild mannered family man who chickened out when his family was robbed. He becomes more tough and out for justice but ends up getting involved with the mob. The story about a mild father becoming a badass isn’t that new but that’s really the only problem I have.

Bob Odenkirk who is best known as Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad and the spinoff Better Call Saul is perfect as Hutch Mansell. He managed to play both a mild-mannered father and also a complete badass all in the same movie. While it’s a small role I also really enjoyed his father, David Mansell played by Christopher Lloyd. Honestly one of the reasons I saw this was because Christopher Lloyd who is best known for Doc Brown from Back to the Future and The Hacker from Cyberchase (best PBS show) is one of my favorite actors.

The action is both fun and suspenseful. The action scene on the bus is a great starter fight that ignites Hutch’s badassery, and the fight at Hutch’s home is thrilling. The climax is kind of like a bloodier and more extremely violent version of Home Alone because of all the creative traps Hutch makes. What also helps the action scenes is the editing. The movie’s editing is fast paced and well timed. There’s a great montage at the beginning that shows Hutch’s weekly schedule and it helps establish the struggling and boring life he has very well.

Fun trivia: my family including me work at a metal stop similar to the one Hutch works at so it’s kind of neat to see this location used for the final battle. Nobody is a small but fun and thrilling action movie that’s up there with John Wick. The movie may be called Nobody but Bob Odenkirk’s Hutch was certainly not your average nobody.  


+ Action

+ Bob Odenkirk

+ Christopher Lloyd


-Familiar premise

Score: A-

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