Steven Universe Future review

Steven Universe Future is a limited series that acts as an epilogue to Steven Universe. Each of the main characters get at least one more episode to shine and everything that wasn’t resolved from the original series such as the zoo, aquamarine, and pink pearl are resolved here. I remember being paranoid about some of the episodes especially Together Forever airing because the trailer showed Steven next to a ruined picnic and a leak showed Steven proposing to Connie (cookoo cookoo). So the implications that Steven would ruin his relationship with Connie (forever) were unnerving. Fortunately that didn’t happen. We did get a great song though.

This limited series is a lot darker than the original series. Pink Steven is both cool but also uncomfortable because you’re not sure what Steven’s going to do. I love how this season talks about PTSD and trauma and how all the events that happened in the show are looked back in a darker way. I also really like how Connie’s mother talks to Steven like a real doctor, she’s arguably one of the more grounded characters on the show. I will admit Steven’s stubbornness and constantly saying “everything’s fine” can get annoying at time.

SPOILERS: The finale while predictable (as in Steven turning into a corrupted monster, all his friends/family helping him and him leaving Beach City) was still epic and bittersweet. The whole show has had Steven helping everyone to the point where he hasn’t helped himself and having everyone help him feels poetic and the perfect to end to bookend the series. The last episode The Future was a great way to say goodbye to the characters that we’ve been with for five years. Steven leaving reminds me a lot of when my brother left for college.

I think a good comparison to Future is Toy Story 4. While Toy Story 3 was the conclusion to the Toy Story trilogy Toy Story 4 was an epilogue that concludes Woody’s story with him starting a new life like Steven. It is sad that one of my favorite shows of all time is over but I’m also happy that it had a conclusion unlike The Simpsons. To Rebecca Sugar and every member of the crewniverse, thank you for making such a wonderful show.

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