2020 recap part 2


My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising: Everything I love about the anime is here. A-

Onward: The fantasy modern world isn’t exactly new but the relationship between the brothers makes this a wonderful addition to Pixar. A-

Trolls World Tour: A run of the mill Dreamworks animated sequel that kind of has interesting world building but not much. C

The Willoughbys: Interesting animation and character designs though does suffer from clichés (like the misunderstanding tropes) I’ve seen before. Also the parents are awful! C+

Scoob: Felt more like a Hanna Barbara crossover with Scooby as the main character than a Scooby Doo movie. C+


Steven Universe Future: A wonderful and emotional epilogue to one of my favorite cartoons of all time.

The Owl House: Still great, talk more once season is over.

Ollie’s Pack: A fun cartoon that caught my attention.

The Last Kids on Earth season 2: A decent but fun adaption of a kid’s book series.

Rick and Morty season 4: This might be my favorite season so far. I love most of the episodes.

Harley Quinn: One of the most fun DC adaption I’ve seen. This managed to balanced graphic violence with lighthearted fun. The characters are really enjoyable and the comedy is hilarious.

Solar Opposites: Same humor and violence from Rick and Morty with an interesting C-plot.

The Long Long Holiday: Not really new but it’s ironic that I watched this considering what’s been happening. The animation is great and cute while also not shying away from the realistic horrors of World War 2.


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