My Top 5 Favorite Treehouse of Horror Episodes

Foolish Earthlings!

This year marks the 30th anniversary the Simpson’s greatest tradition, the Treehouse of Horror episode. Treehouse of Horror is the perfect way of the writers to go all out with their ideas and are wonderful to watch near Halloween time. I thought of doing a favorite segments list but a favorite episodes list was easier to do. To celebrate here are my top 5 favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes.

Honorable Mentions: Treehouse of Horror I, Treehouse of Horror VIII, Treehouse of Horror XIV

5.Treehouse of Horror II: The idea of each segment being one of the family member’s dream is a creative choice.

Favorite segment: The Bart Zone

4.Treehouse of Horror IV: Each segment is really memorable though I wished we got the story of the dogs playing poker.

Favorite segment: The Devil and Homer Simpson

3.Treehouse of Horror III: TOH episodes usually have a Twilight Zone parody or a movie parody, this one has both and there awesome.

Favorite segment: Clown Without Pity

2.Treehouse of Horror VI: This trio of segments are probably the biggest in terms of scale.

Favorite segment: Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace

1.Treehouse of Horror V: No surprised if you’ve seen my Halloween specials list. This episode’s segments are probably the most gruesome and darkest but still managed to be both scary and funny. Also the running gag of Groundskeeper Willie getting killed is hilarious.

Favorite segment: The Shinning

What are your favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes?

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