Happy Birthday Kingdom Hearts 3

Ever had it where you realize something you’ve look forward to for so long is now a year old? It’s happens to me a lot. I bring this up because it’s officially been a whole year since the video game sequel that my brother and I have looked forward to for more than a decade has turned a year old today. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the conclusion to the Dark Seeker saga that has lasted over 18 years and 13 games. Kingdom Hearts 3 did not disappoint me and gave me pretty much what I’ve wanted. The new worlds were great especially the Pixar ones though it was disappointing that there was no Gravity Falls world, oh well. A few days ago Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind came out and it added a lot of really cool stuff. I can’t thank Tetsuya Nomura enough for making the conclusion to franchise that has given my brother and I so many wonderful memories. Here’s hoping for Kingdom Hearts 4.


One comment

  1. vidchord · January 26, 2020

    I’m still trying to get over that the first game is pushing 20 years old.


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