2019 Holiday recap


JoJo Rabbit: Taika Waititi managed to make Hitler fun. A-

Doctor Sleep: The first 2 half’s are find but the third half at the lodge is great. B

Klaus: Great Christmas movie with great animation. A+

Frozen 2: Not as good as the first one but does answer the questions I’d had since 2013. I still enjoy listening to Into the Unknown. B+

Knives Out: A Great mystery with 2 great leads and great humor. A

Jumanji: The Next Level: Pretty much the same as the previous one but with some good role switcharoos. B-

Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker: While didn’t live to my expectation it’s still a nice conclusion to the Skywalker Saga. A-

Spies in Disguise: Kind of your standard spy movie. I did like the James Bond like intro though. B


Green Eggs and Ham: Pretty much the best Dr. Seuss adaption since the old animated specials. Though it is odd that they made Sam I Am kind of a villain. It also has great animation that feels like an animated movie.

Rick and Morty Season 4: I love every episode of season 4 so far (especially the heist and snake episodes), honestly all these would be in my top 10 favorite episodes or even honorable mentions.

Steven Universe Future: A great epilogue series to this great show that ties lose ends. Hope this returns soon after that cliffhanger ending.

See you all in 2020!

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