Infinity Train season 2 review

Infinity Train is a show that once was supposed to be a miniseries turned into an anthology series due to the popularity of season 1. Book 2: Cracked Reflection focuses on Tulip’s reflection MT who was first introduced in season 1 episode 7 The Chrome Car. She wants to have her own identity but is constantly being chased by the reflection police. She meets up with a passenger named Jesse and a magical deer named Alan Dracula.

I said this in my season 1 review that Infinity Train is kind of like a video game with the different cars being like levels. The cars in this season are still fun like the map car, the lucky cat car (carnival themed) and the toad car which is nothing but an empty room where the only way to open the door is to kick a toad. It’s so stupidly simple yet creative. I think the video game theming also ties into MT’s arc. I might be reading too much into this but I think her arc is a deconstruction on the video game ally/NPC. You really feel for MT since all she wants is to have an identity and her emotional breakdown in tape car felt very genuine and when she finally got her number and went left with Jesse it felt so earned.

I think having MT as the main character was a clever way to keep Ashley Johnson who also voiced Tulip. Jesse was nice but I think Tulip and her dilemma was more compelling. I also think the conductor/Amelia was a more interesting villain than the reflection police.  My favorite character has to be Alan Dracula due to his random and bizarre powers. I also like how there’s no context to this deer but who cares he just exists.

Cracked Reflection is a great 2nd season to Infinity Train and is nothing like the Polar Express let me tell you that. I hope they’ll be a season 3 considering there are infinite cars (it’s not called the Infinity Train for nothing). It was a fun train ride and a fun way to begin 2020.

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