Ranking the Students of Class 1-A

I’ve said this before but My Hero Academia is my favorite anime. I’ve been thinking of doing this list and now that season 4 is done this is a perfect time to do it. I not ranking these in terms of how powerful they are but how likeable and well written they are, how cool there quirk is, and just personal opinion.

20. Minoru Mineta: This is the only student I don’t like. His goo ball quirk is weird and he acts like a perverted creep.

19. Koji Koda: He’s honestly not very memorable and his quirk isn’t that special but his kind heartedness does put him over gooball perve.

18. Rikido Sato: A hero that gets strong by eating sugar. Yeah “that’s a great role model for your kids”.

17. Mashirao Ojiro: Besides him having a tail there’s not much to him yet.

16. Mezo Shoji: Such an odd and creepy design and quirk yet such a good heart under him.

15. Toru Hagakure: Much like Ojiro her invisibility quirk makes up her character.

14. Yuga Aoyama: He acts all fabulous and hammy and it does get a few laughs.

13. Katsuki Bakugo: I guess he works as a good foil to Midoriya but I’m sorry he’s such a douche.

12. Hanta Sero: His quirk reminds me a lot of Spiderman’s web shooters.

11. Denki Kaminari: His electricity quirk is run of the mill but still cool.

10. Momo Yaoyorozu: Her dedication to education is only matched by Tenya. I also like how mature she is compared to everyone else.

9. Kyoka Jiro: I really like her passion for music and how her parents supported her.

8. Mina Ashido: I like how her cute personality and design balances with her deadly acid quirk.

7. Tsuyu Asui: If this anime released years ago she would’ve been my brother’s favorite character because of his love of frogs. Her design and personality fit perfectly together.

6. Shoto Todoroki: The Zuko of the anime (father of the year) and another good foil to Midoriya. I’ve always loved the idea of a character having both fire and ice superpowers.

5. Tenya Iida: There’s so much devotion he has to his class and education. His quirk is a really fun and refreshing interpretation of the super-speed superpower.

4. Izuku Midoriya: Midoriya is the perfect protagonist for this type of story. His goal of become a hero even without a quirk is compelling. He shows that it isn’t the power that makes the hero it’s the heart (corny I know).

3. Fumikage Tokoyami: He has the head of a bird how can you not think that awesome? Also his shadow quirk is awesome too.

2. Eijiro Kirishima: I really liked what I’ve saw from him in season 4. He’s just so likable to friends with.

1. Ochaco Uraraka: Her goal of becoming a hero to earn money sounds questionable but is actually more selfless because she wants to help her family. She has such a kind and bubbly personality but also badass and determined. It’s kindness and selflessness like that makes her my favorite character. FYI yes I do ship her and Midoriya.

Who is your favorite student from Class 1-A? Leave a comment below.

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